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...Hi! :P So, this is obviously my Sonic fan fiction, but let me give you a heads up before you read the story: This is a story that takes place BEFORE Sonic and the rest were around, so this is basically my story about the past of Mobius and my fan character, Blade the Hedgehog. So, don't expect any official characters like Sonic, Tails, or whoever you may be expecting to see. I plan to just use my fan characters. ^^ Oh, and here's what Blade, the main character looks like... This was the only good picture I could find. -__- I didn't draw it, but I used a base. Tinypic- Picture

Now... On with the story. ^^ (Rated T. ;3)

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Once long ago in a small cottage on the planet by the name of Mobius, there were three girls living in the cottage. A purple rabbit named Dazzle, a light blue cat with long, brown hair named Monica and a sky blue fox named Floral. One night, Dazzle felt a soreness in her throat and started to cough violently. "Yeech," she muttered. "My throat feels dry as a desert. I need some water." She jumped out of her bed and into the moonlight room outside the door of her bedroom. As she took one step, she noticed a swift shadow run by. She stopped for a moment and looked around. "Eh, probably nothing," she thought to herself as she continued to walk toward the kitchen. When she got her glass of water, she left the kitchen and saw yet another shadow run by. She froze again and said "Monica...? Is that you?" She heard something knock down and saw another shadow move by swiftly. "Floral??" she called out with her voice shaking. "Who is that?!" She took one step back and bumped into a stranger standing behind her. Her eyes widen with fear and she slowly turned around to see who it was. It was a red hedgehog with a white face, who was grinning in the moonlight. "Had a nice drink?" he asked. "Who....? What?!" stuttered Dazzle. "I'd like a drink, too!" said the stranger as he grabbed onto Dazzle's shoulders and sunk his sharp, fang-like teeth into her neck. Dazzle felt her own blood being sucked out of her veins. "AAHHHHH!!!" she screamed while trying to get out of the stranger's clutches. When the stranger was done, he let go of Dazzle and started drooling out a bit of blood. Grinning, he ran toward a window and opened it. He glanced over at Dazzle and noticed the blood dripping off from her neck. Her eyes were wide open with her irises shrinking and sweat rolling down her head. She took short, deep breaths and placed her hand on the bleeding part of the neck. "I suppose you're wondering who I am," said the stranger as the bright moonlight shined on his face. "My name is Blade. Blade the Hedgehog." He jumped out the window, slammed it shut and ran out into the large field outside the cottage.

"Dazzle, what's wrong?!" asked a voice nearby. Dazzle looked up and saw Monica holding a lantern. "Jeez, look at you!" said Monica. "What did you do, stab yourself with a fork?" "Va.... Va..." mumbled Dazzle. "Va... Va..." "'Va'?" repeated Monica. "Va..." Dazzle said again. "What is it?" asked Monica. "Vandalism? Valentine? Spit it out." "Va... VAMPIRE!!" screamed Dazzle as she covered her face with her hands. "A vampire?" asked Monica. "What's going on?" asked Floral as she came into the scene. "Why is Dazzle so scared?" "She claims she was bit by a vampire," said Monica. "Now I'm curious." "Me, too," said Floral. Dazzle had calmed down and said "Meh, no big deal, I guess. Let's just all go back to bed." Dazzle got up and went back inside the bedroom. "She's taking it... Rather well," said Floral. "I'll ask her about it in the morning," said Monica. "But for now, let's just take her advice and go back to bed." "Good idea," said Floral as the two girls headed back to their bedrooms.

A couple of hours later, the sun's rays were peeking onto the world. While the sun slowly started to rise up for the bright, golden morning, Blade, the vampire who had recently attacked Dazzle, was rushing through a large field of flowers. He grabbed onto his arm and ran with all his might. "Rgh!" he moaned. "It's starting to burn!" He ran toward a large cave by the flowers, leaped in and ran into the darkness of the cave. He stopped to catch his breath and slid down against the cold, cave wall. "Whew... THAT was close," he said to himself. "I almost burned with the sun." "Blade, THERE you are!" shouted an unpleasing voice. "Huh?" responded Blade as he looked around. Then he saw his mother come rushing toward him and held him tightly in her arms. "Where have you been?! I was worried sick you had burnt with the sun or something!" "Mom, I'm fine," said Blade, a little embarrassingly. "Don't you 'fine' me," said his mother. "Let me see your arm." She pulled on Blade's wrist and looked closely at his arm. "See? There!" she said. "It looks darker on this spot than normal! You got burnt a bit, didn't you? Honestly, stop being so reckless. You know the sun is the enemy of all vampires!" "I get it, I get it," said Blade while rolling his eyes. "Does it hurt?" asked his mother. "Not too much," said Blade. "Yes it does!" said his mother as she hugged him tightly. "Mom... Could you... Could you please stop that?" asked Blade while blushing a bit. "People are staring at us." "Sorry," said his mother while letting go. "But you should get ready." "Ready for what?" asked Blade. "For the Call of the Vampires!" said his mother. "Oh no, not AGAIN!" whined Blade. "That's the same dumb meeting we all have EVERY year. It's the exact same thing with all the exact same people. Can't I just stay home this year?" "And when did YOU learn to backtalk your mother like that?" asked a deep voice coming from behind Blade. Blade immediately tensed up and sighed. He slowly turned around and faced his father, who was never known to raise Blade properly. "And why are you looking so fearful?" asked his father. "It's... Nothing," said Blade while looking down. "OK," said his father. "But you WILL be coming with us for this important meeting this year, got it?" "Yes sir," said Blade. His father walked away and Blade sighed.

"Why?" asked Blade. "Why does he have to be this way? I do ONE thing he doesn't like and he just practically beats me for half an hour. I'm sick of his abusive acts! I just want a normal life like everybody else." "I'm sure he'll see through his mistake soon," said his mother. "It just takes patience." "A LOAD of it," said Blade while staring at the ground. He started crumpling up a bit and whimpered. He fell down on his knees and put his hands on his stomach. "Is the scar hurting?" asked his mother. Blade didn't reply, but instead held his breath to prevent himself from whimpering or weeping of pain. He took a few deep breaths and said "Yeah... This is another thing I'm sick of. This scar is always causing me pain and I don't even know where the heck the damn thing came from! Mom! Why won't you tell me anything about it?! I've asked you many times to tell me about the past and why I have this scar, but you and dad are always hiding the truth! For once, can't I just have the truth said to me?" Blade's mother sighed and said "I just don't think you're ready to hear the truth yet. You're feeling too stressed out right now. I'll tell you once you calm down, OK?" "I need to know NOW!" snapped Blade. "You've held back the truth for far too long! Can't I just hear it? Tell me!" Just then, Blade's father appeared again and said "It's time." "Come on, Blade," said his mother. "We need to go get together with the rest of the vampire community." "Fine," said Blade as he followed his parents.

Later, after the meeting, Blade was tired and walked home while his parents stayed and visited with friends. "Man, I'm tuckered out," he said while yawning. "I don't get why I always have to be dragged to that meeting every year." Half way back to the small house cramped in the twisty caves, Blade noticed a bench with a girl sitting on it. She was another vampire and was a red hedgehog with rather large eyes. "Hey," said Blade. "What are you doing out here so late? You know that the sun is high up and vampires could burn when they set a foot outside. You should go home and rest until it's safe to go out." The girl said nothing and looked over to stare at Blade with her large, grey eyes. "What?" asked Blade. "What are you looking at?" The girl still said nothing and continued to stare at Blade. "OK, that's creeping me out," said Blade. "Don't you know it's rude to stare at people like that?" The girl kept staring and staring and never said a word. "Okay, I'm outta here," said Blade as he swiftly ran away from the girl. "That was weird," he thought to himself. "What is she doing out here at this time and why won't she say anything? Huh... There are some very strange people out there."

When he made it home, the first thing he saw was his own parents fighting and yelling. "Just give him another chance!" said his mother. "It was dark and he didn't know!" "That's no excuse for a vampire like him!" shouted his father. "He should be used to the dark by now! He's broken one of the biggest laws of our kind!" "Who did what?" asked Blade. "YOU...!" said his father as he grabbed Blade by the throat and held him against a wall. "Wha...?" asked Blade while trying to struggle out of his father's grasp. "YOU SUCKED THE BLOOD OUT OF A CHILD?!" shouted his father. "What are... What are you talking about?!" asked Blade while trying to loosen his father's fingers from his neck. "Don't lie to me!" said his father. "You know exactly what! YOU BROKE ONE OF THE BIGGEST LAWS LAST NIGHT!! DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT?!" He held Blade high in the air and slammed him against the ground. "Rghh...!" moaned Blade as he crumpled up in pain and shut his eyes tightly to fight back tears. "Don't treat my son like that!" screamed his mother. "YOUR son?" argued his father. "Yes! MY son!" said his mother. "I can't stand to live in the same house as you anymore! We're divorcing and Blade is living with me only! JUST GET OUT OF HERE!!" Blade opened his eyes slightly and saw his father taking his fist up and pounding it on his mother's head, while knocking her out. "Now you!" his father snapped while pointing at Blade. "Get over here!" Blade's eyes opened up widely, releasing a few tears, and stared at his father with his irises shaking along with his tear-filled eyes. "NO!" he shouted as he quickly got up and ran out the door. "Okay... Whatever," mumbled his father as he watched Blade run into the darkness of the caves.

As Blade ran into the dark caves, he started leaning over and stumbled a bit after being tossed on the hard, cave floor. He stopped running and leaned against the cold, cave wall. Breathing deeply, he slowly slid down to the floor. "Why...?" he asked himself. "Why is my life suddenly going downhill like this? My father never used to be this bad. Now he's just brutal. It makes no sense to me... I try to please him over and over and help both of my parents with their needs, and THIS is the thanks I get? That's unjust! I just want... I just want some love... Is that so much to ask for?" He closed his eyes and tried relaxing. After a moment of silence, a loud sneeze was heard, which cause Blade to jump back onto his feet. The sneeze echoed as it bounced off each wall of the twisty, dark caves. It was the same girl on the same bench he saw earlier. She looked over at Blade embarrassingly and looked away. "Bless you," said Blade as he placed his hand on his racing heart. "I wouldn't expect a small one like you to make such a blast like that." The girl made no eye contact with Blade and sighed. "Sorry," said Blade. "Am I embarrassing you?" The girl still said nothing and glanced over at Blade. "Well, whatever," said Blade. "You really should be heading home. How long have you been out here?" "What about you?" asked the girl. "Whoa... You TALKED?" asked Blade. The girl didn't say anything else and stared at Blade again. "Stop staring already, kid," said Blade. "It's really creeping me out." "Answer me," said the girl, quietly. Blade sighed and said "Well... I WAS home, but my folks kinda, well... Got into a huge fight, and I ended up getting injured by my own father, so I get frightened and left." The girl didn't reply, but instead grabbed Blade's arm and pulled him down on the bench with her. "Please sit with me," she said quietly. "Okay," said Blade while rolling his eyes. "Who are you, anyway?" he asked. "My name is Amber," said the girl very quietly, almost whispering. "Amber, huh?" asked Blade. "You seem like the shy type. Well, just to let you know, I'm not the type who goes around hurting random people, so you can speak up if you want." Amber glanced over at Blade and stared at the ground. "What's wrong?" asked Blade. "You seem sad or something." Amber said nothing and just stared at the ground. "Well, I won't get too nosy," said Blade. "I better head home. My parents are hopefully calming down by now." "Please stay!" said Amber. "Sorry kid," said Blade. "But I really have to get going. See ya." He got up and walked away from Amber. Amber sat there and stared at Blade as he left her. She sighed and looked down at the ground again, while swinging her legs back and forth.

When Blade finally arrived back home, he sighed and put his hand on the doorknob of the house. He felt a sweat drop roll down his face and he slowly entered the house. His parents were no longer fighting and were in bed talking to each other. Blade couldn't help but eavesdrop and listened closely to the conversation. "I hope he comes back soon," said his father. "I was too rough on both of you. I need to work on my anger issues." "No duh?" replied his mother. "And the fact that he can't even go anywhere without his scar causing him pain doesn't make things any better. You only caused him more pain and he's more than likely pretty frightened right now." "I know, I know," said his father. "But now I'm wondering if he can handle the truth about the scar and about his brother who left us years ago." "A brother?" thought Blade. "I had a... Brother?" "We should tell him tomorrow," said his mother. "He seemed pretty worked up about this earlier. He really wants to know the truth and if we don't tell him soon, he's going to be a train wreck." Blade figured that he heard enough and he walked into his room. "A brother, huh?" he thought. "Does HE have anything to do with this scar and the fact that father is acting so abusive all the time? And why did he leave the family? None of this is making much sense to me... But I suppose I'll have to wait and find out tomorrow." He entered his room and waited for the moon to rise again to hear the story about his past.
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