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xigabar5 wrote:you know im really starting to get sick of just about everyone in this community. all you people do is troll threads and start sh*t that isnt even going to mean anything to you in 2 days. no one EVER seems to want to do anything new. EVERY year we play 3 cw games then take a picture then march around the world spamming "cwc" and other random things that no one cares about. and tbh the people who flame the most dont even show up for events or have anything nice to ever say about anything on this forum. when i was asked to become event manager is was told that we needed to do new things as that is THE POINT OF WHY THE LEADERS MADE EVENT MANAGER.

this snowball fight that kb came up with isnt even going to last long and as soon as were done were just going to go play castlewars and do the same thing that we've always done every year.

stop trollin and just go with it bc flaming isnt going to get you anywhere and if you really hate this idea and probably wont even show up, then gtfo off this thread and get a life...
sounds like your mad
mayb u should realize the you and the other guy chosen werent exactly the best choices, its as good of a choice as having starry and darkstdrag be the ones who are presenting cwc, its just a big joke
not tryin 2 put u down but u rly shouldnt make a comment like that, cwc is full of negative ppl and we just wanna make jokes and have laughs, the point of an event manager is so there is more events going on, as in cw events, we had none for so long, they didnt mean make new gay random ass events
that is all


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Locked for the moment, I'll get back to this by tomorrow.
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