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September 6th, 2016, 4:06 pm #151

With summer unofficially over, the stuff I got this year:

From a Long Island Ducks game in June:
-Bud Harrelson (card-- to side of dugout, right as I walked into stadium)
-Gary Gaetti (card-- tunnel, after the game)
-6 random Ducks on a novelty team ball. Only real notable was Eury De la Rosa

From 3 Rockies games, outside after games:
-Kevin Pillar (sweetspot ball)
-Raimel Tapia (sweetspot ball)
-Matt Stairs (card)
-Larry Andersen (card)
-Matt Moore (card)
-Brandon Belt (card)
-Hensley Meulens (card; he even wrote "SIR" and "Bam Bam")

From a Sky Sox (Brewers Triple A) game in late June:
-Orlando Arcia (sweetspot ball)
-Travis Snider (card; one steps after game)

Forgot all about this one: from the Dodgers' "La Gran Fiesta" in LA, back in October 2015:
-Manny Mota (novelty ball)
-Alex Guerrero (novelty ball)
They have this event once-a-month during the season. Free event, in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium. Music, food, FREE CRAP and autographs (usually with a Latino player).

"TTM" cards
All of these were: "eh, I'll just throw the card away. May as well try to get it signed"
-Cory Snyder
-Bud Black
-Bob Zupcic (took 17 months, though)
-Bob Scanlan

Might do one or two more post-Rockies game trolling before the season's over. The weather and timing is the key to these. Raining, cold, or late game-- don't bother. Scheduling's also key, as you won't get anybody from the visiting team on the last day of a series. Visitors usually get on the team bus and go straight to the airport.

Broncos are hosting a fan rally, tomorrow from 3-8, with "Broncos alumni" set to attend. No real verification on who'll be there and when, but supposedly Rod Smith, Steve Atwater, Champ Bailey and Clinton Portis. Portis is the only guy who I don't have. He's doing a separate "private signing" event ($), this week, so it's a longshot.

Not really excited about waiting in a crowd for FIVE HOURS for the tease of an autograph and it turns out be someone like Steve Herndon. If I have time, I'll zip down, take a few cards with me and see how crazy the crowd is. I'm sure I could get a crappy "rally towel", can koozie, or some FREE CRAP.