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Beleth76.23.208.95Oh, AND zema question!
02014-05-28 19:31:45Beleth76.23.208.95Friulios (often called "Eastern magic") Can you explain this to me? At the current I am right now I don't think it explains anything about Easern Magic.
02014-05-28 that. @.@
02014-05-28 down.
02014-05-28 will see it.
02014-05-28 19:36:02H'tes108.75.144.73Friulios is basically God magic, the ability to make something from nothing. It's.... not a magic most people would have.
02014-05-28 19:36:13H'tes108.75.144.73And I have no idea why Zema called it eastern magic @.@
02014-05-28 19:37:33Beleth76.23.208.95But that's basically Reailty atlering. And Reailty Atyler/Or Wrapping is a form of magic, am I not correct?
02014-05-28 19:39:01Beleth76.23.208.95ALso what is the limit on inventing stuff icly. Meaning further knowledge for better Harddrives, inventing others interesting ic stuff through character develmeonemenplement?
02014-05-28 long as there isn't any broken system or god-modding, there aren't any limitations.
02014-05-28 yes, you would be correct.

Beleth76.23.208.95Well I had an Idea that he was raised in a Noble family that's a given, however he is the youngest and always picked on by his sibling, later on He takes Certain Occupations that are looked down for males in a Noble family, He would also help the wounded, poor, and others whoo needed help(Wounds with Friutois magic.) And the poor with favors or given out curreny or other takes, which he is looked down by other Noble Families, Nobles, and and his family. And Be a soilder in the Aries Army?
02014-05-30 11:41:34Beleth76.23.208.95What do you think? Sorry for the delay eating salt and vinger chips.
02014-05-30 11:41:46Beleth76.23.208.95I also had an idea for him to be an Inventer.
02014-05-30 11:42:01Beleth76.23.208.95And invent things to further techogolies of Current day.
02014-05-30 11:42:55Beleth76.23.208.95The ideas suck don't they?
02014-05-30 doesn't really heal. That's contagion white magic.
02014-05-30 11:51:01Beleth76.23.208.95So Friulois can't be used to fuel White magic?
02014-05-30 11:51:40Beleth76.23.208.95I misunderstood, Friulois magic>.>
02014-05-30 simple terms, contagion is control. Friulios is freedom. If you have too much control, you can't revel in freedom. Friulios requires complete freedom, which means that Friulios magic users know very little contagion magics.
02014-05-30 11:52:46, a person can use contagion and friulios magic, but the amount of contagion magic known to the user limits their use of friulios magic. Friulios is "god-like" magic because it can do practically anything, but it does not empower contagion spells. It's main purpose is to create something from nothing, and also to break and repair things endlessly.
02014-05-30 11:59:32Beleth76.23.208.95Must find a good use for God-like magic to help others. Zemaa any ideas? What do you mean by repair. Wouldn't God-like Magic be able to heal others or repair cells? Also Bark can use God-like magic with enough knowledge and understanding to invent new things for his kindom?
02014-05-30 11:59:59Beleth76.23.208.95Kingdom*god-like*
02014-05-30 12:03:50Beleth76.23.208.95Fixed on that. Also Also what did you think of my idea for History? Minus the Healing with magic.
02014-05-30 "break and repair", I literally mean "kill and resurrect". I don't know about healing; healing is white magic based, and white magic is contagion. He can use contagion healing spells and still use friulios. lol Might be easier for him to use contagion spells. Conjuring magic can create things, but not new things. Friulios could make new things for the Kingdom.
02014-05-30 sounds good as a rough idea, but helping others wouldn't make other nobles look down on him unless his family are a bunch of stuck up, corrupted people.
02014-05-30 12:07:27Beleth76.23.208.95Kill and Resurrect. Bark would be against that. However using Friulios to invent new things his all for it. What I am saying if Friulois can make you Immortal and bring the dead back up why not have it be able to heal others? I mean you can create Plagues right? With Friutois why not cures? Just curoisily. I was acully leaning to his family being stuck up corrupted people only caring for themselves and power. While Bark being different from them, a loving good man.
02014-05-30, if they pick on him, they probably are corrupt. Go with that angle.
02014-05-30 12:07:54Beleth76.23.208.95Yeah I can do that.
02014-05-30 a plague, an illness, is much different from healing an open wound.
02014-05-30 12:09:25Beleth76.23.208.95But it can be used a Friuoitois the Curing a plague? Would regrowing limb for under fru- Nvm that's Resortion Magic.
02014-05-30 healing requires White Magic, which is classified as a sub-category of contagion. It requires control. Regeneration magic could be both contagion and friulios, I think... So eh.
02014-05-30 12:11:50Beleth76.23.208.95This Friulos is so open that there needs to be a lot of things covered by it. I am so curoisily at the limit and stuff like that and what it can do. Sorry if I am being diffcult I am trying not to be. I just like asking a lot of question. Fuck you goo to work in under an hour.
02014-05-30 would be able to cure illnesses, yes. But not on a massive scale, just case by case basis. Bark isn't a deity, so his use of friulios, while wonderous and expansive, would be limited compared to that of an actual god, if that makes sense. Like, where a deity could cure an entire down of the plague just by using that magic in the town square, Bark would have to visit each sick person individually to cure them. And it would take a lot out of him.
02014-05-30 12:14:41Beleth76.23.208.95YES FOR LIMITIONS!
02014-05-30 12:14:47Beleth76.23.208.95Thank you.
02014-05-30 12:15:26Beleth76.23.208.95Seems fair.
02014-05-30 12:15:59Beleth76.23.208.95Seems very fair. Would it be able to train Friulois magic later on or it's untrainable? is control. Friulios can't be controlled. It's more that the users learns how much to use and when, and how to better let the magic flow.
02014-05-30 needs lots of mind and body freedom.
02014-05-30 12:21:51Beleth76.23.208.95So If Friulos used out of Anger that means it's unstable? ANd very powerful? COrrect? Holy shit, Bark must stop all these anry fualed Users.
02014-05-30 12:22:09Beleth76.23.208.95Does emotions have any effect on Friuotlois?
02014-05-30 I want to say yes, but at the moment I'm not sure.
02014-05-30 yeah, I'd say anger makes the magic unstable and thus, can become deadly.
02014-05-30 12:25:32Beleth76.23.208.95That's scary tho. Very scary someone Fueled by Anger and uses Friutois magic, that is scary.
02014-05-30, friulios magic users are VERY rare. He may never meet another user like himself except for a Hierophant.

Beleth76.23.208.95Is it possiable to Increase the resistant by Friutious magic? I mean it does create things out of nothing why not create a mental Barrier?
02014-06-02 has nothing to do with mental magic or magic at all, though.
02014-06-02 neopires, anyway. So no, that wouldn't work. It's a race thing.
02014-06-02 a werepyre, it's dependant on their willpower.
02014-06-02 luck to the wereypyre that pisses off a neopire though >w>
02014-06-02 12:40:04Beleth76.23.208.95Aww I see. I still have a hard time to what Friutious can do With Minor Power, Meduim or Large. Can you explain it to me more througholy or maybe my understand is a bit Urg I dunno. Bark certainly does have a lot of willpower. Neopire? Linky to her.
02014-06-02 is a race.

Beleth76.23.208.95The simplest form of Friulios is animation, like animating the objects in one's kitchen and giving them the task to clean rather than doing it manually.(I wonder what a Medcore or a Highly Advance form would be of this magic type!)
02014-06-05 someone explode.
02014-06-05 at Wolfsbane-
02014-06-05 16:30:07Beleth76.23.208.95Holy shit Molor Combustion?
02014-06-05 16:30:21Beleth76.23.208.95Molcur*
02014-06-05 to gods though.
02014-06-05 x3
02014-06-05 16:31:15Beleth76.23.208.95What are the things that are not limited to the gods? That would fall under Highly Advanced? Wait Wolfsbane, made someone go boom?
02014-06-05 he did.
02014-06-05 the thread Coming Undone.
There seems to be some confusion about what friulios magic can and cannot do. It is described as Godly Magic, used by deities. Friulios is, in essence, creation and destruction magic, but also entails other aspects of magic that are not covered in any Contagion branch. Friulios is freedom and Contagion is control. Excessive control, or contagion, limits the use of Friulios as it needs freedom of the mind and body. Characters who use this type of magic are rare. The only class to date that knows friulios magic strictly are the Heirophant's of Teselata.
  • What Friulios CAN do:
    • It can cure illnesses such as plagues, but the user will have to visit each ill person individually to cure them. It will take a LOT out of the user.
    • It can create some inanimate objects, such as a chair.
    • Things created by means of Friulios magic are sturdier than the objects they're based on. Anything the Friulios user creates can also be destroyed in the same fashion. While it will be harder than usual for a non-Friulios user to destroy the Friulios creations, high level Contagion magic can unravel them.
    • Can make objects complete tasks. For example, it can animate a broom to clean the kitchen or the house, and animate the items in the kitchen to clean themselves. THIS is the simplest form of Friulios.
    • Well seasoned Friulios users can cleanse "unclean" souls. In other words, they can 'exercise' evil spirits and make them good. The process HAS to be repeated numerous times to complete. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't; it depends on how corrupt the spirit is.
    • Friulios users can see the astral line. They can also sometimes see spirits.
    • Can manipulate the energy of an element. For example, they can turn water to ice and fire to lightning.
    • Friulios users, both divine and undivine, can counter Contagion spells. "Counter" is a nice word, though. Realistically, it unravels Contagion by enforcing 'freedom' upon it. Heavy use of Friulios can unravel Contagion and vice versa. In other words, lots of Friulios can unravel contagion, but in turn, lots of contagion can unravel the Friulios magic, and in some cases even weaken Friulios users if they have low will power. To counter either is a matter of using greater energy, as equal amounts of both results in both sides being unraveled. Magic being unraveled alters and/or warps reality. Contagion and Friulios unraveling together can create a black hole or even a worm hole in the place of the 'collision'.
  • What Friulios CANNOT do:
    • It cannot create a living organism from nothing. This aspect of Friulios is strictly limited to the divine.
    • Cannot touch the astral line or speak to the spirits they see without the use of astral magic - which would limit Friulios anyway.
    • Non-deity Friulios users cannot create any elements such as fire or water without the use of some contagion (because elements require control to use), but as long as they have a source, they can manipulate the element. For example, they must have a body of water nearby to manipulate water at all. The supply of water would be limited to how much was in that body of water (i.e. a puddle, lake, etc.).
    • Cannot manipulate spirits. They can see them and they can exorcise them. That's pretty much it.
I hope that this answers your questions. If not, please ask.
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