Zaphlora Isle

[OOC note: This board will only allow NON-ERPer members to RP outside of the Obsidian Tower. The OOC board is inside.]The Obsidian Tower makes its home at the center of Zaphlora Isle. People known as Guardians have made the tower their home and HQ, and it is guarded heavily, for the Guardian's do not take chances. Guards regularly patrol this perimeter, and within the guild, security agents in the divining room have nearly every section of the outer guild honed into with crystal balls. It should be noted that every guard is proficient in at least some minor spells; usually detection-based or protective ones.Inside the Tower's walls is a massive, ancient manor that's stood since the end of the first tides of war, having received many additions through the years as it attracted more members. It has well over 900 hundred rooms compacted into its six floors and basement, with many necessities that make it nearly self-sufficient, including a blacksmith, kitchen, laundry area, and five dormitories.Behind the guild are the gardens, the hot springs, and the guild forest, a primeval expanse of woods that are home to many strange creatures. A number of ents are known to live there.[ Map of Zaphlora isle ]

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