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So I was reading some old PMs and boy was my life dramatic! FOR NO REASON! I was just reading through all the messages about breaking up with a boyfriend (which I was really depressed about, seriously, it's so dumb thinking about it now but I was sO iN lOvE -no hard feelings btw-) and struggling to get the newsletter finished, being a moderator and dealing with other people's issues related to the forum. I remember towards the end I told someone I DON'T CARE! And they were super offended. I think that was to DrXK? I'm sorry I did that, I believe it was over someone bullying another and I was over dealing with CZC issues that I burned out. That's what happened, I was just so over CZC after Cartoon Orbit closing, going through college and working and being with friends in real that I didn't have time for CZC anymore and the CZC tasks became a burden. Looking at my posts, I still posted the newsletter up to 2008. Why? How did I find the time to do this? What the hell is/was wrong with me? Lol! Skip 2 years, I ended up wasting more time on CollecToons but I'm over that too, long long over it, it's been YEARS but I visit sometimes. Anyway, I should have been more empathic towards you DrXK and I'm sorry. I just gave myself work to do because I don't know, because I'm crazy? I've learned now in my oH sO gReAT wisdom is to not dedicate so much of my time for little return. With that being said, I am grateful for these PMs, the journal and all of the replies. Yes, we spent a lot of time essentially doing nothing but we created a wonderful time capsule. I want to say we all "grew up together" but that's not true, I don't feel like we all grew up at the same time or during our time on CZC but we did spend some of our most precious childhood/teenage times here and if I want to remember what happened in oct 2005, I can just look it up and that's amazing ? I love you guys and I hope everything is going well.
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