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As you know, Castle wars turned 6 on December 13th. Since we didn't want to swamp everybody with more events (since everybody hates that idea).. we are converting our Thursday event into our celebration. Instead of being at 4 EST, we are changing it to 3:30 EST. For the first half hour we will be parading in a populated world (TBA) and then after we will be playing CW.. with a twist! We will be playing like how we would have played back in the day (we will just flash back to 2006). With OLD SCHOOL ARMOR!! and weapons.

The rules are as follows:
-Godwars equipment
-Dungeoneering anything
-New potions. extremes and overloads
-Claws, dragon defenders,
- Spirit shields
-Staff of light
-CW armor

-Curses (try not to turmoil or Soul split)
-Zamorakian Spear (no need to get a dragon spear if you dont have one)
-Crossbows (they came out in 2006)
-Imbued rings from MA (no reason to make you get a new one)
IF you have anything you don't know if you can or cannot use, pm me here or query me on IRC (kbtennis).

Also for the parade.. dress up in your best CW gear or any fun outfits. Meet at castle wars before

Sorry for CWC members who can't make it.

PLEASE PLEASEPLEAAAAASSEEE don't come in full armadyl or bunch's of dung gear overloading. This is soley for your enjoyment and fun spirit. If you have friends that might do that.. don't invite them and don't be a retard just trying to crash.. it won't be fun. Also things that we can't see.. rings, potions and other things are all based on the honor system. Again this is for your enjoyment so please don't crash.

(suggestions for outfits thanks to starrychelx)
Example of Scoring Gear

Example of Mage Def Gear

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meh gl

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crossbows weren't used much until 2007 ... lcat=false
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Lol that ring is (i) im pretty sure


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I can't afford mages book brb using arcane
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bach12964 wrote:Lol that ring is (i) im pretty sure
forgot to add that, its an exception so people don't feel like they need to buy a new ring !dancepanaa

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wtf again..