DC's ZERO month

Erick Von Erich
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June 8th, 2012, 5:10 pm #1

Apparently the sins of the 90's are doomed to be repeated:

DC Introduces Zero Month

I noticed that the promo cover art for "Batman Incorporated" (linked above) actually has a "#1 First Issue" on it.

All issues will be numbered ZERO (#0) in September. Why? Well.... because, dammit!! I suppose it's only been a year for DC, so re-numbering everything to #1 again would seem premature. Plus, it's ALMOST 20 years since we had Zero Hour and #0 issues in 1994!

DC kinda' poked fun at the whole "#0" or "#-1" stuff in 1998 when they numbered everything "#1,000,000". But that joke has dried off.

The old gimmick from GROO comics about every single stinking issue being a "new #1...for this month" is more prophetic by the day. If you have a new #1 every year, then the appeal of a "first issue" is lost, especially when titles never make it to those lofty numbers that would make a #1 seem significant. When I got on-board with comics, over 30 years ago, I'd see a number like "260" on the cover of a modern comic and think: "whoa, I'll bet #1 was a long time ago and is really hard to find. This has been going on FOREVER!"