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Welcome to CZC.. Glad to have ya here!
If you have any questions, Please PM JuliefooJojo87, The Raven, YPG, Chrisfromboji or Pilaf
Read the FAQ before asking the question.


1. You're Signature pictures can't be more than 2.5 inches tall.. We don't want to be scrolling through giant pictures here. (and keep the pictures g-rated)

2. This is a G-Rated site, so this means, G-RATED behavior, and pictures.
-NO Swearing, Threats, name calling, or inappropriate behavior.
It will be up to the Staff to decide what is inappropriate or not. If you have any questions, Private Message (PM) one of us. (The Staff)

3. NO Asking for Passwords, or posting of passwords, AT ALL. Asking for a password can get you banned from CZC.
-If you get caught scamming, You will be banned from CZC immediatly.

4. No spamming, or accessibly advertising for you're site, try not to post completely off topic, If there's already a post on you're topic your post may be deleted or merged with the other post. It is up to the staff to tell what is appropriate or not.

5. Multiple Accounts
You are only allowed to have 1 account per person here. If you are found to have more than 1 account, your second account will be deleted, and your main account will be given a warning and will face a possible suspension.

*** Note: if you have a brother, sister or anyone else that uses the same computer as you then please PM a mod to put it on the record so you won't get banned for it.

*** Note 2: If you do have more than one account, if you tell a staff member about it, then you will NOT get in trouble. Staff will simply combine your account, and no warn will be assigned.

*** Note 3: if you'd just want a change of your username, then just PM an admin and we'll change it.

*** Note 4: If you let someone use your account, you are responsible for their actions.

*** Note 5: if you let someone else use your account and your account is banned, the person who used your account is considered a banned member and any account they create after this (even if it's their first account) will be considered being a previously banned member and that account will be banned.

*** Note 6: all other problems dealing with multiple accounts/multiple persons using one account will be dealt with as the staff feel fit.

*** Note 7: If you are found to allowing a banned\suspended member use your account, then your account will face a possible suspension as well as a possible ban.

6. Advertising Rules
Under these new rules you (the members) are allowed to advertise in your sigs, cbox, czc newspaper and in the advertisement board.

To make it clear on how it works...

Advertising in you Sigs
Advertisements must meet size and content allowed by this forum, Any advertisements that doen't meet the rules will be removed by the staff.

Advertising in the CZC Newspaper
Advertisements here will be taking care of by the Newspaper Editiors and must meet with forum rules as well.

Advertising in the cBox
You can have a link to your site in your name on the cbox as long as it isn't linking a mature site.

You are also allowed to advertise 1 and only 1 time a day in the cbox itself for each item you are advertising.

Advertising in the cBox
In the Advertising Board you are allowed to post 1 topic for each item you are advertising.

You are allowed only 1 bump a day for each topic in the Advertising Board. "Bumping" is discouraged.

Any advertisements outside of those places where it's allowed will result in a 1 day ban from the site, A second offense will get you a 1 week ban followed by a 1 month ban for a third offense and a fourth offense would result in permanent ban from the site.

7. cBox Rules
No Swearing, Impersonating of other members, inappropriate behavior, Spamming, Scamming, or Flaming of any kind in the cBox. Fail to follow these rules and You will be banned from the cBox and receive a warning on the board.

Swearing: Swearing is not allowed. You may or may not get a warning to stop before being banned.

Scamming: Any form of scamming will result in a permanent ban.

Impersonating: You are not allowed to impersonate other members or admins\mods, doing so may result in a ban. If it's done as a joke make sure that everyone knows it's not the real member by adding something to the name, etc., if you fail to make it clear to be a joke then it will not be taken as one.
We are able to view IPs, so we will know who you are.

Flaming: Flaming will not be allowed to go on, Any member found to be flaming will face up to a two week ban and possible a longer one.

Spamming: Rules on spamming in the cbox aren't very strict but an excessive amount of spam may result in a ban or suspension.

Inapropriate Behavior: This forum is a G-Rated forum and since the cbox is part of the forum it's under the same rules so talk of things that aren't G-Rated will NOT be tolerated.

8. Land of No Return
Since some members don't seem to get that you're not allowed new accounts to get around a suspension\ban, I'll make this very clear.

BANNED: You are not to return with a new account, under someone else's account nor any other way.

SUSPENDED: You are to wait for your suspension to be up before returning, you are not to return with a new account, under someone else's account nor any other way. And if you are found to be using another account to get around your suspension, you will face another possible suspension as well as a possible ban.

9. InvisionFree's Prohibited Content
InvisionFree's Prohibited Content list(found below) must be followed 100%

InvisionFree's Prohibited Content wrote:Prohibited Content:
A board may not contain posts, uploads, links to, or send via email any Content that contains, promotes, gives instruction about, or provides prohibited Content. As the creator of a board, you are responsible for ensuring that no prohibited Content exists on your board and that no part of your board violates the Terms of Service. Prohibited Content includes any Content that breaks any local, state, county, national or international law. Prohibited Content also includes: (a) Content that infringes upon any rights (including, but not limited to, copyrights and trademarks); (b) Abusive, threatening, defamatory, racist, or obscene Content; © Viruses or any other harmful computer software; (d) False information or libel; (e) Spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes; (f) Gambling or Illicit drugs; (g) Terrorism; (h) Hacking or cheating for internet/online games; (i) Warez, Roms, CD-Keys, Cracks, Passwords, or Serial Numbers; (j) Pornography, nudity, or sexual material of any kind; (k) Excessive profanity; (l) Content that is invasive of privacy or impersonation of any person/entity; and (m) Hacking materials or information.
Repeat copyright infringers will have access to InvisionFree terminated.
InvisionFree's Prohibited Behavior wrote:Prohibited Behavior:
Users may not interfere with InvisionFree's servers or software.
Users may not attempt to access any restricted area that they do not have access to: this includes private forums, password protected forums, accounts of InvisionFree staff or other members, Control Panels, or any board's Admin CP.
Users may not post harmful or disruptive html/javascript.
Users may not reproduce, distribute, or publish Content posted by other users without the prior permission of the owner.
Excessive hotlinking by sites not located on an InvisionFree server of images hosted by InvisionFree is prohibited.
Users may not hotlink images from other websites without proper permission.
You may not abuse the report system by sending in false reports or flooding the system with duplicate reports.
You may not abuse the support ticket system by flooding the system with tickets.
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