TOS-R question

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TOS-R question

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11 Aug 2012, 07:52 #1

I havenft seen TOS remastered but Ifm curious about one point. I just read about it in Wikipedia, because I was curious about dialog corrections, of which there was no mention, although I read before the project started that that was something they wanted to do. So Ifm just wondering if they did make some corrections.

For example, in Court Martial gone to the fourth powerh was something that floored me when I first saw that episode back in the 20th century and have ever since considered one of the biggest gaffes in all of Trek. One to the fourth power is one, and if they changed goneh to gten,h the line would be acceptable. In the same episode Spock said he was a Vulcanian, which is forgivable, since they were still in the process of getting their lies straight, but still something easily fixed, just as they have changed four-letter words in movies before showing them on TV.

I would expect actors to complain when told to say something they should know is wrong, but . . .