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"Male. I dumped a girl for saying my penis looks like E.T.'s finger and saying
"ouch" in the E.T. voice. I'm Mexican, so my penis is a tanned color and the
head is naturally quite red. I wasn't amused by her sense of humor."

"Male. I have never told anybody this: I think I might be the first person
EVER to give HIMSELF a "blumpkin". I have a very big penis and, when I
was 16, I discovered that I could suck myself off. About a year ago, I
decided to suck myself off while I was taking a shit. I'm pretty sure I may be
the first person ever to do this."

"Female (21) I just found out that my boyfriend is a female-to-male (F2M)
transsexual and I have never in my life been more turned on. While we're at
it, he is a fantasy cannibal and I cum to the thought of literally being eaten
alive by him.