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NOVA Global Event #7
Castle Wars: Fight for World79

Ohai Wicked Fury!

The members and walruses of Nova would like to extend an invitation to our Seventh Global Event!

In honor of one of the most successful of Nova’s regular events, we will be hosting a Castle Wars World 79 Invasion with anything-goes armor, and the best of 3 games!
The Info:

What: Castle Wars: Fight for W79
When: March 14th, 2011 at 7:30 PM EST / 00:30 AM GMT
Where: Castle Wars Lobby, World 79
Clan Chat: Nova Global (Saradomin) or Nova-Glore (Zamorak)
Equipment: Anything goes!
Who:YOU! (and everyone else too!)

Event Rules:

To keep this event somewhat orderly and appropriate for a Youtube video, several rules have been implemented. Breaking these rules may result in you being kicked from the chat.

1. Please remain in either the Nova Global or Nova Glo-Re clan chats (or any flood clan chats depending on the turnout). This is where information will be given out during the event, so it is vital that everyone remain in one of them. Nova Global will be used for the Saradomin team, and Nova Glo-Re will be used for the Zamorak team.

2. Please do not use offensive language or illustrations in the clan chat or public chat and refrain from spamming/flooding with unnecessary messages. All Jagex rules must be followed.

3. During the event, please private message Banim, Marc, SykoSean, Sharon, or Kylnk if you have any questions.

4. Please do not ask to be ranked.

5. Have fun!

Contact Info:

If you require further information about this event, contact Banim, Marc, SykoSean, Sharon, or Kylnk! In addition, you may enter the clan chat (Novachat) and ask to speak to anyone ranked with a silver star or higher - these people will most likely be able to give you the information you need. Finally you can visit our clan site [url=http://s10.zetaboard...ClanNova/index/]http://s10.zetaboard...ClanNova/index/[/url] and post on our official thread about this event for any further information, or to let us know you'll be coming ^_^

Hope to see you there!

Nova Ftw!


Lets do this guys
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first thing ima do is ask to be ranked

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Global All Stars stack sara
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Eric wrote:first thing ima do is ask to be ranked
you would l0l

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this is like sex
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Time to defend castle wars from pkers

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i wonder if any of them will even try to score/def