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28-Jun-2011 -Members’ Loyalty Programme – Now Available![/color=red]

Once you sign up to the programme, you will be awarded Loyalty Points for every month that you subscribe. There are some great discounts available for a limited time after the programme’s release, so sign up now to get your hands on some new items immediately!

The number of points received per month will increase, depending on how many consecutive months of membership you have had without a break. Further details of how this will work can be found in the Loyalty Programme FAQ.

The points can be exchanged with the intrepid merchant Xuan, who has set up shop at Burthorpe to sell his fine wares.

The first of the new rewards are the auras, which can be equipped in an all-new equipment slot to provide a variety of effects: some are powerful; some are practical; some are simply preposterous. Ever had a fierce beast backed into a corner and wanted to guarantee that elusive killing blow? How about ensuring sure footing on agility obstacles? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be able to turn your cannonballs into squid and unleash a cephalopod onslaught from your dwarf cannon. All of these, and more, can be achieved by equipping the necessary aura. The cooldown periods of these auras continue to elapse while you’re logged out, so you can rely on your favourite aura being available at the most opportune time. They look pretty cool, too!

Other rewards include new costumes; a range of exotic outfits brought to you from faraway lands. There are new emotes to be learned: everything from a robust, hearty handshake to scorching, flaming breath. Members will also be able to purchase the option to re-colour their Robin Hood hat and pet rock in a variety of hues. Finally, an entirely new option to purchase in-game titles will be available. These appear in chat and when your character is clicked on in-game. Whether you’re a Crusader, an Overlord or even a Duderino, there’s a title for every situation.

These new items are untradeable, but should you lose any item previously acquired from Xuan’s store, you can obtain a replacement by simply speaking to its resourceful proprietor.

For full details on how to start enjoying the Loyalty Programme, visit the Loyalty Programme Page right away!

Mod Nancy & Mod Chris L



Auras are a method of improving the benefits you gain from certain skills, like the Sharpshooter aura. Other auras are just for fun, like the Oddball aura.

All auras come with a glow effect when they are activated. Not only does this look good but it tells other players that you have an active aura.

Auras are equipped in your aura slot and can be activated by right-clicking the aura, when worn, and choosing 'Activate aura'. You can only have one aura equipped at a time.

Auras will stay active for as long as their activation time states - once activated, you cannot deactivate your aura. Auras also have a cooldown time. You will not be able to use your aura again until this time has passed.

You can see how long you have left on an aura by right-clicking the aura, when worn, and choosing 'Aura time remaining'. You can unequip your aura but this will remove any remaining time that the had left as active, and will not reset the cooldown.

You can only have one aura equipped at any one time, so choose carefully.

Other things to note about auras are that they are untradeable and some cannot be used in PvP. The PvP restrictions are mentioned in the table below.

Auras can be purchased, and replaced if they have been lost, from Xuan. You can find Xuan in Burthorpe near the Warriors' Guild.

*You can get this reward by speaking to Xuan. Until you claim your reward, any XP gained in addition to that needed to earn a reward in the first place will not count towards a further reward.



Emotes are a way of changing your character's behaviour. Once purchased, your emotes can be accessed and used from the emote interface (see the Controls page for more information).

Emotes can be purchased from Xuan. You can find Xuan in Burthorpe near the Warriors' Guild.






Color Changes


Patch Notes

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


The clan cape no longer has protruding spikes when resting.
The Netherlands clan flag has been corrected.
Musa Point's banana plantation no longer has a completely flat section.
The construction skill cape is no longer hunched on the Construction Estate Agent.
The stairs surrounding the Falador fountain now have mortar between the bricks.
Saradomin spiritual warriors now hold their swords correctly.
The broken dwarven cannon near the start of the Dwarf Cannon quest has been updated to the new cannon model.
Players feet no longer sink into the carpet in the Canifis clothes shop.
The golden mining trousers from Lava Flow Mine no longer cause a portion of the player’s leg to disappear when worn with boots of lightness.
An old style gnome head in the Thieving skill guide has been updated.
The blue runecrafter hat now displays the correct hairstyle when worn.


A typo has been fixed in the Void Stares Back quest.
References to ‘Flax’ in the Seers task set have been made clearer that it refers to Geoffrey's preferred nickname, not the item.


Using the supply table in Troll Invasion no longer resets boosted stats.
The checks to reset the camera in the Mage Training Arena have been updated to two tiles around the outside of the Telekinetic Theatre.


Teleporting in certain circumstances will no longer cause a familiar's timer to stop.
Gilded pickaxes now function correctly when mining rubium.
The gloves of silence warning message is now red, in line with other warning messages.
It is now possible to drop a Dungeoneering hunter trap and select the ‘Lay’ option.
The Trollheim agility shortcuts no longer stop the player if selected from a large distance away. [/b]

*Directly Qouted from Runescape, Castle Wars Community does not own nor is affiliated in partnership with Runescape.
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As far as I know cw would count as pvp, so it wouldn't work? Seems lame.

edit: o nvm
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Reverence aura might be useful if you use Divine

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Interesting update

Reverence aura & Eastern outfit costume !
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Det facepalm emote

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desperate attempt for money

i got the fishing aura tho =]

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thats a lot holy crap, i just want all them emotes@@

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Btw every1, everything is on sale at the store for less, so don't worry if you only have 500 (thats what ever1 starts off with), at least for today its all at a reduced price!@