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Callum wrote:Stephen is American, just saying.

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Stephen wrote:
Songs wrote:
Stephen wrote:False
Yes and you're supposed to follow them to same way you don't give a 2 week ban on 30% warning read the guidelines.
False/Effort to go through a list a topics to find a locked 1 for a bullshit reason
False/Having a discussion about Pings and you deleted the topic because I included the word "nignog" and you found that to be racial slur which could've easily been edited out or asked to be removed OR just maybe added to the filter list (which we have no longer)

Just because your a Staff member doesn't mean it still isn't true, I got a pretty legit reputation yet I come home from school 1 day and all of a sudden I 'hacked' Mannie yet no proof was provided so that would be more of an example of a rumor. Considering he provided quite a bit of evidence its possibly a fact. (Also the Hostmask was a British one hmm..)

And yes I did plan to PM Nasir w/ this as well but quite a few people told me to take it to CWC cause I'm sure people wouldn't want someone who hacks others to represent them in any shape or form whatsoever.

Like the saying goes brah brah innocent till proven guilty even though he has quite a bit of evidence you could still be innocent right? But you seem quite a bit defensive about the whole thing don't see why you just wouldn't let it go if you got nothing to worry about.
People get bans/warnings depending on how serious their offense is, this is not hard to understand i'm sure.

The rest is your own opinions & i couldn't care about most of it.

But you might want to click this, It's the population of the UK. ... population
Ok so G was flaming along with Noel And Totti in the same thread Noel and Totti get 1 day and G gets 14 days? Even with 30% warning the max would've been like 5.

If you don't care why are you staff? Let someone who wants to make changes to the community overtake your spot then carelessness isn't helping us out at all.

Your population map helps how..?
I have no idea how G got into this conversation but alright i will discuss G, his offense was not given by me. Ask him yourself. I gave no warnings on all 3, Totti, Noel or G.

Trying to point out the fact that there are many people in CWC with british hostmasks.

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Locked. I'm going to read through this in a moment.

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Ok I read it all, gave a good laugh, seems like a lot of people are bored this Saturday night. But in all seriousness let me finish with what I talked about inside the "You have become a mod"- thread then you'll see the life of everyone being much easier. Tomorrow I'll be posting the new staff guideline as well as giving you people some insight of what's been going on behind the scenes because it seems like most people don't even bother to find out what's happening around here and once they see something being changed they start complaining because they don't like it without knowing who's behind the changes and why they are being implemented.

Now stop spamming useless threads like this and if you have a problem with a mod PM me.

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Even tho I'm inactive and nasir handled this I want to add something....

If you think a staff member is abusing their powers, contact someone ranked higher than them.

That is to say:

Abuser -> who to contact

Mod -> Admin (or higher)
Super Mod -> Admin (or higher)
Admin -> Super Admin
Nasir -> Me
Me-> Nasir
Any problems or concerns? Feel free to drop me a pm.

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