On Crazy Heart and Southern accents

On Crazy Heart and Southern accents

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Todd -

With all due respect, I've yet to meet a New Yorker who could do a real Southern accent. Hearing you guys try to perform one yourselves is borderline offensive. I can imagine it must assault your ears similar to when you hear an out-of-towner attempting a Brooklyn accent.

Trust me, Colin Farrell's Southern accent sounded much better than I've ever heard a New Yorker's attempt. The key difference I think is that Colin's attempt came from a place of respect, or at least academic interest, while most New Yorker's attempts are usually full of contempt (i.e. "here's how stupid you guys sound to us.")

And for the record, Todd Bridges nailed it, and it's more of a Texas/Southwestern accent than Southern. The differences are subtle, but significant.

Great flick nonetheless, and love your reviews.