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i love chicks with dicks

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Tyler you ARE my hero.

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tfotl0l wrote:i love chicks with dicks

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keep it relatively on topic.................


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Kylie wrote:
tfotl0l wrote:i love chicks with dicks
NO NOT PATRICK@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

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spam that refresh button

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Songs wrote:
Stephen wrote:
Songs wrote:how was this uselessly locked, why shouldn't it be locked
Please explain how I'm spreading "Shit" if he tells me something I'll believe him because he's not known to lie and he's a good friend. Also do you think I care that I lost my Moderator rank on this site? Oh jesus christ I lost my ability to delete posts in the Memberlist thread /suicide

I don't think you realize how stupid you are maybe, you're probably the worst Staff member on here it's either your way or get the fuck out of my forums way this isn't a CWT board this is CWC. And I'm sure quite a bit of people don't like how you power abuse almost 24/7 example: Banning G for 14 days while other people got 1 day suspension or locking topics just because you don't like them, or even deleteing topics because it had a word or 2 in it.

If you're going to try to start something with me get your facts straight cause obviously it's nowhere close to that. Also if you're so 'innocent' as you claim to be why would you need to delete every post except mine and take almost 2 hours to reply? And don't even say you were AFK cause I saw you talking in multiple channels.

Because if you wern't spreading it, you wouldn't of posted it on here.
If it wasn't shit it would of been true.
If i were stupid i wouldn't be Staff.
A Staff member has rules & guidelines to follow all Staff members follow these differently.
I've never locked a topic just because i didn't like it.
Deleting spam is part of the role.

If your going to post something make sure what you post about someone is FACT not RUMOUR, i am refering to the thread i deleted everyones post on and took "2 hours" to reply to. Surly a thread accusing a staff member of hacking someone would need to be a fact?

& Surly if you thought it was a FACT, you would of pm'd Nasir not posted it...?
Yes and you're supposed to follow them to same way you don't give a 2 week ban on 30% warning read the guidelines.
False/Effort to go through a list a topics to find a locked 1 for a bullshit reason
False/Having a discussion about Pings and you deleted the topic because I included the word "nignog" and you found that to be racial slur which could've easily been edited out or asked to be removed OR just maybe added to the filter list (which we have no longer)

Just because your a Staff member doesn't mean it still isn't true, I got a pretty legit reputation yet I come home from school 1 day and all of a sudden I 'hacked' Mannie yet no proof was provided so that would be more of an example of a rumor. Considering he provided quite a bit of evidence its possibly a fact. (Also the Hostmask was a British one hmm..)

And yes I did plan to PM Nasir w/ this as well but quite a few people told me to take it to CWC cause I'm sure people wouldn't want someone who hacks others to represent them in any shape or form whatsoever.

Like the saying goes brah brah innocent till proven guilty even though he has quite a bit of evidence you could still be innocent right? But you seem quite a bit defensive about the whole thing don't see why you just wouldn't let it go if you got nothing to worry about.
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I have a feeling Nasir going to pay for some tickets so some people can go on vacation.