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What do you think of this idea? (Below)

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Idea quoted from nates thread...
wrote:Within the clan worlds allow specific rules to be set, like in clan wars.
Also allowing some additional/different rule choices if possible. e.g Allow players to set a maximum on the amount of ancient mages per team (done by the game engine checking spellbooks), ballistas on/off, brews on/off, pvp on/off, map type (you could make new maps for these worlds if you wanted), and a setting of some type that shows how many players there are per team.

No tickets in the clan worlds, since it would be possible to set up games simply to farm tickets in worlds like that.

As far as game logic goes, make it more like pest control, in that multiple games could be going on at once. To limit the number going on, have a waiting area where only clan leaders can enter, and they get a time until game there. It would count down in the clan chat like the faruq tools can.

New maps that could be used in the clan worlds could be developed, if Jagex thought it would be worth the effort, we would be happy enough with just the regular map though.
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Only thing i dont think is good is setting a limit on the amount of ancient magic spellbooks that can be put in the game. It would be much better to just limit the number of people who can bring in runes or something. Just because you arent maging doesnt mean you arent on ancients, so having to change to regular mage to score would annoy a lot of people

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O i agree with what radar said. Also, about farmin tickets. Idc so much about tickets, but I'd like my rank (esp since each game lasts 20 minutes). maybe they could do something to check how big the match was, and if there was enuf ppl then youd be able to earn the rank.

outside of that, i agree with everything
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maybe a way to only allow a certain amount of people to target others with spells? that way lunar can still be used to fill buckets?
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To add on to idea 1: It should be like the duelling arena, 2 people decide on rules on a screen (2 leaders / owners of the clan chat). I'm just saying this so that, if the idea gets chosen, Jagex will know what to base it off of.

# of Players:
# of Ancient Mages:
Brews ON OFF
Other Potions ON OFF
Summon ON OFF
PvP Armor ON OFF
Catapults/Ballistas ON OFF
Map: 1 2 3 4 5


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I have a better idea which i will post below:

crash n curry


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I'm all for it

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It's also annoying as a mage to switch to ancient book, if u score, u should be forced to turn it off :] or have a forced spellbook like in dungeoneering

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wat kevin said
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i agree with radarr and kevin those are good idea's as pk def wants runes for humidify

also just NO TICKETS in these worlds

geoff is right aswel its better to have duel menu than clan war menu