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Real Name: Nicole Zaunbrecher, a.k.a Niki, a.k.a Jak Attack
Zodiac Sign Aries
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Personal Quote I may be a sheep on the outside, but on the inside I'm a wolf: I only LOOK sweet and innocent~
Other Online Names: Sonora for Dragon-Hearts, Kiheada.Ray.T. for Fanfiction.net, Yuki-kun-Wolf on DeviantART, Shadow Wolf for Wolf Web, Black_Wolf_Crimson_Eyes for Photobucket, animefreaker15 for YouTube, Kiheada on DWO
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"Now this is the point. You fancy me mad. Madmen know nothing. But you should have seen me."- "Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe <3
[+] My RPs
Wolfsbane's Angels-ongoing

Let's Play Detective!-dead
Interview With A Vase-dead
A Simple Game of Chess-dead
Falling to Pieces-dead
What is Love?-buwahhahaaaa nope
Gute Nacht!-nope
Aftershock Revisited- hella nope
Zero Hour-dead
Condescending Smile-dead
Darkness Comes Shattered Revelations-Mirror-nope
Dan Rebore Dusa-nope
A Time for Slaying-done
Love, Lust, Lies (Part 2)-incomplete
Newlings Arise-deceased
Sons of Light-deceased

Immortal We Are-complete
Waking the Fallen-complete
Frosted Hell-complete
Love, Lust, Lies (Part 1)-complete

Event RPs:
Spring Fling!- RSVP thread/closed
The Spring Fling Event-deceased/finished
Darkness Comes Shattered Revelations-Mirror-deceased/incomplete
Lycramosa-Former Main Mirror-revamped
Worldend Dominator-complete
The Reign of Vecna-complete
Aftershock Revisited- died and went to heaven

One-shots, intros, and shorts:
A Day in Zaphlora-Azrael-one time
A Day in Zaphlora-Kove Light (Love)-one time
A Fin Rises Upon the Water-intro
The Day Before-one time/intro
The Madness Begins- post #5, one time; OR Chaos Event