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Can you do something about only seeing 2 replies in the shoutbox.

As some other ppl have said the quote font is to close in tone to the background color, makes it a bit difficult to read at times.

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I dont like the skin, and quotes are hard to read


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Maybe we should do a poll on the skin?

1. Like it
2. Change it
3. Improve it

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Here comes the banner:

Code: Select all

<img src="">

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i support that 4 banner it's really nice

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Logan wrote:
Robin 48 wrote: ya only thing that bugs me is the quote color, other than that everything else seem to be decent
whats bad about the quote colour?????
its too fakn light

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if we were to change the skin i would personally like to have the CWD skin, i like it bright n stuff
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I really think we should get a new skin and this time it's not about the design it's more about how compatible it is with different browsers... this is how it shows in IE (I use FF normally and it's much better there):

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Isn't that problem in the codes though, not the skin itself

Which I think you can fix by adding in another code
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Nasirtajik wrote: Alright, I'll go first :D . Here is a list of improvements I personally think would lift the community a bit... these are all suggestions so go easy on me if you don't like it:

- Change the skin.
- Change the width of the forum tables. The bigger the forum tables are the better. Assuming that people will post big sized images having big forum tables minimizes the risk of getting disordered tables.
- Make a new banner that looks a bit more professional.
- If you want to stick to the current style or change it make it so all fonts are readable, colorwise.
- Avoid images that don't fit with the way the forums should look. Example: the forum title bars are supposed to be rounded at the edges but there are some little untouched parts that hasn't been removed after rounding the edges (yes I'm a bit too finicky :P )
- Generally make the forums look more CW:ish by maybe using some CW icons and such for forum markers for example.

If you'd like any customizations of the things listed above give me a shout, I'd be glad to help.

- Fast Reply is not enabled in all forums so enabling that would be a good idea.

- Change the forums a bit! The forums and their orders are almost the same as the old CWC, be more creative and make some changes for the sake of keeping things interesting.
- Do some better forum categorizing. For example Arts and Entertainment, General Discussion and Introductions are all under the same category, these aren't that related to be put under the same category. Maybe create a category and call it "Media" then place all forums that have to do with images and movies under it. Then maybe create another category and place all member related forums in that.
- Create some spam free zones. Have some forums for serious discussions without people spamming it and going off topic after one page of posts.

These are a few of my suggestions, like it or hate it they're just suggestions :P (more will be added as they hit my mind).
Thanks for the feedback tbh.

Anyways, I like the skin, but the guy coded it so bad. I'm not as good at coding like I used to, so I had to fiddle with it. I noticed it's no compatabile with IE that good, so I'm going to look around for a new one. If anyone finds one similar to this color, b/c I think a tanish looks nicer then a darker color.

I was tired making the forums, so I'll skim around finding where I missed fast reply, I caught one before. The forums, I'll try to get a better list but Draco covered all the forums I normally use so it was harder to get an idea.

I'll keep the rest in mind.
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