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As we provide you the service of recruiting on this forum, we feel that we deserve something out of it as well. So we are now requiring that you link us back on your clan's forum in-order to recruit on this forum. This is a simple, and small task for us to ask of you, so please do not complain.


You may use the following way to link the community back. Please be sure to abide by the rule that it MUST be public. If we cannot see it, we will lock and censor your thread.



Put this between <% Board %> and <% STATS %> on Board Wrappers

Code: Select all

<textarea rows="2" cols="20">
Adding NaviBar Links
By Webworldx
var aLink=new Array()
aLink[0]='<img src="" border="0" alt="" /> <a href="">Castle Wars Community</a>'
var uCell = document.getElementsByTagName('TD')
for (i=0;i<uCell.length;i++){
if (uCell[i].align=="right" && uCell[i].innerHTML.match("act=calendar") && uCell[i].innerHTML.match("act=Help")){
var addLink=""
for (j=0;j<aLink.length;j++){
addLink+=aLink[j]+"   "


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