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MITB is usually my third favorite PPV after mania and rhe royal rumble
Better than summer slam. Survivor series normally as well

The one thing I do wish is that the briefcase was only for guys who have never won the world title before. Should be used to elevate someone. While that has been done a lot over the years (edge the first time, RVD, Rollins, Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Miz, ADR). At other times guys like Cena, Orton and Kane have won, even though they've won the titles many times, they still were given the briefcase. Ugh

That brings me to this year's men's match

So far it's

Braun strowman
Bobby rude
One of the new day members
The winner of Samoa Joe vs Daniel Bryan
Finn balor

Regardless of which new day member is picked none have won the world title

Neither have Rusev, strowman or Rude

Balor only had it one day cause of injury

And Miz and KO have only had one run each

I assume Joe is beating Bryan. Cause of Bryan's health issues, I can't see him being in it
Joe has never had the world title

This on paper is how it should be to me. Guys like Cena, Orton, reigns, Kane, big show are nowhere near it