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Prince_Aziel wrote:
TinyYoshi wrote:Beta for old rs combat starts soon. Official release prob won't be for a few months still.

Better off playing 07 if you want old combat and cw
Yeah but don't have a ton of gold and good lvls on 07 which takes forever...old interface on original rs sounds good with 138 combat and 990hp with special attacks again..
I sure as hell wouldn't start from 0 again. If they would do some time machine for 07 I'd play it. Otherwise I think it'll be legacy for me. If I get the account unbanned ofc.
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Any problems or concerns? Feel free to drop me a pm.

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i Played myself legacy cw with some ppl like ruby,and commit , but it sucks u need 4 players to start a game and everyone wear pop gear for it but the autopath fails and big doors open in 3 times if u attack them

Btw look this vid
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Must suck to mage def with only 10s barrage
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