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What do you think of these ideas? (Below)

Total votes: 59

Ok this one gets a bit messy... Theres a few ideas in one, be sure to read the poll options
Quoted from nates thread...
wrote: #1.)
Stopping while running towards something where you clicked a "use option" (red x instead of yellow x). Before the whole RT5 update, the character simply kept moving as if the red x was changed to a yellow x (walk here) once we performed another task while running. Now, you are stopped in your tracks if you click a ladder and then heal using a bandage, it never used to be this way

Players can drop explosive potions after they are dead if they get the timing of dropping it correctly. This should be changed so once you have dropped enough explosive potions to kill yourself you can't drop any more.

The ability to walk through viewing orbs and prefarably more of these on the respawn room floor and floors above.

Giving Tinderboxes and Buckets an infinate respawn.

Color coding the barricades depending on which team placed them. Also, display how many are used in upper corner. It is very frustrating when there are 10 barricades and you do not know which ones to blow up.

Making the flags safe on the rocks again so you dont have to make it all the way back to your own base.

Making the area on the tab tap a larger clickable area as it's quite hard to click.
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Typo of tap in #7, and i disagree with #4..would make it way too hard to score, even if all scorers can bring buckets. If scorers bring buckets theyll bring maybe 1-2, and theyll only use them to do something like get up to 4th floor or down to 3rd floor, something like that...if its made so that they need to use them in spawn it would just be overkill

I think its fine how it is right now, idk about other clans but lcw has certain people and positions figured out who get higher priority in getting the tinds in beginning of the game
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I agree with radar. Also being able to walk through the viewing orbs probably will be very difficult to do and if viewers' names show up then it will be a pain right clicking if someone you target is under one. Just put them in the water or something out of the way.
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#4 I disagree with...

There really wouldn't be any fast scores (2 min / 3 min) if everyone has a tinder at the start
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i disagree with #4 because everyone would get tinder at once when this whole time we've been having to choose specific people who are really good with them to take them at first. I agree it would give everyone an advantage but its unneccesary and gives almost too much of an advantage. Same deal with buckets if someone could take say 20 buckets first run and use humidify and they had best pid you would be stuck for a long time and be forced to use more explosives

edit: what radar said too

edit: another idea that jagex will probably disagree with but worth a shot
overloads remaining after you die but only in cw
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#4 is bad for two reasons, unless it's actually a tinderbox table.. people are gonna be standing on the same spot trying to pick 1 tinder, would be a good 40 seconds for 10 or so people to grab a tinder due to priority, and scorers would have to deal with everyone on def having a tinder right in the beginning, would mean ALOT more games would go undecided in wars, and then we'll never have winners :\

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i agree with 3 5 6
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4 is gud for defenders only

its bad enough for scoreres as it is with mage hitting 550's

scrap tind and bucket its fine as it is

and f**king remove those flares their soo useless

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How about to make it easier for jagex let players take in their own tinders and buckets keep the same

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i agree with all