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<<Basic Information>>

- Character: Tino Väinämöinen [Finland]
- Typical post length: 900 - 1200 words
- Typical response time: 3 - 7 days
- Colors are SteelBlue and DimGray.

- Plotting page located here.


<<Future Threads>>

- something with Russia and Estonia



- Love Isn't Easy (But it Sure is Hard Enough) -- Finland + Sweden -- A story of love, and ABBA. (link)

- With or Without You -- Finland + America -- [November, 1941] With the Continuation War now underway, Tino attempts to convince Alfred that nothing will stop him from fighting the Russians.



- Indenlandske Anliggender -- Finland + Denmark -- Near the end of the faltering Kalmar Union, Denmark and Sweden have just had a particularly violent fight. Initially setting out to find Sweden, Finland instead comes across a battered Denmark. (link)

- The Lion Roars -- Finland + Sweden -- [1632] Tino and Berwald, under the command of Gustavus Adolphus, help their troops defeat the Catholics at the Battle of Rain. (link)

- Little Rabbit -- Finland + America + Sweden -- [1645] While hunting on his home in the New World, Tino stumbles across a strange young boy. (link)

- Isoveli, Lillebror -- Finland + Norway -- [1821] Tino pays a visit to his Norwegian brother with one gift and a thousand questions. (link)

- Kollaa Kestää -- Finland + Russia -- [1939] Tino faces Ivan one-on-one at the Battle of Kollaa during the Winter War. (link)

- Last Call On the Battle of Tali-Ihantala -- Finland + Germany -- [1944] Tino and Ludwig meet as allies on the battlefield. (link)

- When will I see you again? -- Finland + Sweden -- [1945] Sweden arrives in Lapland to visit Finland after the war. (link)

- The Snow Was So Cold That... -- Finland + Russia -- [1986] In a time where the threat of nuclear war and communist takeover keeps the world on the edge of its seat, a certain Finn is spending the weekend at a ski lodge with a certain Russian. All in the name of international relations. [CRACK] (link)



- Paju Vabastamine -- Finland + Estonia + Latvia -- [January, 1919] Tino leads a unit to assist his brother against Raivis in a battle for Estonian independence. (link)

- Lad os Udforske! -- Finland + Denmark -- Tino and Mathias meet for the first time during a Viking raid. (link)

- Kalmarunionen -- Nordic Five -- Five brothers gather their thoughts and take a moment to reflect after a particularly bad domestic dispute. The Union is collapsing. (link)

- Baby Shopping: The Right Way -- Finland + Belarus -- Both heavily pregnant and highly competitive, Tino and Natalya spend a very OOC afternoon shopping for their unborn babies. [CRACK] (link)


<<Solo Projects>>

- Suomen Blogi! -- A collection of drabbles and blurbs about current events and culture in Finland from Tino's point of view. (link [Proboards]), (link [IF])

- 100 Themes Challenge -- One hundred one-shots about Finland. (link)


The land where all our wishes become wondrously fulfilled,
The land where all our fetters fall,
The land where we cool our bleeding forehead
In the dew of the moon.