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Breed Name: Enenra
Pronunciation: En-en-raw
Breed Owner/Creator: H'tes
Debut Site: Mythology
Sentient or Non-sentient? Sentient
Mortal or Immortal? Immortal
Classification: Yokai

Territory: Near fires, preferrably

Alliance: Chaotic Neutral, usually

Physical Description: Enenra have two forms, a shapeless smoke creature and a human form. Their human form looks just like the humans they used to be.

They do not bleed, instead smoke coming out when they are cut. In their smoke form, they can shape themselves as they wish, split apart and come together, and thus can barely be described.

System of Rank: N/A

Diet: Enenra feed on smoke and flame. In order to feed, they attach themselves to fires and simply feed on the smoke. They must do this at least twice a die, or start getting weaker. A week without feeding will kill them. If a fire is going out, the smoke around will gather towards them naturally, so even the aftermath of a fire may feed them a little.

Common Behavior: Enenra are not born the happiest of creatures. Their birth is an agony, and many feel the burn for hours afterwards. They can be a bit moody, and they wear their emotions on their sleeves. They get along well with Fire based creatures. They are strangely weak willed to Kitsune and Bakeneko, being easily influenced by them.

Reproduction: Enenra cannot breed, though they can have sex. They have apparent sexual organs on the surface, but inside they are only smoke.

Enenra are born in a very painful way. A human must be burned alive in a fire. This fire either has an Enenra feeding on it, or has been empowered by the FoxFire and NekoFire at the same time. The result will be a newborn Enenra arising in the world screaming.

Maturation Details: Enenra do not age. They are as they were as a human for life, not aging at all. If old or young, too bad, you are stuck that way.

Special Abilities [if able]: Living Smoke: Their human form may seem weak. Easy to kill as a human... but it just lets loose their true selves. They can shift in and out of their smoke form at will. As smoke, they are near impossible to kill by any means save starving them. They move at their own will, and can spread as far as they wish. They can cause people to suffacate by entering through the nose or mouth and just clogging up the lungs. They are immune to most diseases and poisons due to not having a circulatory system. They are immune to heat and fire, and feed off the smoke they give off. They fly freely in their smoke form, and can slip through any crevice or crack.

Invisibility: They can turn invisible at will, but the Pure of Heart can see them no matter how they hide.

Other Information: Their human form seems very much like a physical human body, but cut them open and all the insides are still just smoke.

Weaknesses: Strong Winds: In smoke form, they struggle in strong winds to keep control of themselves, and prefer their human forms in strong winds and bad weather.

Yokai Influence: Kitsune and Bakeneko had a strange influence with them, and they suffer from a weak will towards them.

Starvation: Without fire and smoke, they will starve and die.

Origin and History: The first Enenra was born when a kitsune and a bakeneko made a fire together and burned a human together. Legend tells that the human was wicked and had tried to use them both, but whether this is true or not has been lost to history. Enenra used to be rare, but in Alusterial, when Shago was taking over, they became more common due to a rise in human bonfires. In Lore, they were rare until Maluum, where Enenra were sometimes captured and present for hundreds of human bonfires, giving rise to many thousands of these creatures, which now roam free.