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The following is a summary of the forum's warning system:
• 1 day suspension (without increasing the warn level) | for all minor offenses such as random and small spamming and flamings inside the categories of rules 1-3 (refer to the rules page).

• Suspension (refer to the table bellow for the duration) + raised warn level | for much more serious offenses inside the categories of 1-3 (refer to the rules page), including any personal attacks towards another user, and also for any offenses that fall under the other categories of rules.

You can warn a person up to 10 times before their warning meter reaches 100% (10% for every raised warn level), whenever you are going to raise a users warn level refer to the table bellow for setting the duration of the ban:
10% = 1 day suspension
20% = 2 days suspension
30% = 3 days suspension
40% = 5 days suspension
50% = 7 days suspension
60% = 14 days suspension
70% = 28 days suspension
80% = 60 days suspension
90% = 90 days suspension
100% = Permanent ban

• Post Count Reduction:
Spamming on a thread will result in a reduction of post count. Post count will be reduced by 10x the number of posts and may not exceed 50 posts during a 24hr period.

• Types of bans:
Regular Ban - A ban with a set time limit and will expire.
Permanent Ban - A ban that does not expire.
Indefinite Ban - A ban with no set time limit but can be lifted.

Any problems or concerns? Feel free to drop me a pm.

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