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Star Trek Journal

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10 May 2014, 16:33 #1

There's a new Star Trek forum in town. It's called Star Trek Journal. And, yes, I asked permission before posting this. Registration uses CAPTCHA. The input box for that can easily be mistaken for an ad, especially against the tasteful color scheme of the forum, but I have no control over its style. That and e-mail activation are for screening out those pesky spambots.

I have tried directing people bugging me to start a new Trek forum here or to Krillmeed's but finally gave in and opened a new general Star Trek forum March 22, 2014. I gave it a nice color scheme, Trek emoticons, combadge forum markers, and Starfleet rank pips, plus an LCARS masthead and LCARS function buttons. I also stocked it with a massive loading dose of content, including my LCARS schematics (the ones seen in the LCARS 24 section of the Blueprint Database of this site plus those of real space hardware in the same LCARS style), various ship photos, and the usual basic threads about important Trek Web sites like this one, fan films, etc. plus gave it a Trek news section. And having started off with a good group of members and some good links, it's up to 577 posts as of this writing (6 weeks after launch) and appears to have the potential to keep growing. (It's nonprofit, hosted free in exchange for ads, meaning I get no revenue from it. It uses the same host as this forum, in fact.)