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I'd love to travel to Jordan at some point in the near-ish future. I don't think any HS exchange programs go there, besides some NSLI-Y summers, but I know a few of you have been there!

What should I do in Jordan? See? Eat?

There might be no point in asking now for a trip that might happen in a year or two since I know it's volatile, but how practical/possible would it be to cross into Palestine for a day or two?
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Ahhhh, what to say about Jordan... Loved it. They describe themselves as the quiet house in a noisy neighborhood. Tons to see, and all possible because it's a small country. The Roman ruins at Jerash, the Dead Sea, the Wadi desert, Aqaba (Red Sea diving), the church of St George in Madaba (mosaic floor map, 6th century), Mt Nebo... and of course Petra.

Have dinner with the Bedouins in the desert. Climb to the Monastery at Petra (be sure you have a head for heights and maybe you'd like to take a donkey up!). I brought back a water bottle of Dead Sea water (a lot of the salt has crystallized). Shop for carpets, tile work, local crafts (while drinking tea with the shopkeepers).

Wonderful place. Can I go back, please?
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