Shadow Ryusaki [Revamp, Shorter version]

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General Information:
Name: Shadow Umbra Ryusaki
Alias: King Shadow, Shad, Fox, Munster
Gender: Shadow is a male, however he can turn into a female thanks to his irregular body.
Age: Shadow looks 20, however his Youkai, or Ninge, age is 3800.
Birthday:His birthday is October 7th.
Species: Shadow is a Kixy, half fox and half cat. These are common on his planet.
Occupation: Shadow is the Manager of the Sweetheart Cafe'/Mansion. Shadow's cafe' started out as a very small, three floor place with not that many rooms. After it got destroyed over and over he decided to make it bigger and stronger. Shadow not only owns the Mansion, but he owns a lab that is in his mansion.
Hometown:Shadow's home town is Frost Ice City. He has lived there since he was a little cub and occasionally returns there.
Religion: Because he is a host for three deities he has no right of which religion he can follow. He is forced to follow the Religion of thought.
Theme song:

Body Information:
Height: 6'4, Shadow didn't grow very much.
Weight: 140 pounds. He didn't grow a lot here either.
Eye Color: Shadow's eyes are a little more red now. They aren't dark red, but more a bright red color.
Hair Color: Shadow's hair is still black and probably will stay that way.
Vision: Shadow has greatly enhanced vision as he is still part fox and foxes can see a great distance. His hearing is also far greater than his sight.
Voice Actor:

Other Information:
Fighting Style:Shadow's fighting style is to adapt to just about any situation or try. It doesn't always work, but Shadow is a very determined guy who likes to learn from his mistakes.
Alignment:Shadow's alignment isn't exactly good, nor is it evil. Shadow is more something along the lines of Lawfully Evil. Or maybe Demonically good.
Aura Colour: Shadow's aura color is red and/or Black. It really just depends on himself.
Family:Shadow's family members are all either in the Ryusaki side, Boku, Surasaki or Bokyursaki family. His true family would be Silrux, Core, Shidow, Abyss and Aether. He has a new baby sister, but he hasn't seen her yet.
Genealogy:Shadow's Genealogy is Frost. He speaks more fluently in the Frost Dialect than in any other on his planet.
Sexuality: Shadow is straight in his guy form. In his girl form he, of course, prefers girls still.
Likes:Shadow loves Shrimp, especially Ninge shrimp. He likes to play with yarn, drink milk and do Experiments. Shadow has a large amount of experiments currently going on in his lab. He likes to create humans, weapons and new tools as well. He loves the moon and he loves night time on Ninge, even if to others it doesn't seem like there even is a morning.
Dislikes:Shadow hates it when someone disagrees with his human experiment. He also hates to be called Black Space as well as people who question if he can really protect them. Shadow hates the warm weather and prefers cold. He also hates fire all around as he is weak to it.
Residence:Shadow currently resides in his mansion on Earth. He also has one in Gensokyo.
Favorite Music: Shadow's favorite type of music is Jazz.
Favorite Food:Shrimp, as stated above. Shadow is in complete and utter love with Shrimp.
Favorite Drink: Shadow loves to Drink Milk on a daily basis. Just not Ninge Milk....
Hobbies: His hobby is experimenting with new and old things. Shadow loves to go to his lab and just build things or people.

A special necklace he has around his neck at all times. It was given to him by someone he knows.
Shadow's library is filled with books so there is no need for him to ever carry around any. His boxes can also take you to a different world or even allow you to create your own story.

Shadow has two weapons that he uses. One of the names is also the name of an attack so don't get confused. I won't describe what they look like as their are pictures of them.

Chaintana: This has been upgraded to have both a sword and a chain on the end with razor blades on the chain.

Moon Colored Blood: A special scythe that has a small stick coming out the side that Shadow can grab.

Everything above is a weapon he can use, however his new forms doesn't allow him to touch weapons of any kind with his hand. Instead his entire body becomes a weapon. See more below.

Character Description:
Shadow's Normal Attire and how he looks (Drawing done by Kaiser)

Shadow's alternate clothing and his Chaintana (Drawing done by M.C.)

Shadow's scythe and old clothing (Same person) ... 5812&qo=22

Shadow's newest outfit, which hasn't been drawn yet, is something that is very similar to what Ran wears in Touhouvania 2. ... 7d1b23.jpg

Shadow usually wears his normal clothes, however these clothes are a little more special than his normal attire. Shadow has nine versions of this outfit and all of them are a little more different than the other.

Normal: His normal version is a long sleeved shirt, like Ran's, that extends to his fingers and tops before covering the tip. The ring around his hand on the sleeves is red while his main outfit is black. He has buttons on his shirt where there is buckles, even, except on the neck. Shadow's pants that he wears, which are a little poofy, are black as well while his feet are normal. Normal.

Wrath: This time the end of the sleeve is golden instead of red and the main outfit is white. The sleeves go passed his fingers and can't seem to reveal his fingers at all. The golden part on the sleeves and around the neck make a W that seems to glow and move slightly. The pants are white and Shadow's feet have a golden color around it. At the same time Shadow has buckles for his shirt and for the neck part. Golden with a white tip.

Lust: The sleeves are much, much longer than Wrath's version and these two don't want to reveal the fingers. At the end of the sleeves is a box, like two Ls connecting to each other. The end of the sleeves and Ls are a very dark pink color while the main outfit itself, and pants, are black. The feet are the same here, they have a pink aura around them. For the straps they are in a broken heart shape that comes together to connect and make a heart. These hearts are red, not pink strangely. Pink with a black tip.

Greed: This time around Shadow's sleeve at the end, the part that is usually a different color, is see-through and green, meaning you can see Shadow's hands for once. However, inside it is pure black while Shadow's hands are pure white. The green part this time around is in the shape of circles with a single line poking out from one side. It is making a G around this time. Shadow's main color for his shirt is white. His buckles aren't buckles but instead are pentacle symbols that seem to make a type of buckle, a square one. Shadow's feet have a green glow. white with a green end.

Pride: This time around the entire outfit is golden while the sleeves at the end are white. Shadow doesn't have a design for the sleeves and his sleeves extend just a bit more outwards than normal. Shadow's pants are white, yet have a golden line that extends from the top down to the bottom on the side of his pants. Golden glow for his feet. The fox ears and tail are golden with a white end.

Envy: Shadow's entire outfit is green with the end of his sleeves being Black. The E is side ways and instead of it sticking down, it sticks outwards to make a type of design going out. Shadow's sleeves can grow or shorten at will here. Shadow's pants this time around are black and his feet have a black color to them than green. His buckle has a smirk look to them. Both tail and ears are green with black tip.

Sloth: The longest of sleeves this time around. How long? They are so long they extend into Shadow's shadow. The entire outfit is black with the sleeves being dark blue. Shadow has Z's fur buttons on his shirt and his feet have a blue aura. His fox ears and tail are also both blue.

Gluttony: Shadow's right fox ear is red while his left fox ear is blue. His right sleeve at the end is red and his left sleeve at the end is blue. His claws are once again not visible. His right eye is red while his left eye is blue and his right foot has a red aura while his left foot has a blue. The rest of the entire outfit is white.

Fused: The ultimate one. The sleeve stops right above the fingers with the inside being pure black, you can't see inside of it. The sleeve's end design has weird magic circle designs on it and they glow in a rainbow of color, it even has ancient writing on it. Shadow's buckle on his neck also have this magical design on it that actually goes side ways, from top to bottom. His shirt and pants are black and change into white randomly. His feet have a magic circle look to them this time around. His fox ears and tail also have a circle of pentacle design on both. The tail has three while the ears have one.

Personality:Shadow's normal Personality is laid back, cool and calm. Even when he is talking to someone he doesn't know.
Casual Personality- When he is talking to someone he knows he is the same way. Though, he is sometimes called a Jackass by his friends.
Battle-Shadow is calm in battles. He needs to stay calm to collect data as well.
Habits- Shadow has a bad habit of being lazy and not doing things right. He also has a bad habit of over examining things.
Making Friends- Being Shadow's friend is a pretty easy task. Just don't be stupid.

All this could be read on his old profile. Go read it.

Weaknesses and Strengths:
Strengths:Shadow is very strong to darkness, light and Sound. Any move that uses these will resort in a backlash as Shadow very skilled in all three.

Weaknesses:Fire, it hurts more to Shadow than anything else. It also disables him from using his powers. Though, he does have an antidote for it that will prevent that.

Shadow has all of his old skills and spells. Check out the other profile.

Wrath, Lust, Greed, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Normal, fused.

Wrath: Blades are formed formed with every movement of the wrist, feet or tail. The longer Shadow attacks the faster and stronger he gets. Equipping Wrath makes it to where every moment forms blades and to where he will never have to draw pentacles or magic circles any more.

Lust: The more blood Shadow can get out his opponent, or the more he can make their heart race from fighting, the stronger and faster he gets. As well as he can take that emotion and added it to his body for immediate strength. Lust also increases his power and speed. Lust increases Shadow's movement speed, making him dance around (not literally) his opponent. Speed is increased more than power when he gets powered up. Also mind games don't work on him. Lust forms weapons and can use them at long range while Wrath is only good for one use then gone.

Greed: Shadow's magic power is increased greatly when he is in this form. He will mostly only use magic as well. Speed and Magic are increased with every spell that hits Shadow. However, not by a whole lot. If Shadow is hit by darkness, light or sound it will increase greatly and still not do anything to him. Magic is mostly used so magical weapons are mostly formed or just magic.

Pride: If there is another fox, cat, Kixy or Ryusaki around Shadow gets a greater boost in Attack, Magic and speed. Normally in this form he can decrease the defense and Magic defense of his opponent with every hit. If there is more than one of them, as in the same type, then it will affect anyone near by. With Pride Shadow can wield endless amounts of weapons. Shadow holds weapons and can make them teleport to him at will. His weapon starts out small then they grow.

Envy: If the opponent uses the same magic or wears the same color/clothes than the more they use it/wear it the stronger and faster Shadow gets. Of course, they can take off that color and decrease it to normal and not use that skill. Every time a skill is used or if more of the color is put on that Color on Shadow will grow. Other than that, Shadow can copy moves randomly at times. He is like Wrath in this state, one time use weapon attacks, but can copy moves.

Gluttony: Now, the more the opponent weighs, the stronger Shadow gets, but they must be over 150 pounds for the effects to start. Because of this Shadow has another effect that can help. The hotter or colder it is the stronger he gets. Fire also doesn't make him useless any more. His speed decreases greatly, but his magic and power increases quite a bit. He can also increase the weight of objects that enter into his Shadow. Same like wrath, but uses far more magic than Wrath.

Sloth: The more Shadow waits around, the faster he gets. His attack or power doesn't increase this time around. Also, if Shadow doesn't attack or doesn't get attacked the faster he gets until he is hit. One is permanent while the other is only temporary. Uses formed weapons from the shadows. Shadow can't form any outside of his shadow. Magic can be used any time from the Shadows and out.

EX/Fused: Shadow uses magic attacks, forms magical and physical weapons from pentacles and he never ever has to move his hands.. at...all. He can now do three types of teleports;
Darkness: instantly sinks into his shadow and appears far away.
Light: A very fast teleport to wherever he wants.
Sound: When his voice moves, his body has a delayed action to fool his opponent.

Shadow gets no bonuses this time, but he is much faster, can use both Negative Fox and Positive fox moves (except the suicide move) and can only go into this form if he must. If he goes into it at any time he is instantly drained and is only half strong.