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What do you think of this idea? (Below)

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Idea quoted from nates thread...
wrote:Pid (player ID - assigned on log in) priority affecting way too much. Before the whole pid system, IP address priority never affected half the things it does now. Someone with a better pid than you is capable of walking straight through a barricade you just placed, while someone with a worse pid gets stuck on it, I am not talking one square away either, they walk straight through it from like 10 squares away at the time you placed it. With IP this was never an issue, everyone got stuck on the barricade. Additionally, pid affects your casting distance, it is possible to cast on someone almost out of sight on the minimap if you have pid priority over them, and if you don't, you can't even come close to casting that far, it is more like 10 or 20 squares behind that.

Please take a look at the differences in coding and remedy these issues (my guess is it is somehow related to the intentional delays placed on things because RT5 is "too fast") my reasoning behind that is because as far as game logic is concerned, the player is ahead of where they appear to be, and that seems like it could be the whole problem here, it isn't just in castle wars that there are problems like this. (The concept of pid is better than IP in my opinion, but with all these problems, I actually liked IP better, even though I had an undivisible most of the time (really low priority) I'm not asking for IP back.
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dont quite understand. Are you asking them to make it so whoever clicks first wins? If thats the case i think that jagex would be too lazy to do that lol.


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no, they should just make it completely random... i can't imagine it would be any harder than making a monster drop random...
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just make it so you cant walk thru cades

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tbh id say bring ip back

cos pid is f**king annoying its pissing me off so much these nerds in 166 or 52 pid cading it up

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I agree

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Pid would be okay if it didn't affect walking through cades and casting
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