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Ideas to help the general public:

Since it is almost a must to wear the armour set to not get instantly killed by ballistas/catapults, please introduce range/mage ones with same ticket price equivalents as the melee ones (or simply add a morph option like in stealing creation).

Ideas important to us specifically:


CLAN & THEME WORLDS (Worlds need to be on different servers e.g: USA & England & Euro):
In a few theme worlds, i think it would be beneficial to RuneScape & Castle Wars to have Clan Chat vs Clan Chat style games, to the same effect as Clan Wars where only the people in the leaders CCs can join their side. This could lead to more clans actually using Castle Wars for events and save them from getting crashed by people not invited as Jagex found out when CWC crashed the Jagex International Tournament. The CWC, home to over 1k castle wars players, experience this crashing every day in their own games.
Within the clan worlds allow specific rules to be set, like in clan wars. For e.g:
Choose which clan gets Saradomin/Zamorak
Ballistas On/Off
Catapults On/Off
Mage Cap (possibilty of a forced spellbook like in Dungeoneering to make this easier)
Brews on/off
Summoning on/off
Combat Potions on/off
Castle Wars Armour on/off
Changing the time until game for their clan.

No ticket gains in the clan worlds, since it would be possible to set up games simply to farm tickets in worlds like that.

As far as game logic goes in these worlds, I would suggest making this more like pest control, in that multiple games could be going on at once. To limit the number going on, have a waiting area where only clan leaders can enter, and once they challenge someone else they get a time until game there. Time would count down in the clan's clan chat like the faruq tools can. This is just an idea and would need more thought on Jagex's behalf.

Smaller changes, but still very important:

Please add more information to the on screen display inside castle wars such as, who has each flag as present instead of just "Taken", also possibly the amount of players on each team could be added.

Please let us attack through & walk through ballistas & viewing orbs. If changed and we can walk through them, place more viewing orbs, like the spawn level, 3rd floor, and supply room of both bases, then they could be used to their full potential. Although please don't do this if they cant be walked through etc.

Please make water taps clickable area larger as they're pretty hard to click.

Ability to destroy ropes & go back down them.

Please color code the barricades depending on which team placed them (Red/Blue). It is very frustrating when there are 10 cades and you do not know which ones to blow up. It is a very good tactic to not blow up your opponent's cades!

Also a little something else:

Pid (player ID - assigned on log in) priority affecting way too much. Before the whole pid system, IP address priority never affected half the things it does now. Someone with a better pid than you is capable of walking straight through a barricade you just placed, while someone with a worse pid gets stuck on it, I am not talking one square away either, they walk straight through it from like 10 squares away at the time you placed it. With IP this was never an issue, everyone got stuck on the barricade. Additionally, pid affects your casting distance, it is possible to cast on someone almost out of sight on the minimap if you have pid priority over them, and if you don't, you can't even come close to casting that far, it is more like 10 or 20 squares behind that.

Please take a look at the differences in coding and remedy these issues (my guess is it is somehow related to the intentional delays placed on things because RT5 is "too fast") my reasoning behind that is because as far as game logic is concerned, the player is ahead of where they appear to be, and that seems like it could be the whole problem here, it isn't just in castle wars that there are problems like this. (The concept of pid is better than IP in my opinion, but with all these problems, I actually liked IP better, even though I had an undivisible most of the time (really low priority) I'm not asking for IP back.

Return overloads effect after death, but with a drawback so it isn't overpowered. It was very useful to be able to use one potion per 20 minute game, and that was ruined with the "fix" to overloads.
Short and simple: Have the effect of overloads remain after death like they were originally, but possibly have the user retake the 500 lifepoints of damage (in 5 spasms) when they are spawned again. More found at Quick find code: 164-165-341-61395445

Big doors being broken before the game starts. This usually occurs if the doors were broken the previous game, although it doesn't always, not 100% on why this is.

Underground tunnels becoming uncollapsible. This happens when a flag is dropped in the tunnel for too long, only possible to do to 3/4 tunnels, and it also stays as a glitch after the game has ended in most cases.

Stopping while running towards something where you clicked a "use option" (red x instead of yellow x). Before the whole RT5 update, the avatar simply kept moving as if the red x was change to a yellow x (walk here) once we performed another task while running. Now, you are stopped in your tracks if you click a ladder and then heal using a bandage, it never used to be this way.

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Me and nate have tryed to piece all our ideas together and came up with this to post on the runescape forums, post feedback?
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Sounds good.
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wrote:A prayer altar in the spawn room, with a 5 minute cool down period, like the GWD altar (except longer wait). High levels dont die as fast as Jagex think.
Maybe only be allowed to use it once per game, every 5mins can still be quite a short time.

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As a scorer I think the prayer altar idea is retarded, the last thing I want is everybody soul splitting/smiting me constantly, defence is already stacked enough atm.

Edit: And in turn means I'l be taking more prayer pots.
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Make the flag safe on rocks again. By having it not safe on rocks you ruined a valuble scoring way of scoring.
i disagree its made it possible to score on the rocks now rather then just dieing and having it safe to the def ,makes it alot easier on def to defend i like the idea the defence needs to actually work to bring a flag back to there own base

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i think you should keep the capes & hood to tell the teams.

I do agree with moving the orbs, most of the actions take places in the respawn.
And take away usless things like balistas and catapults.


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Set 1 clan world in us\euro\aussie?
Have the timer just like in clan wars (20:00) - and # of people on team (mentioned before)
Be able to run ALL the way around on wall?
I'm not sure but if you can hear the people wcing the ivy behind sara base don't

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Pretty good but im a little mad that you added in some things without even putting them into the polls.
wrote:The ability to wear helmets and have cape bonuses if you have completed a certain amount of games.
I really dont see the point of that, and think you should have at least asked us before you added it in.

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Well stuff will be changed if the majority feels the same way about your opinions.