The Field Guide: Creation Desk

All member created references go here for Admin approval. Please note that the sheet below is just an outline; members are welcome to create and use their own format.Important Topics: Sheets

Forum rules
Da Rules: This is where all sheets go for the new races and character classes. All breeds and/or classes are either approved or denied. Races/Classes that are denied means they are simply not developed enough, or do not fit, that doesn't mean they're not allowed to be played/used.

Sheets that have been approved will be moved to their appropriate board for categorization purposes.

Include pictures if you can and try to be as in-depth as possible with your creations! Your help and input is greatly appreciated.

[color=red] This is not the place to ask questions about the existing races, their history, or such like. Same for classes. Nor is this the place to question the Race/Class layout, etc. Post all questions in the Help! board. All topics regarding help with either be moved or deleted to the Admin/Mod.'s discretion.</span> [/color]
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