Big Brother France's Help Line

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Welcome! Bonjour!

Big brother Francis here, ready and waiting to answer any questions, solve any problems or give out any kind of advice. No issue is too big or too small!

Have some romantic issues? What to know the secret to a certain recipe, or need general knowledge on cooking? Don't know what to wear that morning? This afternoon? At the fancy party two weeks from now, where all the important people will be and you need to make a good impression? Just want to know what colour pillows you need to match the decor of your living room? Can't decide on a fresh coat of paint for the living room? Bathroom? Kitchen?

I can offer advice on the perfect gifts for friends, family or loved ones.

Need help making friends? Help keeping them? Help cranking up the romance? Faire l'amour?

Or if you already have a special someone, perhaps I may tempt you with ideas to spice up any private time? Big brother knows his way around gadgets, toys and gizmos, if you know what I mean.

I can even help you pick out the best wine for any dinner or dessert you're hosting, or enjoying all by yourself. Of course, why drink alone, when grand frère can advise on how to invite special someones over for a lovely evening for two? Or three, if that floats your boat... I won't judge.

Ask me! Write in! Don't be shy. Big brother France is here to aid everyone with anything.

Even if you happen to have an idea and need someone to run it by, to see how good it is. I am here to listen to your concerns and aide in reaching a resolution. Pointing others in the right direction is another of my many expertise.

In fact, I've already had quite a few raving reviews. My knowledge is vast and deeper than the ocean, although I can't guarantee perfect results or answers on the first try.

Of course, for the best results, big brother needs all the information you can give him. Even the tiniest, littlest, inconsequential detail. Trust me, leaving no stone unturned and being thorough will raise the chances of success!

So get writing!

Big brother awaits eagerly to help you in your time of need!

À votre service,

Francis Bonnefoy

(Just thought some members may want another thread to post in, just like the Death Stories thread! Posts don't have to be super long, but aiming for 400 words or so should be good. I thought this may be a little something fun to get into the heads of your characters a little deeper~

Feel free to reserve a spot, if you get an idea. I'll try to be super prompt with replying.)