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Talk about the band. Talk about the tours. Ceiling Unlimited here...
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Never really understood this myself. There aren't many great Rush resources around and this is certainly one of them.

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Man, This site is fantastic, I cannot imagine the time and energy spent putting this together. I have never seen a fan site so complete. I've already spent hours reading some of the articles and news clippings that are included under each album heading.
I have been a Rush fan since the late 1970's and finally went to see a live show on the Clockwork Angels tour here in Phoenix. I felt it might be the last chance to see them live and a Rush concert was tops on my bucket list at my age and the bands tenure.

Rush is one of the few bands that I have owned multiple recordings on multiple formats from 8-tracks, cassettes, album and Compact Disc. (permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Hemispheres, Farewell to Kings and 2112 I have owned on all 4 formats - some KISS and Pink Floyd are the only other 2 bands that I have had on all of those formats and Hotel California as well).

You can imagine how elated I was to get my 1st I-Pod - Car stereos are another area where I am heavily invested. The original 8-track that came with my first car (listening to kiss alive II on 8-track and having it switch tracks right in the middle of Dr. Love. I started saving for my first cassette player at that point. Then CD players hit the market, and I remember having bought a few of them. One day some fool brought an I-pod to work and I was like "not again".
Of course then technology improved again to USB connections in the car and I was like "what the hell" --- anyone in the market for a used car stereo, let me know LOL

Anyhow, just wanted to say how much I appreciate this website. Excellent [B][/B]

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This might in part be due to web technologies changing. More folks seem to be using facebook than forums, on the fan pages there.

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Thanks, everyone, about the kind words on the main site. I've been at it for over twelve years now and, truth be told, my focus has always been on the site itself, and less-so getting traction within these forums.

And to someone's point, it seems that forums are fading in popularity in place of social media outlets and general commenting on news posts.

But hey - we're not dead yet :)

Thanks, everyone, for keeping this forum going.

-John (Jag2112)
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