Andariel's Journey to Madness

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Chapter 1
What do you think of when you imagine a Fallen Angel? Black hair, black wings, and either a fierce despair or a great wickedness incarnates? When people think of Fallen Angels, the only image in their heads are the ones who committed murders, those who gave up utterly on the light and fell weakened by the darkness. But no one ever seemed to realize that there were plenty of other sins an angel could fall from. Everyone knows the big changing ones.

Take one look at Andariel Itherael and you’d never know she was fallen. The beautiful librian had such subtle differences in her looks. Most people couldn’t even tell she was a fallen angel. Her hair was golden, and her wings were a rather light grey. One could only tell she wasn’t quite bright enough if she were standing next to her sister, who looked rather similar but just a touch more shine to her golden hair, and whiter wings.

One might wonder what made her fall at all. To most, she was nice, and those silver eyes always held the same joy and friendliness of any other angel, so wrath most certainly was not one of her sins. The truth is, as a child, she had come to envy her sister, Auriel. It was not an immensely deep envy, it was always just the little things. Auriel was always the standout sister. She was just a little prettier, just a touch faster to help their parents, just a bit smarter and just a touch more popular in school.

One day, just one of those days when everything was going just right for her sister and not so right for Andariel, Andariel let the frustration get to her and complaining to her sister about how perfect she was, just enough that her wings seemed to fade in their brightness just a little. She remembered the shock of her parents that day, and felt rather ashamed. But it had been just the start to a rebellious streak in her youth.

Once she had just a touch of sin, there were others that began to whisper in her subconscious, and the voice of Lego’s Light seemed to become less strong in her mind. Hints of lust here and there, little bits of selfishness bleeding in here and there. She was still nice, still an angel, but there weren’t a lot of angels caught hiding porn under their pillows.

Nowadays she reflected on those times as being rather silly. Of course, she had become a very different angel when she moved to her sign country, without the boundries of her Libran angel parents. Without having to compare herself to her sister all the time, she was very confident and cheerful, and all that angelic friendliness could be turned into quite a seductress when she met someone special. She also didn’t worship Lego, and was not quite sure she even existed, becoming something of an agnostic.

Yes, the happy angelic librarian would certainly have changed many peoples minds about what all a fallen angel could be. So happy and warm like a normal angel, and very helpful and kind to those that came to her for help, though, perhaps especially so for the good looking ones. She could not count the number of times she had gotten a date after work when someone struck her fancy on coming into the library.

Andariel looked up from her desk as she heard the door open, and in walked in a woman who made her mind go instantly into a gutter no pure angel’s head would ever be able to go to. Long red hair, a body to die for, wearing all black, leather boots and an open leather jacket that revealed a tube top as the only thing covering the woman’s breasts. Andariel may have stared a moment to long before smiling warmly. “Hello, and welcome to the Aquarian National Library,” she said. “Can I help you?”

The woman smiled back, showing a little hint of fangs in that smile. There was something very primal but attractive in that smile. “I was hoping to find something on demon breeds,” she replied, taking a look at the name pin on her shirt. “Would you happen to have that, Miss Itherael?”

“I do believe we have a few books on the subject,” she said, and with a little wink she added, “And you can call me Andariel.” She stepped out of her regular workspace, motioning her to follow. “May I ask your name?”

“I’m Noel,” she said.

“Pleased to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” Andariel, leading the way, did not see the wickedness in the woman’s grin.

They found a number of books on the subject, Noel picked one on known breeds of Archdemons. She did not go sit elsewhere, instead preferring to look over the book at Andariel’s desk. Andariel didn’t mind, though she had to continue in her job, helping anyone that came in, she got to come back to a very beautiful woman who she often caught eyeing her when she looked up from the book. There was a natural attraction here.

She did notice the woman to be studying two parts of the book in particular, a section on Dark Demons and a section on Superbia Demons. Was she a demon? Andariel knew a demon could be dangerous, but a lot of their reputation was overstimulated. Many demons were selfish, sure, but not all of them were hyper murderers and destructive beasts. After all, if they all were, they would have been arrested and exterminated in most of the kingdoms. Her skin was a bit pale, and she most certainly had some sharp fangs.

Eventually, Noel finished the book and put it back where it came from, and stopped back at the front desk. “Thanks for the help, and it was nice to meet you. Perhaps I’ll see you again.”

Andariel thought about it, and decided she couldn’t let this one get away without giving her a try. “Maybe sooner then you’d think. I get off at six tonight. If you aren’t busy, would you want to have dinner with me?” Noel looked surprised, but smiled and nodded.

“I think I’d like that,” she said. “I’ll meet you outside at six then. Until then, bye.”

Andariel had a private moment of victory in her head. Got a date tonight! She continued on with her work, and five minutes before closing she got herself ready, freshened up her make up, made sure no one was trying to stay passed closing and made sure the janitor was fine for the rest of the work day before heading out. She waited outside a moment, looking around. Her date didn’t appear to be here yet.

It was quiet on the streets, and she was the only one around. She heard footsteps coming and turned, looking at Noel as she was walking, Noel’s eyes intently upon her. Andariel could never feel bad about anyone looking so lustfully at her, it made her feel flattered, and she returned the gaze with a bright angelic smile, with those loving eyes of a friendly angel willing to make everything in the world a better place.

Noel stopped, suddenly stunned. Andariel giggled at her face there, she looked suddenly young and adorable in that moment. Noel blushed, and it was the cutest thing Andariel had ever seen. “Am I just that stunning, Noel?” Noel blinked and… nodded. That earned another giggle from the fallen angel. “You are adorable.” She came closer and took Noel’s hand, noticing now that there were claws there… had there always been claws? Surely she’d have noticed the black claws before… But then, she didn’t stare at Noel’s hands as much as… other features.

She took Noel off to a restaurant, and they chatted over dinner. It was funny, earlier she would have thought Noel to be more confident, but whatever her smile did made Noel seem much more shy then her original imaginings. But she did get the girl to talk about herself a bit. Noel was indeed a demon, her mother being a Dark Demon and her father a Superbia Demon. Andariel confessed that she was a fallen angel rather than a fully pure one.

Andariel was beginning to get the impression this was Noel’s first date, and knowing demon’s aged rather fast, she thought Noel might be a bit younger then originally imagined. Well, she certainly looked like an adult. After dinner, she was walked home by Noel, who seemed a little unsure. Andariel thought maybe the girl was unsure what to do next, and Andariel wondered about the ethics of dating a demon who was physically adult but might legally have still been considered underage.

She stopped at her apartment door. “Well, here’s my place,” she said.

Noel took a look at the door and seemed to be thinking. “Well… Um… Tonight was… fun,” she said. “I guess I should get going, as it’s a little late.”

Andariel thought about it and decided to go the extra step. “Unless you wanted to stay the night.”

Noel blinked. “W-what?” That shy blush was irresistible to Andariel. A virgin demon at her doorstep, Andariel decided to sees the moment and lean forward, giving the girl a kiss. Noel looked stunned, but certainly not displeased. But very, very stunned, standing absolutely still. Andariel grinned, thinking that might have even been the demonesses first kiss. She opened her door and wrapped an arm and a wing around Noel, guiding her inside and closing the door.

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Chapter 2

The next day had been a little disappointing after a rather good night. Andariel woke up alone, her guest having slipped out. But unlike a one night stand, Noel left a note saying she left to not worry her mother. Yeah, she was young, not even in her own sign country yet, so she was still living with her mother. Still, Andariel would have loved some company in the morning. She might have even called in sick today. Alas, it was not to be so and Andariel returned to her job for the day.

Sadly, she didn’t hear from Noel again that day. Or the day after. By the third day, Andariel sadly had to assume that one would remain just a one night stand. While Aquarians could have a reputation for being more then okay with flings, sometimes Andariel wanted a relationship to at least stick for a while. Once more, she set up everything for closing and left, once more alone walking home. But then she heard familiar bootsteps.

She turned, and at the flash of red hair she let out a brightened angelic smile, that turned into a shocked expression, gasping when she saw the large scar over Noel’s right eye. The look in those eyes looked dark, but almost immediately seemed to soften when she looked into Andariel’s eyes. “Noel, what on Lore happened to your eye?” Andariel asked, coming close, putting a hand to her face, care and concern overtaking her.

Noel was having that shocked look again, seemingly stunned by the compassion and love Andariel just oozed with. “M-mom got… mad at me,” she whispered. Noel closed her eyes and grabbed Andariel’s arm, pulling it away from her face. “I’ll show her I’m not weak.” When Noel opened her eyes again, they were predatory and dangerous and Andariel felt her wrist squeezed very tightly by that demonic strength.

“N-Noel, you’re hurting me,” she said, and suddenly found another hand forced over her mouth.

“That’s the point,” said the Demoness. She stared intently at the woman who made love to her, holding her mouth closed with one hand, and her arm with the other. “It’s your face, your eyes. It has to be… I never hesitated before. How did that face stop me? That smile… those eyes…” She let go of the arm, and Noel used both her arms to try to pull Noel’s hand off her face. But the demonic strength was too much, and she tried to scream when Noel’s claws on her free hand lengthened. “Have to remove… that weakness.

She moved her claws towards the eyes, Noel tearing up as she tried to scream, and then… stopped. Noel seemed to be struggling internally. “… I can’t…” Her claws shortened again. She appeared angry with herself. “Why can’t I kill you!?” she screamed, staring at Andariel as though expecting an answer to come from her even with her mouth clamped shut. “I’ve got to fix this… I’m not weak, I’m not weak…” She pulled Andariel close and suddenly the world went black, a terrifying whirl of speed, and sinner though she was, the fallen angel felt darkness and was frightened of it. When they stopped, they were out of the city by some sort of cabin.

Noel sniffed the air and then called out. “Mom?” There was no answer. She proceeded inside, still holding Andariel by the mouth so she couldn’t get away and going to a room with a metal door. She opened it to reveal a dark room, with chains on the wall and a blanket and pillow on the floor. She took Andariel to the wall and began to chain her, the shackles magically shaping to her arms when they were locked on, followed by the ankles, and one collared around her neck. She was in a standing spread eagle position, and she felt as though the chains shorted just to pull her as far as possible. Only then did Andariel remove her hand from the mouth and closed her door, taking a seat.

Andariel was panicked, confused, and now restrained. She tried to struggle, whimpering as the chains pulled back. “They keep pulling ‘til they dislocate your limbs if you struggle,” said Noel, and Andariel stopped and looked at her.

“W-why did you… N-Noel, what’s going on?” she asked, teary eyed.

“I kidnapped you, obviously,” she replied. “I need to kill you, so I’m going to keep you until I can do it.”

“Why do y-you have t-to kill me?”

Noel looked at her. “Because I am a demon. And a I am a serial killer. I meant to kill you that night, but then… That smile. I just… stopped.” Andariel tried to let that sink in. Noel was some murderous nutjob this whole time. In the silence Noel seemed to be thinking. “When I came home, mom could smell you on me. Made me tell her what happened. Got mad… Called me a weak little disgrace, screwing around with some angel without even killing her after. I’m not weak. I just… need to get over this…”

Andariel let the next wave of silence stay a while, crying quietly. “Why me?” she asked suddenly. “Why did you want to kill me?”

Noel came over to her and Andariel trembled at those green eyes she had once found so lovely. Clawed fingers came closer to her. “I like killing,” she said. “It makes me feel good. I like the screaming and the crying, the fading of life. The first time it was so fast, and I learned I liked to make it a bit slow. The first few I just attacked, and then later I learned to play with them a little, talk to them. Why you? Because I met you that day. You caught my attention enough to want to stalk you, to want to play with you. To make me feel good. Crying and begging for your life like all the other toys.” Her claws began to slide through the clothes and cut into her flesh, Andariel cried out in pain.

“No! NO! Please, stop, Noel, please!” she begged and Noel stopped.

“That’s it, that right there. What is that?” asked Noel. “Why do I feel bad now? Th-that’s not supposed to make me feel bad, it’s supposed to make me feel good!” She slammed her fist into the wall, which cracked at the impact around her fist, and then put her hands over her face. “What’s wrong with me!?”

Andariel got quiet as she could, watching Noel flip out. She was most certainly unstable, but maybe there was a way to use that. “Maybe it’s… because you like me?” she offered. “Maybe even love me.” She didn’t want to throw around a word like love easily for this psychopath, but anything that could help her out of this would be used.

“Love?” echoed Noel. “Mom says love is a myth.”

Well, Mom sounded like a much worse monster then her daughter, that was for sure. If Andariel hadn’t been told she needed to die, she might feel a little more sorry for Noel. For right now, she was just going to do her best to manipulate her so she might live through this. “Love isn’t a myth. Noel, didn’t everything we do feel good too? We had fun without… killing.”

Noel nodded, though there was a look of shame coming to her. “It felt good… Talking and… Kissing… and… B-but mom said I was being a weak little slut.” Yep, Mom certainly did sound like a seriously awful bitch.

“You don’t have to kill me to feel strong,” she said. “You don’t need to kill me to feel good. Your mother is just wrong.” Noel looked shocked and looked around, as though expecting her mother to step out of the darkness and punish her for even hearing such a thing.

When nothing happened, Noel looked at Andariel. “D-don’t talk about mom,” she said. “She could hear…” Suddenly there was a roar that shook the house. Noel looked at the door. “She’s home…” She stood up and moved to the door, about to open it when it popped open and smacked her in the face. The small grin on the entering woman’s face told Andariel that she had waited until Noel was at the door.

“Noel,” the woman said, looking down at her daughter with a hint of disgust. Her eyes went up to Andariel, who shivered under her gaze. Black hair and and red eyes, while there were a couple facial features similar, Noel must have taken more after her father. Her mother was certainly taller then her, and much more immediately terrifying. “You brought it… HOME.” The last word was in a growl.

Noel crawled off the ground, backing away from her mother. “I t-told you I couldn’t make myself kill her before, s-so I thought I might b-be able to… get over it if I j-just… worked on it. A-and torture her along the way.”

Mom bore her eyes into Noel, who shivered under her burning gaze. “Oh?” she said, her voice seemed soft but the house still seemed to tremble from it. “And this is not just some attempt to get yourself a little fuck pet to screw under my roof?” Noel yelped as she came, faster then angel eyes could follow, grabbing her by the throat and slamming her into the wall. “Listen, Noel Bitchbirth Inarius, you stupid angel fucking whore, if there is one moment, one sign that you are pleasing that bitch in my home, I will sow your fucking vagina shut!” She dropped her daughter on the ground, turning. “And every day it lives, I’m making another scar. And tell your sister if she heals the eye I’m going to take the whole eye instead of just making a scar.” And with that, she left, slamming the door behind her.

Noel got up for a moment, Andariel left stunned and terrified. Noel moved to the blanket. “Least she was in a good mood,” she whispered to herself.

“G-good mood?” stammered Andariel. “That was a good mood?” Noel just nodded and laid down on the floor. Andariel looked down at her. “Is… is this your room?”

“Yep,” she said. “I liked yours better.” No kidding, the place was paradise compared to this dungeon.

“You sleep on the ground?”

Noel looked at her. “I used to sleep in the chains,” she said. “I’m killing you tomorrow.”

Andariel was quiet. “B-but-“

“Mom said she’d punish me if I don’t.”

“No, no, please, you don’t need to-“

Noel was fast, up and at her fast. “I. Have. To. I have to. I don’t… want to be punished. I need to kill. I will kill. Stop… stop trying to talk me out of it.” She ripped off a strip of her blanket. “I’m young, not stupid. I know you’re just trying to survive.” She tied a large knot in the strip. “Just… stop. I am not letting you go, I’m not falling for it. I just… I just need to get passed this after a nap.” She put the knot in Andariel’s mouth, and tied it around as a makeshift gag. “Should sleep better without you talking…” She crawled away and Andariel let loose the tears, feeling her chance to talk herself out of this slipping away and a sense of doom overtake her, now surely destined to die here.

This was horrible… but it was only going to get worse.

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Chapter 3
The day came when she was supposedly to die. Noel awoke and got up, staring at her. Andariel did not sleep well, but there was a point where she passed out. Her body felt awful, forced to stay upwards in these chains. Her wrists and ankles hurt, and when she looked at Noel when she got up, she was terrified. She flinched every time Noel moved. Noel brought her hands to her a few times, trying to find the will to just make a few cuts and end it, as the muffled screams of Andariel begged her not too behind the muffling of the makeshift gag.

Noel kept at it for an hour before groaning. “I just need to relax and do it!” she yelled, mostly just at herself. “I’ll… I’ll just go kill someone else first. Yeah, that makes me relax. Once I feel that release again it should be easy to want it from you.” And she was gone in the blink of an eye. Andariel was left alone in this awful dark room, left only to contemplate her situation. She tested her bonds again, but they just pulled as they had before, making her groan and whimper.

It was hopeless. She couldn’t free herself, she could only be freed. And the nutjobs here weren’t going to do it, for sure. She was dead. They were going to kill her. Even if Noel didn’t, her terrifying mother probably would.

As she contemplated her horrible position, lost in terror and despair, the door started opening. She looked quickly, staring at the oncoming doom. It looked like Mom, making Andariel want to scream, but then she saw feathered wings, causing her to blink. “Noel’s not here, huh?” Andariel shook her head quickly. The girl looked at her and came closer. She looked a lot like the Mom, but she had two black feathered wings and a fury tail, and unlike her mother, her eyes were not so fierce and terrifying… but just being around this area made her terrifying anyways. “So you’re the one who mom’s freaking out about. I’d blame you for getting my sister in trouble, but mom would have found some other reason to hurt her anyways. “There was a flash of annoyance in her eyes when she spoke of her mother.

“Instead I think I’ll thank you for getting my little sister laid. She needed that. A lot.” She raised her hand, and Andariel tried her best to pull back. “Poor thing.” She patted her head. “Scared to death already.” She looked down at the bloody clothes. “I wish I could help but…” Her hand flashed with magic and she touched the wounds, the scabs of claw marks disappearing. “I can only offer a few comforts while you’re here. You thirsty?” She waited… Andariel nodded, having used a lot of water from crying. “Hungry?” Nod again. “Alright, I’ll be back.”

She left the room, closing the door. Well, she seemed almost normal. Almost. But Andariel had to fear her for another reason. Nice though she seemed, Andariel could recognize the general physical description of a Dark Diabolo. Well, could have been a normal Diabolo, but there angelic instinct telling her ‘it wants to eat me!’ was definitely pointing at Dark Diabolo.

But she did return, with a cup of water and some sort of steak. It looked a little well done, but Andariel wasn’t in quite the ‘complain at the only friendly one’ mood. The gag was removed and she was fed by hand, given a drink, and then regagged, not given the opportunity to say a word between. “Sorry, got to leave you how my sister left you.” She gave her another pat on the head before turning. “Hope that was some comfort for you.”

It was at least some small comfort that she wouldn’t be left to starve or dehydrate during this, but small comforts in the serial killer house. She didn’t even get the sister’s name. Was there anyone else in the house? She wondered, even if she got free, just how many people she would have to get passed for her survival. Noel had a dad, so he must be somewhere. Wait… Dark Diabolo. They couldn’t share the exact same parents. So was there… two dads? Or one was dead now.

She was able to occupy herself with thoughts of escape. It helped her keep her mind away from what would happen when she didn’t escape. But of course, that all went out the window when Noel came back home. She walked in with a grin, licking blood off her claws. “I knew I still had it,” she said, perhaps to Andariel, but the angel guessed she might have often just talked out loud to her room when she came home. “I loved the way he screamed.” She sighed with delight, awash in memories. “I’d almost thought I’d never get that feeling again. Well, I’m fixed! No reason to hold this off anymore.”

She was in front of Andariel in a flash of black, claws to her throat and that smile not faltering. The angel let out a muffled scream of horror as the claws touched her flesh, bracing herself for the cuts, to die gurgling her own blood. Then… then it stopped. “No… No, no, no, it should be fine now!” she heard Noel scream. “Why!?” She pulled back, slamming down on the ground. “I can kill, I just killed, it was fine, I liked it. I should like this. I should do this! Why do I stop!?” She looked back at the angel, tearing up. “Why can’t I kill you?”

“Can’t,” came a voice, and both of them turned. “A demon who can’t bring herself to kill an angel. How the fuck did a worthless thing like you ever come from me?” The red eyes of Mom looked down on Noel with utter disgust.

“M-mom, I-“

“No,” she said, moving as a black flash to grab her by the throat. “No excuses. A scar is what I promised, every day that fucking angel stays alive, a scar. And because you are just so fucking pathetic, crying over this crap, I think I’ll be making more then one. This little lesson needs to stick. No daughter of mine will cry over a damn angel.”

Andariel watched in horror as the Mom’s body became black and bladed tendrils appeared, closing in on her own daughter.

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Chapter 4

Andariel had long lost that meal she had been given by the time it was done. There was blood everywhere, and Andariel was lucky she was utterly ignored. Andariel had never seen someone utterly eviscerated alive. And her demonic body kept trying to heal, only to be pulled apart again and again. Now, Noel lay on the floor, her clothing in bloody tatters, and two scars, one across the belly just above her naval and another going straight down from her throat to her navel, making an upside down t-shape.

The mother, now in human form, looked around the room. “This room is filthy. Clean it by tomorrow.” She looked at Andariel, whose fear of the woman at this point could not be quantified in even a dictionary’s worth of word. “And if that isn’t dead by then, not only am I going to punish you, I’m going to teach you a lesson in torture. You haven’t even done THAT right!” She growled in disgust, and spat down on her daughter. After that she left, slamming the door behind her, and silence took the air.

The silence was only broken when the door opened again, but this time it was the sister. She came in, looking around, and then down at her sister. “That fucking bitch,” she whispered to herself. She put her hands on her sister, and the new scars began to disappear. She was about to touch her sister’s face, but a clawed hand grabbed her.

“Not that one,” said Noel. “Mom wants me to keep it.” Her sister looked like she was about to argue, but Noel had a tired look on her face.

“She used up all your energy again,” she said, pulling some sort of energy out of herself and feeding it to her sister. “You’ll need to replenish.”

“I will… I need to clean up first…”

“No, you lay down,” she said. “The hag wants the room cleaned, I’ll fucking clean it.”

Noel seemed to smile a little. “You always get away with saying things like that, Natalie.”

“Yeah, well I’m the one who can at least burn her if she tried to cut me. That and she doesn’t want to piss off dad. Won’t help me when I say you’re getting hurt, but he’d just come to my rescue in a heartbeat.”

“I’m not his daughter.”

“You’re my sister. Should be enough for the prick.”

She started to clean, and Noel continued to lay down, and turned her head towards Andariel. Andariel didn’t stare back, instead closing her eyes just to not look at Noel. Because now when she looked at her, she could still see her cut open, still see her insides dangling out and being played with like water balloons. She had never seen anything so brutal in her life.

“You still can’t kill her?” asked Natalie.

“No,” replied Noel.

“Strange. Sometimes I wondered if you could develop a conscience the way you are, I guess there is somewhere. Sex, the cure for murder addiction, who knew?”

“It wasn’t… it wasn’t the sex. It was the smile.”

“Angel smiles seem far less likely to cure serial killers to me. Maybe she can try to smile at mom, see if that helps her be less of a bitch.” Natalie took a look at her. “Though I think it’d take a lot of therapy to make her smile again. Oh… looks like she threw up in her gag. Probably barely managed to not choke on her own vomit.” Natalie stopped her cleaning a moment, and leaned down, whispering to Noel. “You know, I could just… do it for you. End her quick. Mom won’t know the difference.”

“No!” Noel said, leaning up fast, and making her sister jump back in surprise. “I… I have to… I have to do it…”

Natalie looked at her sister, studying her expression. She thought about it, and looked back at the angel. “No, this is for your own good.” She was moving fast, and Andariel opened her eyes at the sound of her coming, to see Noel darkspeeding in front of her to stop it. Luckily for Noel, Natalie had already stopped. “I thought so. Noel… you just protected her.”

Noel looked rather shocked herself. “B-because I have to-“

“Not because you need to kill her,” said Natalie. “You know you can kill just fine, you know mom wouldn’t know the difference. You are saving her, Noel. Because you don’t want her to die.”

Noel shook her head. “No, no, I’m not… some weak, angel loving-“

“Loving wasn’t even a word in your dictionary until today. Sis… This is amazing.”

“No, no, it’s a… flaw… a weakness… I need to fix this.”

“Fix having a heart? No, Noel, being heartless is mom’s weakness, not yours. This is a good thing. Trust me.” It was like they were having two entirely different points of view. Noel looked like she was learning she had a fatal disease with no cure, and Natalie was looking like her sister had finally been rescued from a soul crushing unending hell. Noel’s crisis seemed to be the one that snapped Natalie’s hopefulness, as Noel seemed to break down and slam into the ground, beating down and cracking the floor. “Noel, Noel, calm… calm…” That was so not happening at the moment. “Okay, fine, I know what will calm you down.” She wrapped her tail around her sister and pulled her outwards. “Come on, come on, we’ll get you to calm down and then we can talk about this.”

Andariel would not get a chance to find out how Natalie would be getting Noel to calm down. All seemed to become silent again. The room was still a mess of demonic blood, and she was still covered in her own vomit. There was too much going on today to take it all, and now in the silence all she could do was think. Think about the crazy abused girl falling in love with her, think about the crazy evil mother telling her daughter she would teach her a lesson in torture, whatever the hell that was. Think about all the insane situations of this incredibly messed up family. And think about how much her body ached standing there all day.

But somehow, and she would never understand how, but in the darkness of thought calm sleep. A sleep surrounded in nightmares made ever worse by the mental scars that were being made on her.

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Chapter 5

Andariel awoke without seeing blood everywhere. She had been cleaned up in her sleep, as had the room. The gag was gone, but she was still chained up, still in partially shredded and bloody clothes. Noel was sitting on the floor, looking up at her, Natalie leaned against a wall. “Awake?” she said. “Good.” She opened the door and took a look outside. “She’s gone, we can do this.”

Noel stood up and moved to Andariel. “I’m… sorry… for everything I’ve done,” she said. “We’re freeing you. We discussed it and… I’m never killing you, Andariel.” She started to mess with the chains, a key in hand, unlocking each one. Without the restraints, the angel’s body started to fall, no longer used to holding herself up, but Noel caught her.

Andariel said nothing. She didn’t really know what to say. ‘Thanks for not killing me’ wasn’t exactly going to come out as thankful. ‘You should die you murdering freak’ would also not sound fantastic when she was about to get out of this. But she couldn’t help still feeling rather angry at Noel. Though, after seeing her mother, there was still some sympathy left in her. Anyone could have become a psychopath under that woman’s idea of motherhood. Still, sympathy and being saved would not make Andariel forget why she was there in the first place, and how Noel had once viewed her as a toy to be tortured and killed.

They started to move, Noel holding onto her. Once they were outside, she moved into darkspeed and Andariel had to close her eyes to it… which made her miss the moment when they stopped very suddenly. The next thing she knew, she was flying out of Noel’s arms, smacking right into a tree by her shoulder, screaming with the snap in her arm. She turned her head and saw Noel being held up in the air by the neck, in the hand of her Mother.

“And now rescuing angels,” she said. “Whenever I think you are the lowest possible scum, you surprise me by sinking even lower.” She squeezed, causing Noel to choke.

“Get off her, you hag!” cried out Natalie, flying at them and thrusting out her arms, a stream of fire coming out. Mom took a look and moved her daughters struggling body in the way of the flames, making her scream when the heat scorched her back. Natalie stopped with a gasp, but Mother didn’t stop, proceeding to throw Noel at her. Natalie was smacked out of the air, catching her sister. Mom rushed her, pounced them both down and shifting, pinning them with her forming tendrils. Natalie’s eyes burned at her mother, who grinned back sadistically.

“Any burning hits your sister before it hits me, Natalie,” she said. “I should have known you were influencing this. It certainly smells much more of your fathers weakness then her fathers. What good did you think would come of this?”

“I thought my sister might get a life more then just dealing with your bitchiness every day and killing just to cope with it,” Natalie replied, staring daggers into her mother.

“A life with an angel I’d never allow,” she said. “I think it’s time to teach you a few lessons too. Your father is always too soft on you.” Andariel would not hear more as she attempted to, very quietly, get out of there. But before she could get far something snagged her legs, causing her to trip over before dragging her back. “Angel, your part in this isn’t over until my daughter kills you.”

Her tendrils pulled them all together and coiled around them, keeping them tightly bound together. “I think I’ll need to call a friend on this one.” She pulled them with her, as she made her way back to the house. With still more tendrils, she pulled strange metal bracelets, locking a pair around each of their wrists.

She then opened Noel’s door and threw them all into the room. She closed the door, and there was a sound like a heavy lock. Andariel crawled to the door. “No! No!!! I was almost out of this nightmare! NOOO!!!” It was now that she noticed there were claw marks on this side of the door, and she could imagine she locked Noel in here all the time.

“Dammit, powers don’t work,” said Natalie. “The hell are these things?” She tried to pull at the bracelet, but they would move for nothing. “Fuck!”

Noel hung her head low. “I’m… I’m so sorry, Andariel…”

Andariel turned towards Noel, and her silver eyes burned into her. Outside of the chains, she was no longer held back, and something just seemed to snap. She forced herself up and then ran at Noel, jumping at her and wailing on her with balled up fists. “FUCKING SORRY!!!!” she screamed. “SO FUCKING SORRY!!!”

Natalie moved in quick to grab the angel and pull her off her sister. “Hey, you have every right to be angry, but calm down and get off my sister!”

Andariel was flailing, raging trying to get at some part of Noel to hit. Noel just stared at her as she did. “CALM DOWN!!??” the angel screamed. “CALM DOWN!?!? What about any of this fucking situation gives me any fucking reason to calm down!? I’m in a fucking dungeon of psychopaths! I’ve been kidnapped, and seen so much fucking crap! I’ve been living in terror for days now! I am going to die here! Because of you, Noel! You fucking nutjob! SORRY!? Sorry for wanting to kill me? For kidnapping me? For all the fucking lives you took? You should fucking die, you worthless fucking disaster! I fucking hate you!”

During her struggling tirade, she did not notice her golden hair getting darker, nor her wings going just a few shades blacker. She was utterly unraged, and just wanted to unleash her full wrath on Noel, no matter how little that actually counted. None of her hits even gave Noel so much as a bruise. But it didn’t matter to Andariel, she just wanted to kill her. A desire no angel should ever have.

Natalie did not have any means of calming her down and was not going to just keep holding her back forever, and so chose the option of knocking her out.

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Chapter 6

When Andariel came to, the heated anger had simmered down to a cold fury. She crawled away to a corner of the room, curled up, wrapping her wings around her, and occasionally stared daggers at Noel, who couldn’t bare to meet those eyes. Natalie was doing the best she could to comfort her sister, having given up on getting the bracelets off or knocking the door down.

Andariel felt her arm was still hurting, perhaps even broken somewhere, but she couldn’t do much about it. They all just seemed to be waiting in silence for the inevitable return of dear old Mom and whatever she was planning to do with them. But she would keep them waiting for a while. It started with hours passing by in silence…

And then Natalie spoke up as it got to, “A whole day, now. The hell is she waiting for…” Neither Noel nor Andariel had any reply for her. “Oh come on, let’s not just sit in silence the whole time.” Andariel stared at her with a ‘the hell do you want from me?’ face. “Fine, don’t talk. Just sit there and stare, Grumpy.” Things got quiet again, and that would last for what they had to guess was another four hours before they heard the door being unlocked.

Mother came in with a dead buck over her shoulder, tossing it in and then gazing around. Her eyes stopped and the now darker angel shivering in the corner. “Ohoho, what happened to you, little angel?” the mother asked. There was some amusement in her eyes. “I think I sense a developing grudge. Huh…” Andariel didn’t like the moment of thought playing on the mother’s face, as though she suddenly had an idea in mind for her. But then she turned back to her daughters. “Feed quickly, and you better leave nothing but bone when I get back.” She closed and locked the door again.

Noel and Natalie went quick to the buck, claws tearing in. “Andariel, you should get some too when you have a chance to get some food in you.”

Andariel twitched slightly, the ease of bloodshed already giving her flashbacks. “I’m… I don’t have the stomach for raw meat…” She felt a little nauseated.

“Well, I don’t have the firepower to cook fo-“ Natalie stopped, looking at the sickly face of the angel. “Oh… Right, not a matter of willpower for you. Can you drink blood?” Andariel got paler at the thought. “… Just breath and look away. I’m sorry, but we need to eat and we can’t get something you can handle right now.” Andariel followed the advice, turning into the corner and just trying to ignore the sounds of gore behind her. When it was finished, she turned to see nothing but bones.

The door opened soon after, and mother looked at the bones and saw nothing to punish them for in it. She then turned her head. “Do it just like I told you. Emier, enjoy yourself.” She turned to Andariel and moved towards her. “Hello, little angel,” she said, and Andariel felt shivers run down her spine from this incredibly evil woman talking in a sweet, innocent voice that fooled no one but made Andariel think she was about to be really fucked with. “I would like to have a chat with you, personally.” She offered a hand, but Andariel didn’t give her own. “Please, before I pull you up with the broken arm.” Threats were never meant to be said in sweet voices, but it was effective enough to make Andariel take the hand, allowing her to be pulled up. The mother wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “Come, walk with me.”

Moving to the door, Andariel saw two people enter the room. One was a tall, handsome man with a wicked grin on his face, short brown hair and deep blue eyes that would be entrancing in any other situation. Behind him was a girl with long dark hair that got down to calves, and black circles around her red eyes. Her face was an emotionless mask. She had on a simple short skirted white dress, and no shoes or socks. And it seemed she was gliding inches off the ground rather than walking. But Andariel was not to know what they would be doing with the sisters, being taken passed them and out of the room before the door closed.

“This must be such a troubling time for you,” said the Mother. “Tell me your name, little angel.”

“A-Andariel,” she replied, sheepishly.

“Well, Andariel, I know you’ve had it a little rough,” she said. “Locked in a house with us wicked monsters could drive even an innocent angel to despair, I can hardly imagine what you must be going through. Can I be honest with you?” Andariel nodded, no idea where this conversation was going but she certainly didn’t want to act like she wasn’t listening. “I didn’t care at all what you were going through until I saw your little change. I must admit it, I am pretty much as evil as demon’s come, and I am incredibly racist to those bright little angels. And those wings and that blond hair, you pissed me right the fuck off on the word go, just on my daughter’s description. But… Angels have this one wonderful ability to get better, and it shows in their looks. I look at your darkening features and I see potential.”

Andariel looked very puzzled. The hell kind of potential could this woman possibly see that she would like. “I would like to see you complete that little transformation you are taking. Now, I know, I know, you’re still an angel at heart. You might be a little fallen, but you aren’t some evil monster like the rest of us here. But I’d just like to help put one more black winged, black haired angel out in the world. Maybe you won’t do anything with it, maybe will you will. But I would like to make a deal with you. Commit a sin great enough to turn that dark brown hair black, those grey wings match the void between the stars, and I will let you go. And you will get to know that I won’t ever let my murderous little daughter out of her room again. A bit of greater good for just one murder.”

“I won’t kill anyone,” Andariel said, amazed she had the strength of will to not stutter at denying her.

“Well, we’ll see,” she said. She pulled out a red cup. “This is a healing potion, it should fix your arm. Drink up, dear.” Andariel drank slowly, for some reason imagining it could actually be acid or something, but a warm sensation came over her body and the pain in her arm disappeared. She was lead to another door, opening to show stairs leading down to a basement. She was lead downwards until they arrived in… a much bigger basement then she was expecting.

It was more like a warehouse, filled with cages. Some of the cages were empty, but others had people in them. “Oh, I should explain,” said the Mother. “I am a slaver, you see. Well, actually, it’s more like a run a little warehouse hub for slaver ring. Recently, I had a little incident.” There was a chair in the middle of the slave warehouse, and in it was a man, strapped in it and gagged, screaming as much as he could. “This was one of my employees. See the two cages near him? Those two human girls?” There were two cage, with two girls hugging each other close, shivering, naked and terrified. One looked to be about five or six, the either was closer to twelve or thirteen. “I found him raping them.” Andariel gasped. That was… sick… And wrong. So wrong.

“I know! And one of them is a Virgo, she would have sold so much better as a virgin!” But when not looking much better than a pedophile, the mother was also very much sick and wrong. “Now, he begged me for a second chance, but I have a purgativ I know who told me not only had he done this many times before, but he would do it again. So, I was going to kill him sometime today. But then I thought about this little trial with you!”

“Trial?” Andariel repeated.

“I am appointing you as my personal executioner. If you kill him, one child rapest and slaver gets permanently taken off the streets, and one naughty serial killer gets locked away in her room for life, and you get to walk out of here free. As a bonus, I’ll even let you take the girls with you, saving them from a life of slavery. Buuuuuut… If you don’t kill him in the next hour, you will be going back to Noel’s room, to be tortured by whatever sick and twisted ideas come to my head until my pathetic daughter puts you out of your misery, the girls will be sold into slavery as very cheap slaves very likely to die after being sold in Mrakian markets, and I will let my employee come back. In fact, if you do let him live, I might just have to arrange you a private show every day you live and give him another young girl each day for you to watch him defile, knowing every day you could have stopped him. Your hour starts now, spend it how you wish. But I am watching so don’t try anything stupid.”

Andariel stood still and stared at her. The weight of it just stunned her and she could barely take it all in. She walked closer to the man and the girls in cages. She stared at the man. He was well and truly the scum of Lore, and the world would be just a little better with his death. And Noel was dangerous, locked away she wouldn’t kill anyone again. But… all this assumed the Mother was being honest. She could have made up even this entire scenario, as well as letting any of them go or keeping her daughter locked away. The guy might just be some other slave she strapped down in a chair while the sisters had been eating.

There was only one way to be sure of that. She went to the cage. “Hello,” she said. They both seemed to shrink away. “I’m not one of the scary ones. I’m a prisoner too. I just… The mean woman over there said… She said the man in the chair… touched you.”

The older girl looked at the man, her face drained as she looked at him. “Twice,” she whispered.

The little sister started to cry. “H-he said he’d hurt mama if we d-didn’t do what he s-said. B-but e-even when we did…” She kept crying, unable to speak, and Andariel looked to the other sister, wide eyed.


“He killed mom,” the older sister said. “And when he had us here he took us again…” The older sister looked down to the ground, tears in her eyes too. “He said he wouldn’t hurt her…”

The world would be a better place with just one death. “I’m… I’m going to try to get you out of here real soon, okay?” she said. They didn’t respond, and she understood why in the torrent of emotions as she turned towards him.

Even if she was lying about letting them go, Andariel could not live with herself if she allowed this man to continue on. She felt her sense of wrath rise within her, as it never had before. She ran at him and her fists went flying. She didn’t see the wicked mother smiling, she didn’t care how much he pleaded behind that fucking gag, she just kept hitting while rage overwhelmed her. She was not a very strong person, and was hurting her fists about as much as she was breaking his face. But that didn’t stop her, she just kept wailing on him as much as she could. Then she heard the sound of sliding metal and saw a knife on the ground. She didn’t even have to think about it, grabbing the knife and stabbing him in the gut over and over, screaming her fury.

Finally, after several minutes of punching and stabbing, her hair and wings were as black as a starless night, and he was dead. She had to make herself breath. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” she heard screams coming from the cage and looked up. The girls were crying and screaming and banging on the cage, and looked like they’d been doing it… since she started.

She looked down, and the man’s phase had changed, he had similar hair and eye color to… the girls. Two sets of laughter came out. “That face is just priceless!” came the voice of mother. “Tauny, you outdid yourself with that one.” Andariel turned her head to mother, her face a breaking confusion, already at an answer for what happened but not wanting to admit it to herself without all the pieces. Someone had appeared beside the mother, a short, rather slim young man with a pretty face and a fox-like grin, six fluffy tails behind him and two ears at the top of his head. A kitsune.

“Looks like she doesn’t get the joke,” said the fox boy. “Sure is a dumb one you got there.”

“She sure is,” agreed the mother. “So, Andariel, confession time. I lied. You see, the man you just killed was extremely innocent. In fact, he was a father of two little girls who loved him, their last living parent. I had Tauny here make an illusion for you, so you’d just keep hearing how guilty he was. And while you were hearing of his nonexistent guilt, they were hearing you threaten their dad and gloat about it. Just so you know.”

Andariel slumped down limply, wide eyed. “And you did it so much faster then I thought you would. Just for that, I think I’ll at least keep part of my promise. The two girls don’t have to be sold to slavery anymore. Instead, I’ll keep them around to fuck with more, I think.” She walked over to Andariel. “Think of this as a gift, dear. You see, now your just as much of a murderous monster as the rest of us. And now you belong here too.”

Andariel looked up at the woman and… couldn’t speak. Couldn’t deny it. She then looked down to see his bloody face, his tearful eyes with all the light of life fading from then, gazing towards his utterly distraught daughters. “I… belong… here…” she said, as she started to cry.

The mother leaned down and grabbed up the angel as she started to weep, smiling to herself and taking a lick of the tears. “That’s right, let it out.” She so loved the sound of an angel crying, the taste of their tears. This might have started out as such a hastle for the mother, but now it was so much fun. “Welcome home, murderous monster.”

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Chapter 7

“Tauny, would you be a dear and bring the girls?” said the Mother, walking to the stairs, crying angel in hand. “I believe the angel needs to be fed. Wouldn’t want her dying of starvation because of a weak stomach.” Andariel had no idea how the mother knew about that, but at the moment couldn’t care about it, crying and finding the image of a dead father every time she closed her eyes.

She was set down on a wooden chair of what seemed to be a dining room in the house, arms and legs strapped down to the arms and legs of the chair. The kitsune Tauny came up afterwards, and Mother instructed him to get the girls seated as well. Both were strapped into chairs around the dining table, while Mother got to sit at the head of the table. “You’re free to go play for a bit, Tauny.” The Kitsune bounced off playfully, disappearing from sight quickly.

The Mother decided to watch the angel cry, while making herself a plate. She would eat and listen to the crying like it was music. The young human girls were crying too, the older one staring daggers into the crying killer of her father. Mother seemed to be waiting for the crying to quiet a little, and when eventually it did she spoke again.

“Andariel, dear, I’m going to give you another opportunity to save a life,” she said. “And I promise, this time I am not lying.” Andariel looked at her, and in her despair, there was nothing in her eyes that said she believed that. “It’s true. But even if you don’t believe me, you’ll play my little game for my amusement anyways. And I’ll even make this one easier on you. You won’t personally kill anyone, you just get the choice.”

“Ch-choice?” Andariel murmered, not… liking having options open to her anymore. She was beginning to miss being chained to a wall and just being terrified.

“I am going to kill one of these girls,” said Mother, her grin flashing. “You just get to choose which one dies.”

“N-no, I-“

“Don’t choose and I kill them both. Like I said, you get to save a life right now.”

“Please, please, don’t make me-“

“You have one minute starting now, don’t waste it begging me for mercy I won’t give you.”

This time around, there weren’t illusions covering the words, both girls were hearing perfectly fine what was happening. The older spoke up fast. “Pick me! Don’t kill my sister, please!”

“Sam, no!” said the little sister.

“Hush, Lea!” she looked at the angel. “Please, I have to protect her! Pick me!”

The little girl was crying harder now. “S-Samantha, d-don’t l-let the monster ladies kill you!”

The mother stood up, walking up to Andariel’s ear. “So, big sister Samantha or little sister Lea.”

Andariel shook her head, shuddering. “I-I c-c-can’t,” she said.

“Fine, I’ll make it easier. Just say the name of the one you want to live. Five seconds.”

There was no way that had taken an entire minute. “WHAT!?”

“4, 3, 2-“

She showed no sign of slowing the count, and in a panic screamed the name. “Lea!”

“See, that wasn’t so hard,” she said, smiling from ear to ear. “You saved the little girl from dying today. Aren’t you proud of yourself? And you just had to offer her sister as a sacrifice to do it. And just because I have a great idea for how to use her, I’ll keep that promise. All of you wait here. Samantha, you may want to say your goodbyes to your sister.” She stood up, walking back to Noel’s door.

Andariel looked away, unable to face the human girls, one she doomed to die and the other losing the last part of her family for that choice. They spoke to each other tearfully, Samantha trying to be as encouraging as possible, and Lea being inconsolable and barely understandable as she cried. She heard the mother though. “I’d just like to borrow Adria a moment.”

When she walked back, the floating red eyed girl followed her. “Samantha, I think I’ll allow you a final wish. You have two choices. Your sister can either stay innocent or she can be allowed to not starve.”

Samantha looked at the evil woman. “What… do you mean innocent?”

“I’ll make her do one thing she doesn’t want to do. If she doesn’t, I let her starve to death.”

“… I choose the one that let’s my sister live, obviously.”

“Excellent, then the cooking can begin. Lea, you’ve done the least today and have to work to earn you food, so I think I’ll assign you to be the chef.”

Lea looked at her, teary eyed and not sure what she was even saying. Then her straps came undone on her restraints, and she started to move, with odd movements. “I assume you can make her cook, Adria,” whispered the Mother, and the floating girl nodded.

The straps on Samantha also came off and she also found herself moving. “What’s going on?”

“Well, I told you that I’d let your sister eat,” she said. “And you are the main course, dear. Don’t worry, the kitchen is fully able to handle a human meal. It’s from Mrak, after all. I’ll make sure she gets her fill after she prepares you.”

Screams and pleading came from all three girls, but the Mother just listened to it all like music while Adria made the sisters into her puppets, dancing on mental strings. They were allowed to speak and shout as they wished, but nothing stopped Lea’s body from moving on it’s own, getting the knife and preparing dinner.

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Chapter 8

When she finally let them stop eating, there was nothing but Samantha’s head and her bones left. Mother had spent at least another hour listening to them cry about it, and keeping them from throwing it all up. “He done, Adria?” The girl shook her head. “Tell him he is now. He has shipments to make. Can’t all be fun and games all day, can we?”

A few seconds later he came out of Noel’s room, stretching. “That was fun,” he said.

“Take a bit to freshen up, you have shipments to make today, Emier. Oh, can I keep a hold of your little vampire for a while. I rather enjoy having a purgative around.”

“Sure thing, boss,” he said, turning to Adria. “You are to obey her as you would me, Adria.”

She spoke up for the first time, with a very soft voice. “Yes, Master.” He left soon after, as Mother unstrapped Andariel from the chair. Andariel took her hand when offered it, letting herself be led back to the room, eager to get away from her.

Entering Noel’s room, she discovered the sisters curled into two different corners. Noel was staring down at the ground, her face almost blank, save her dangerous eyes. Natalie, however, seemed much more distraught, a tearful mess. As she looked up she didn’t seem to have quite lost her willfulness. “You… bitch…”

“Cheeky as ever, dear,” said Mother. “I thought you liked making your sister happy. Making her feel loved.” That last word seemed ever so mocking, but Andariel had no idea what could have happened. She did notice that they weren’t clothed anymore, but there were ashes all over the place. “Well, I don’t have all day, so your punishments are done… for today. And with so many experiences, I am sure you all will have so much more to talk about.” She let Andariel go and went to the door. “Be good, kids.”

It slammed shut once more and was locked. Andariel stood there, the only one standing and the only one left clothed. She stood unsure what to do now. Natalie took a breath. “So, her being that enthusiastic tells me must have done something awful to you,” she said. “The blacker look tells me it’s something she made you do… That’s a favorite tactic of hers… Sorry.”

Noel looked up at Andariel, regret now coming to her face. And this time, as Andariel looked back, she had no blame left to give Noel. It was now, after just a little while of that Mother’s undivided attention did she truly realize how awful it had been to be Noel. And while she most certainly hoped it wasn’t put to the test, if killing eventually made her feel just a little better after all this, she might become a serial killer herself. So she moved closer, and sat down next to Noel. And then, she whispered, “I forgive you.”

Noel blinked… and teared up. Natalie let out a sigh. “Well, that’s good,” said Natalie. “Least something positive came out of this.”

They were all able to work themselves up to discussing what happened, though it showed in both the sisters that they were far more used to hearing about the horrible sorts of things their mom would do to them than Andariel. Sitting closer together, Andariel shared her tale, and neither sister so much as flinched. They did give her sympathetic pats, but she in turn got to learn how she used the purgative to make them… Well, suddenly that ‘making her feel loved’ comment made sense in the worst way.

“The woman knows nothing of taboos except breaking them to fuck with people,” Natalie said. “Least she hasn’t made me cook my sister alive and eat her yet… Burned a few times, but not fully cooked.”

“What makes her… be like this?” asked Andariel.

“Well, lots of demons are naturally evil. I can’t tell you what puts my mom in the higher tiers of bitch, but she’s been that way since before I was born. It’s not like she’s the only one like that.”

“… You know more people like that?”

“My dad’s coworkers, for one,” she said. “And mom’s employees are pretty high on my list of assholes, too.”

Andariel shook her head a little, and had to finally voice a question. “How do you seem to stay so… normal in this place? I mean, I now understand why Noel is the way she is, but you seem… You seem very nice for a Dark Diabolo.”

Natalie chuckled at that. “Yeah, well, I’m nice to nice people. I suppose I’m just weird by my racial standard, but the people I want to torture and murder are the ones I find to be pricks. Weeping angels just aren’t as high on my list of ‘fuck with that bitch’ as any one of those people who would share jokes with my mom. I wouldn’t say I am good or anything, I just happen to want to do evil things to evil people instead of evil things to good people. And for another answer, I sort of come by it honestly. People say dad’s pretty nice for a Dark Diabolo too. He’s still a prick, but he hides it well. I’d like to think some of my niceness is genuine rather than me just imitating my dad, though.”

“It is,” said Noel. “I’ve met your dad. So much more fake.” Natalie smiled at that.

“Um… about that, since we’re in the mood to share… Two fathers here, so… what happened there?”

Natalie spoke up first. “Well, my dad she met first, and… Well, he wasn’t that into her. Unfortunately he’s been too brutally honest with me about that… He has this… Sexual preference for… Humans. Beautiful human girls. At his job, humans are sort of thought of as lesser beings and such, and he was getting looked at oddly for being so into them. Basically in order to prove his not being a complete human fetishist, he got more friendly with tough demoness not a lesser being mom, and making it very public. Not sure what mom got out of that, she doesn’t seem to like him much either, but when she retired from that job she moved out this way. Um… Noel’s dad…”

“She raped my dad,” said Noel. “Tells me about it all the time, how she kicked the crap out of him, beat him down and took him. Superbia Demons are… They don’t like losing, and they can get pretty… depressed about it. He killed himself when she let him go. She later gave birth to me and condemned me as the daughter of a weak and worthless worm ever since.”

“I’m sorry, Noel…” Andariel put a hand on her shoulder.

Noel shrugged. “Not like I ever knew him. I’ve just been living with his less than fantastic legacy.”

“Eh, if I was the guy who slept with mom, I’d wanna kill myself too,” said Natalie. “Though don’t tell mom that. She might try it just to see if I do, because she really is just that fucking sick.”

And that was when the door opened. “Well, that is worth some consideration, I’ll admit.” And the mother was there. “Having a nice chat, children? Well, works done, and I believe I promised Noel a lesson in torture angels.”

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Chapter 9

Andariel floated in behind the mother, and with but a blink, Andariel and Natalie would found themselves slammed into the wall, Natalie by the chains that were moved over her limbs and locked faster than Andariel could even blink. “Natalie, you just get to watch,” said Mother, moving towards Noel. “Ready for your lesson, dear?” Noel tried to pull away, but it didn’t matter what she did. Mother and Daughter seemed to go limp for a moment…

And then the mother seemed to pass out. Noel blinked, looking down at her. And then she smiled, a smile so much like her mother that Andariel shivered. “Well, look at that sexy beast down there. Ain’t she beautiful?” That sounded very wrong coming from Noel’s mouth and Natalie looked like she was sick from the very suggestion.

“The fuck did you do, Mom?” Natalie asked.

“Well, our little purgative friend is just projecting me into your sister’s body for me,” she said. “Sort of a mental possession, you might say. I get control, and I make sure Noel can’t look away from my lessons.” She turned towards Andariel, who was still being held to the wall, shaking. “Now, Noel, you see the shaking and shivering of fear? I know you love that.” She seemed to go silent, and Andariel imagined perhaps Noel was… think speaking in some way, but only Mother and Purgativ would hear her. “Don’t lie to mother, dear. You love it.”

The mother possessed Noel ran a hand across Andariel’s cheek, claws softly cutting the top layers of her skin, making her cringe. And then she kept tracing the marks, cutting just a little deeper each time until she struck blood. “Oh, I feel that. No wonder your such a mess about this one, dear. So many emotions. Mother understands now. You’re just so terrified of breaking this favorite new toy of yours. You want it to last, you naughty thing.” She giggled, licking Andariel’s bleeding cheek. “No, don’t tell yourself you hate hurting her, that’s a lie. You love hurting her. You love tasting her. You love touching her. You love cutting her…”

She paused, pondering. “Oh my, the fantasies in your head. No wonder you chained her up when you took her, you kinky girl. Hmm… Though I can’t stand some of these desires, so… mundane. I prefer your darker dreams.”

She blinked, and turned to Adria. “Adria… I’m getting too in touch with her feelings,” she said. Adria nodded, and Mother turned back to Andariel. “But Noel, you really shouldn’t hold your feelings in. You are a demon, it’s natural for you to be violent with your desires.”

She claws started running down. “Don’t be afraid of her screaming, or crying, her pain and suffering. You love those things. That’s the demon in you. Embrace it. Cut and torment. It’s what our kind was born for.” Her claws when deeper, shredding through skin and clothes and making the blood flow, causing Andariel to scream. “Oooooh, don’t you feel that? It’s wonderful!”

She licked at the wounds. “See? You can’t deny it. Just taste it! That sweet suffering. Taste her.” She looked into Andariel’s eyes. “You just taste so damn good.” Noel’s body leaned in close, breathing in her scent. “Better then any other prey…” Andariel blinked, something strange in Noel’s possessed eyes… If the fallen angel didn’t know any better, she would have called it… Lust. “A prey I never want to stop tasting.” And then was when the kiss came.

And after a few seconds, she tore herself away. “ADRIA, OUT! Get me out!” Noel seemed to fall over onto one knee, and then her mother rose up quickly, shaking with fury. She grabbed the floating girl by the neck.

“I told you I was getting too in touch with her emotions!” she yelled.

The girl looked her in the eyes, her face still an emotionless mask without so much as a hint of fear, and speaking for the first time they heard in a soft voice, she whispered. “You didn’t tell me to do anything about it.”

That earned a growl from the mother, but she shook it off. “We’ll be having a discussion with Emier about that later. Go get the cage.” She shoved Adria out the door and turned to Noel and Andariel, trying to compose herself, though Andariel noticed that mother seemed to be trying to focus on her as little as possible and more on her daughter. “This little weakness of yours is worse than I thought. It’s going to take a lot more work then I originally thought.”

“I’m… never killing her, Mother,” said Noel.

“You think that now,” she replied. “But I remember all the other times you’ve gone without killing. Well, missy, you are grounded until the angel dies by your claws. No murders until then.”

Noel looked rather nervous about that. “I’ll handle it,” she said, though she didn’t sound very sure of herself there.

“No, you won’t,” said Mother. “Killing is your drug, even more then it is mine. You won’t be able to stop the cravings. Especially if I keep dangling it in front of you.” She turned to the door as a cage floated in, and Andariel saw that Lea was inside it. “I’ve made sure you couldn’t break in and sate yourself with her. But isn’t she just the kind of girl you’d love to sink your claws into? So helpless and innocent. Tell me with a straight face you don’t feel that killing urge when you see her crying in there?”

Noel was staring at the cage, her instincts going wild as she started shaking with need, and she couldn’t say a word to the contrary. Andariel realized the mother was right about this one, killing was a drug for Noel. A need she had to sate. “I thought so,” she said. “I think I’ll let you all stew for a while. How does a month sound?”

“A month!?” called out Natalie. “You’re leaving us in here for a month!? Get me the fuck down!”

“No, I don’t think I will,” said the Mother. “You won’t be seeing me for a while. Goodbye, children.” She walked out, and shut and locked the door. And poor Lea whimpered in fear, for unlike the rest of them, her human eyes could see nothing in the dark, even as she knew she was trapped with a bunch of monsters.

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Chapter 10

It all seemed to crawl by so slowly. Noel was able to keep away from the cage only a day before she started trying to attack it, and Andariel had no way to pull her back while Lea screamed in panic. Somehow, each day, they would find a deer carcus for breakfast each morning and a gallon of water to share between Andariel and Lea. It had been very hard to get Lea to eat, too terrified to take anything from them the first couple days before hunger and thirst made her at least start to trust Andariel.

After a week, there seemed to be no conversation to be had. There wasn’t much to say when nothing happened from day to day. Natalie seemed to be conserving her energy as much as possible, since she was chained to a wall and could not do much else. Noel… was a primal wreck. She was wired and banged at Lea’s cage whenever the girl moved. And when she wasn’t moving, Noel only seemed to keep close to Andariel… Which was getting terribly uncomfortable for Andariel as Noel seemed to grow more and more primal.

Andariel would get cut every once in a while from her claws, the wounds always licked at. Every day was proving her mother was right when she said at least some of that love was seeped in violent desires. And she started to notice her clothes getting more and more ripped up until she discarded them all together, putting them in the bone pile. Oh yes, there was also a bone pile where they had to pile up all the leftovers of their daily meals.

The bones and nakedness and talking being replaced mostly with growls and whimpers and other more primitive forms of vocal communication made Andariel feel like they were socially devolving in here. Every day she took to singing a song just to make them all remember what the hell words were.

When the month was coming to a close… none of them knew how many days it even was. Could have been a year for all they knew. The room was piled with bones, after Andariel gave up on trying to keep an order to their bone pile. Speaking of the angel, she now seemed to be bleeding at least every day. There was even a point where Noel had pounced on her and seemed like she was about to break, and only barely managed to turn her bloodlust into just… lust.

Andariel had hoped maybe the mother would be angered when that happened, but in the timespan of isolation they heard nothing from her. Andariel knew it was getting bad when even her wicked face would have been a welcome change.

Everyone jumped at the sound of the lock clicking, and the door opening, shielding their eyes from the hallway light that came in. “Well, you all look like you’d do just about anything for a moment out of here, wouldn’t you?” said the grinning face of the mother. “Well, I’m in a merciful mood, just do a bit of begging and I’ll let you all taste some fresh air and get some time out of this room.”

With no shame in them, all but Natalie seemed to be begging. Andariel couldn’t even tell what she was saying, having not even spoken to a person in forever, though she was very surprised to hear actual words from Noel again, things like ‘please’ and ‘mommy’.

“Hmm, perhaps a month was a little long,” she said to herself, rather seriously. “You seem to have all regressed a bit. But I see my Noel and Natalie are still quite naughty girls. Natalie, not even a word of begging. You could have at least tried a please. And Noel… what did I tell you about screwing an angel under my roof? For that, I will leave you both in here a day longer. Adria! My daughters need some mental work, get them to at least somewhat civilized but don’t erase any memories or ease any desires.”

Adria floated in, but this time Andariel could see her master was in the hallway watching her. “Andariel and Lea, you’ll be coming with me,” she said, as the cage seemed to telepathically open. Lea crawled out slowly, her limbs weak from disuse and Andariel started to follow, stopping when she heard Noel whimpering and trying to follow, only to be telekinetically pushed back by Adria. “Don’t keep me waiting, dear.” Andariel hurried along.

She gave them both a sniff. “Yes, I certainly left you all in there too long. I think a nice long bath will be needed. Emier, could you make sure my daughters get a bath too?” He nodded with a grin. “Good, good. Come with me, girls.”

Andariel picked up Lea and followed her into a bathroom, with a large tub she began to fill with warm water. “I assume you still remember how to take a bath?” she asked Andariel.

“Y-yes,” she said.

“Good. Towels are in the closet. I’m not giving you fresh clothes to dry yourselves off thoroughly before you come out. I’ll be in the living room. Don’t even try to run, you wouldn’t even reach the front door.”

And with that she left. Andariel moved cautiously to the tub, touching the water with her finger. It was… just water. It felt nice, really. She helped Lea get in before getting in herself, letting the warm water comfort her aching body and begin to wash away the grime.

Lea looked at her and whispered. “Why’d you kill daddy?” The angel looked at her, her mind flooded with a bad memory. “You seem so nice… But…”

“She tricked me into thinking he was… as bad as her.”

“But you said-“

“She made you hear something else. She made me hear you and… your sister tell me he was bad… I’m… I’m so sorry…” She rubbed her eyes, really not needing to cry now when she knew something else would be making her cry more any time now.

Lea rubbed her arm. “I… think I understand. The scarier monster did it.” Andariel nodded.

They got quiet after that, and helped eachother wash up. But it would take emptying and refilling the tub a couple times before they were really clean and didn’t seem like they had been living in a dungeon for a month. After drying off, Andariel moved to the door, but Lea tugged on her leg.

“Do we have to… go out there with her?” she asked, obviously scared.

“She’ll only be worse if we try to run and hide,” said the Angel, picking her up and wrapping her protectively in a wing. “Least you won’t be alone with her.” Lea seemed to nod a lot to that, and Andariel wondered what happened when Lea HAD been alone with her.

They moved out to the living room, where the mother sat on the couch, reading a newspaper. It was so strange to see the date on it and truly take in how it had only been a month since her old life had disappeared from her. The mother looked up. “Good, you both follow instructions better then my daughters.” She waved Andariel to come closer, which she did reluctantly. With a sniff, the demoness smiled. “Much, much better scent. Makes me want to hunt you both myself.”

Both girls tense at that one, causing the mother to laugh. “Jittery little darlings, the both of you. I think I might just miss that.” Well, that was certainly ominous. “There are sandwiches in the kitchen when you get hungry, and I suggest you stretch your legs and exercise while you can. And you can watch something if you want. Don’t try to go outside, though.” And with that she went back to reading the paper.

What followed would be a very strange day, at least a strange day in this house. Andariel and Lea spent their time together, having a normal lunch instead of raw deer, walking around the house and exploring, mostly to see if know the real layout of this place since they knew so little about it, and tentatively watching shows, while looking around and waiting for the trap to spring.

But there wasn’t a trap. There wasn’t anything happening. The mother seemed to be doing her own thing and let the girls do whatever they want so long as no escape attempt occurred. It was… weird, and it seemed to last all day. Eventually, they even came to relax.

It ended as the night fell and Lea yawned. The mother came over and said, “Time for bed.” She lead them to one room that had been locked during the explorations of the house, and opened it to reveal a master bedroom, with a very large bed.

The mother went in first, walking over to the closet, letting the girls just walk in and look around. It looked… fairly normal, all things considered. It just looked like a woman’s bedroom, and no one would have ever guessed the psychotic who slept in it. Andariel took a look at some picture frames on a nearby desk. Okay, here were some hints to what the woman was really like. Most were pictures of the mother, in some sort of uniform. Sometimes she was hanging out with other people in the same uniform, but a few showed pictures of people in overalls, scared to death while she was pulling them in close for a picture… and then some of them were similar pictures of the same prisoners now dead as she held them up for the picture.

There was one picture of her with some guy. They were holding eachother like they were trying to be affectionate but there was no passion in those eyes. She had to guess that was Natalie’s father. It seemed he was wearing the same uniform. As she looked closer, she saw two more frames were turned down. She looked around at the mother, who was busy pulling out a sleeping gown for herself to notice, and then lifted the frames up.

One was a picture of the mother, and she didn’t look nearly so… herself. She was frowning, eyes sunken in, bleeding from her lip and there was an off-frame hand holding her up by the hair. The hand… looked like it had the uniform sleeves on it, and as she looked down, she saw the mother have on similar overalls to the people she had been terrifying and killing in the other pictures. The second picture was of another woman who was smiling and sticking her tongue out, even with a black eye. The woman had black hair and grey eyes, and was wearing overalls too.

“Those from before Natalie was born,” said the Mother, and Andariel jumped in surprise, turning to see the mother… not look upset at all, just taking her clothes off. Andariel was now too used to nakedness to even care to look away, but for the few moments before the mother pulled on the sleeping gown, Andariel saw burn marks on her shoulder that… almost looked like a series of numbers.

The mother walked over to the picture, taking the one of the unknown woman and looking at it. Andariel stared at her expression, never imagining she would see something like emotional pain run across the woman’s face for even a moment. “How nostalgic,” she whispered. She turned towards Andariel and looked at her for a moment, just… staring. “She was still smiling like that when they beat her to death… And when they had me throw her body in the fire.” She shook her head. “Some weaknesses are still hard to kill.” She set the picture face down.

She wrapped an arm around Andariel for a moment. “I understand it perfectly, little angel, just perfectly,” she said. “But love is not forever. It’s not going to last. The sooner Noel realizes it, the better. And she’ll scavange for pictures to remember you buy and she’ll cry when she sees them, but then every little cut will make her feel better. You see, I always blame her father for her weakness, but I will tell you, and just you, the truth. She got it from me. I hate seeing my old weakness reborn again.”

She looked Andariel right in the eyes. “And that’s why I am going to kill it. It ends here. And when it’s killed, my Noel will be so wonderful. A perfect killer. A perfect demon. I could never let some angel stop my dreams for her.” She leaned down, and opened a cage that neither Lea or Andariel noticed was built into the bed. But within it was a cushioned floor and a soft pillow. “Sleep well, girls. Your suffering is almost over.”

Both of them crawled with in, cuddling together as there wasn’t much room to separate, as the cage closed. It was at least a little comfortable, and Lea wouldn’t be left cold as Andariel wrapped her wings around her. And both of them probably had the most relaxed sleep they could have had considering the last sense of doom come over them by those words.