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"Invest" with Rey Rey and Konnan

Erick Von Erich
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April 23rd, 2018, 11:35 pm #1

Rey Mysterio and Konnan are putting together the "World's First Fan Owned Lucha Libre Sports & Entertainment Company".
wrote:Aro Lucha produces television, digital, and live event Lucha Libre content. Rey Mysterio and Konnan own shares of our company and are two of the most iconic names in the industry. What they bring to the table is unmatched in my opinion. We're offering the 57 Million Hispanic and Latino people in the United States a Lucha Libre product that they can call "their own" for the first time in history.

Priced Round
$9.48M pre-money valuation | $3.00/share
If you invest, you're betting Aro Lucha will be worth more than $9.48M in the future
"Investments" start at $100.

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