How to Change Weapon/Armour/Upgrade Slots (Beginner Tutorial).

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How to Change Weapon/Armour/Upgrade Slots (Beginner Tutorial).

It's not quite as simple as you might expect.

This part is the same for all editing;
  1. Open the Mod Maker, locate the recipe you want to change
  2. Double click in the right-hand side pane to open it and select Debug from the menu > Export EBX. Leave this pane open as it is for reference
  3. Edit the EBX file with a Hex editor such as HXD
  4. Go back to Mod Maker and Click the tickbox at the bottom of the Asset Preview pane: “Show data offsets”
The rest of the editing process will involve going between Asset Preview and the Hex Editor.

Changing Slot Size;
  1. On Asset Preview, look for the slot you want to change, it will say "Damage" or "Offense" or "Defense" or whatever
  2. Underneath this somewhere it will say MaterialUsedCount
  3. The next line down has the @Offset for this - an Offset is a reference for you to use in the Hex Editor. Make a note of this number or remember it
  4. Head over to the Hex Editor and look up the offset, example: A44 is row A40 and column 4
  5. The value in this Offset should be the same as the number in the MaterialUsedCount
  6. When changing this, remember that it isn't decimal, so you can google "What is 15 in hexadecimal?" (without quotes -change the number to whatever you need). Google will say something like 0xF. Ignore the 0x.
  7. Save the hex file (I don't change the name when I save it)
  8. Go to Asset Preview and Debug > Import the saved file
  9. Close the Asset Preview Window and Select Save or Save As on the File menu
  10. Name the File whatever you want
  11. You will now have a DAImod you can put in your mod folder with your other mods, congratulations!
Changing Material Type
This is similar to changing slot size, but you need to know the numbers that represent the different materials;
00 Cloth
01 Leather
02 Metal

Changing Slot Type;
In Asset Preview, look at the StringId and SlotType of the Slot you want to change (you MUST change both)
Change these values as follows;
StringId Type Slottype Slottype Value
3D Defense Base 01
3E Utility Utility 02
40 Offense Base 01
(there are others, Armour, Damage)

You MUST change the Slottype AND StringId to the correct values (see table), so a StringID of 3D always goes with Slottype of 01. (When I got this wrong, my game crashed, so if you get crashes, check this first).
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UPDATE: I'm just doing some weapon slots at the moment, it seems bows use different numbers.
00013330 for Offense
00013339 for Utility

...whereas normally the numbers are
0001b440 Offense
0001b43e Utility

So you need to also change the pair of digits to the right of the one you normally change to 33 instead of leaving them as b4.
(if you want to know what you're doing, see the numbers above? They are backwards in pairs in the hex file and you've been changing the final 2 digits of them - i.e. [3e b4 01 00] will be the whole number for a non-ranged utility slot StringId in the Hex file).

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To expand on the above, here is an example;

Here is the Prowler Coat Arms Schematic. Open the Asset Preview of it by double clicking the line "recipe_medium_var2_0020c".

We need to be able to see the OFFSET (coordinates) where the values are in the hex file, so we're looking for our target location. To find it, we need to show offsets, so click this box at the bottom:

These are the things we want to change. As you can see they are the slot type, material and size in the left box (one of the slots) and the same elements of the other slot are highlighted on the right. They are all in the same Asset Preview window - just keep scrolling down.

Export the asset so we can edit it (we can't edit it in the ModMaker).

Call it something easy to remember...

This is where the Hex file editor comes in. Open the ebx in the hex editor.

Here are the first slot offsets. You can see the data in them corresponds to the numbers in the original post:
3D in the A10 offset is the defense slot string ID, A14 is a BASE slot type.
(note how Defense and Base are together as the table says - it can NOT be Utility and Base or Defense and Utility, it must be either Defense and Base or Utility and Utility - If it's wrong, your game WILL crash).

A1C is 0, which is a cloth slot
A20 is 08 Material in that slot. If you want more than 9, you should use a hexadecimal number . 
(The maximum material that the game will allow you to use in a single slot is 99, any slot bigger than this will cause the Crafting button to grey-out, so that you can't make the item).

Here is the other slot:

As you can see, it's all quite similar, but the slot is leather and the size is 4.

Let's make both slots leather utility 99 and 99, just for an example and who doesn't want crits, right?

So the edits are all in red. I didn't change A4C because it was already 01 (leather). 63 in Hex is 99 in Decimal.

Now we need to save it and IMPORT back into the ModMaker. I'm stupid confident, so I save over the top of the previous file (I know I can always export it again if it's wrong anyway).

Then you need to find the asset again in the ModMaker and IMPORT that file

Now just SAVE the DAIMOD in the File menu. DONE! 

Put the DAIMOD file in your Modmanager, make sure you disable mods that might overwrite it (such as Svarty's Medium Armour Upgrades), or put it below them in the list (that's why you can move things up and down). This is called the LOAD ORDER, and is the order in which things are loaded.... Yep.

... and here it is in game:
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(as I understand it)

[UPDATE] We can! Frosty allows it - 
You have to make sure all the aspects of the new slot are added in Frosty before exporting as a Binary.
Please see this guide: how-to-add-a-slot-using-frosty-editor-f ... t1859.html
Import it into the asset in ModManager as above: 
[UPDATE ends]

This is a register of slot order, it says which of the slots below it is the primary, which are second, third and fourth slots.

If we were to add slots, we would have to add to this register of slot-order, which would make the file larger. 

One of the big problems modders have to work around with DAI is that we can't, technically, change "template" sizes. I don't know if Frosty will allow us to circumvent this somehow.

( the FIRST slot is on the list is always Primary, so in the example it's the 3rd slot on the Tier One staff. If you examine the below image you can see that there are two empty slots (1 and 2) and then the Primary slot.
On the tier three staff, you can see the order is 1,3,4,2. So 1 will be Primary, then 3, then 4 then 2).