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December 6th, 2009, 9:06 pm #1

In this thread you can request getting ranked inside our clan chats, please provide your current RS display name (not username) when posting your request.

Zamorak cc: Zam side
Saradomin cc: Sara side

Requirement to be ranked: POSTING HERE!

Fill this out for easy service:

Current RSN:
Need rank in:
Need change:

If you have different ranks in the different chats, let us know.

Q: What are the ranks based on? (This is not an application form, just post your name if you want a rank!)
A: What rank you get inside the clan chats depends on:
- How long you have played CW for
- How long you have been a member of CWC
- How known you are within the community
- Your reputation as a CW'er and a person
- Your personal status within the community (active/inactive)

Q: Can I have *insert rank here*?
A: No! Based on our valuations you will be ranked inside the clan chats and it's best not to ask for a specific rank as the more you ask for a rank the less chance there is for you to actually getting it.

Q: Can my rank be changed or will I always have the same rank?
A: Yes your rank can indeed get changed, you can either be moved to a higher or a lower rank depending on the circumstances. But please take note of the above Q&A, you will get a higher rank if we see it being suited but it's best not ask for it yourself.

Q: What are the qualifications for increasing my rank?
A: Do a few simple things:
- Actively advertising the clan chats to CW'ers
- Having the ability of handling a higher rank
- Being respected by most of the CWC members
- Having a good personality

Q: What happens if both clan chats get maxed out in number of ranks?
Q: Both clan chats are members which means up to 200 players can be added to them, in case we reach the max limit we will remove inactive members and replace them with new one's.
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