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Dear Trainer:

If you are reading this note, it can only mean you are one of the few trainers selected for a grand project.
For whatever reasons, you have been specifically chosen by your local Pokemon professor to embark on a marvelous journey, a journey regarding the Enigmatic yet Loveable and interesting creatures known as Pokemon!.

You should be aware of the events taking place at the island formerly known as Dubloon Island, This location is now to be known as Kaleidoscope Island! An enormous Pokemon resort, bursting with endless activity and populated by diverse Pokemon.

Inside the box this note was attached to you will find boat tickets for the trip and a new device known as the Poke-Band, attach the band to your wrist and make sure to visit the professor that recommended you.

I am eager to meet you at Kaleidoscope Island and see your performance as a trainer.

Much Regards
Prof. Oak.

did the proffesor deliver this himself? was he truly that eager to meet these new trainers that he would venture off alone to deliver these packages?.

It would be nice to find out.

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Welcome to the World of Pokemon! A magnificent world full of wonderful and powerful creatures. These creatures all contain strange, yet wonderful powers. Many people befriend these amazing creatures. Some of these people would be Doctors, Breeders, Nurses, or even Prof's. But the most common of these people: The Pokemon Trainer. These are people who are determined to make friends with Pokemon, and make their partnership strong, challenging other trainers in matches known as battles. The best of the best advance on, while others must train harder...


"Jenna....Wake up...You're alarm went off..."


"Jenna Heart!"

Instantly, Jenna jumped out of her bed, looking around "eh? I'm sorry Dad...." She scratched her head sleepily "Do you need me for something?" she asked sweetly
"Nope, honey. Don;t you worry about that right now. Here" he handed her a box "This came in the mail today for you. I think you should open it." He smiled at his daughter and left the room "Also, Prof. Applewood said she needed you for something. Maybe she needs help around the lab again?" And With that he exited.

Jenna examined the box curiously "I wonder..."

She opened it carefully and read the note.


She let out a gasp

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A young boy on a bike rode down the streets, he pedalled strongly to quickly reach his destination.
soon he arrived at a small house " Nathan! ... Nathan you awake? "

Nathan was layind on his bed, looking at the roof, he was deep within his mind and only after his friend's second call did he react.

Nathan took his jacket and beanie, walked towards the door as he put these accessories on. "Hey Zerynn " Nathan said while fixing his beanie and then finally realizing there was a box on his doorstep.

After reading the note and strapping the band to his wrist, Nathan decided to do as the note said. Zerynn followed.

" Wow, thats awesome! " Zerynn exclaimed happily, Nathan nodded with a smile " I wonder how strong every other trainer will be. " Nathan thought, hoping to find trainers beyond his skill.

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Jenna quickly equipped the new accessory and quickly changed out of her pajama's and ran to the Prof's Lab

Her hair was still messy, she was in a rush, that she didn't bother to put it in her normal ponytail. She rain to the lab.

"Hey! Look! it's that loser!" A kid pointed at Jenna and laughed
The other group of kids, around Jenna's age laughed too "Look, off to help the Prof? What a dork!! with no life!" a girl sneered

Jenna felt anxiety run through her, she tried to ignore the mocking coments from the kids, which she received everyday, and retreat to the lab.
She reached the doors and burst in "Professor!" She called, panting heavily from the run.

"Ah! Good Morning Miss Heart!!" The Professor stepped out, greeting the young girl "I've been expecting you! Are you ready to start your journey?" She smiled, tilting her head.

Jenna nodded "I..I am!!"

"Good! I contacted Oak a while back when he told all of us Professors of this Project, and I told him about you...I know you will do well." She turned, tinkering with a keyboard, typing infmormation in. a giant chamber opened. a line of pokeballs laying there.
"With this project you get to decide...would you like a starter pokemon from the other regions...or would you like to select a rare pokemon that can't be found in the wild so easily?"

Jenna thought carefully.

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Nathan was walking by Zerynn, who was pulling his bike rather than riding it.
" its been a while since i last visited the Professors. " Nathan said while a smile grew on his face.

soon enough they both arrived at the lab, and were greeted by the local twin proffessors Yunai and Ted Whitebeam.

" Hey Nathan, so... whaddya think? " asked Ted, the male Prof.
" we really couldnt think of a better trainer to send over to represent our region" Said Yunai. the female prof.

"Im flattered, Thanks... I really appreciate this oportunity. " Nathan said after a nod.

Zerynn pulled an egg out of his bag while he waited for Nathan. He hugged the egg and looked at it with a smile.

"no need for all that Nathan... just have fun alright?" said Prof. Ted

" Yeah Nathan, I wont be around to keep you away from your serious self so-" Zerynn was interupted by Prof. Yunai

" what? youre kidding right? Zerynn hun... Me and my brother both get the right to invite a trainer to Kaleidoscope island, and your knowledge on Pokemon Breeding and growth is on par with many Professors... you are so totally going to Kaleidoscope too" Yunai said before ruffling Zerynn's hair.

" Awesome! " Zerynn exclaimed.

" Each of you get to pick a Pokemon from this briefcase Prof. Oak delivered to us personally. " said Prof. Ted.

Nathan and Zerynn looked at each other disorientedly right before they both grinned simultaneusly.

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jenna looked at the pokeballs.
So many to pick from....
"Remember" Applewood interrupted her though process, almost as if she read her mind "Your first pokemon is your most important. You will be life long friends and it will be your first expeirence ever. It's much different than the pet Chansey you're family has,Jenna. But I know you can do it"
jenna thought for a moment
"Professor...W--why was I chosen?"
The professor tilted her head "Jenna, you have a big heart....Ironic that your last name is Heart....anyways....If anyone can make friends with pokemon and care fur them the way they should be, it's you" THe Professor smiled
Or the fact I want you to explore..and make friends...not stay here..where everyone bullies you. You'll be Happier out there...
Jenna thought
"I can't decide...So..I'm just going to pic up a random ball..."
Jenna reached over and picked up a Pokeball, not knowing what it was, since here eyes were close to prevent her from seeing the lables.

"Ah! Great Choice!" Applewood smiled.
Jenna opened her eyes and looked at the ball, then the lable
The ball shook in her hand and the pokemon let itself out

Jenna looked at the turtle creature and blushed, eyes twinkling "H-hi.." She bent down shyly, looking at her new friend
he Squirtle tilted it's head, then tackled her, giving her a big hug, snuggling into her chest lovingly.

"Perfect!" Applewood examined.

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" Nathan! you pick first, im terrible enough at making choices." Zerynn said with an extremely serious face.

Nathan smiled uncomfortably " alright then, i know theyre all great Pokemon...with unique potential, so theres no going wrong here" Nathan smiled confidently and simply held his hand over the suitcase, he went for his first hunch and picked up a Pokeball.

The Twin Proffesors smiled at Nathan's words.
Immediatly a pokemon shot out from the pokeball.

"Chiiichaaaa!!!" said the energetic chimchar that came out from the pokeball.

" awesome! choice Nathan, Chimchars are native to... Sinnoh if im not mistaken, and thats pretty far away. " Zerynn said while looking at the pokemon.

Nathan got down on one knee and ruffled his Chimchar's hair " hey there partner, It seems like youre ready for whatever adventure awaits us " Nathan said to the eager Chimchar who nodded quickly. " I think ill call you...Fists!"

Fists nodded in agreement as he sent a few punches.

Zerynn was having a hard time thinking about what pokemon to pick.

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Jenna rushed home, her new pokemon clinging to her lovingly. The Squirtle she had chosen was very young, and acted so.

She burst in the door and headed upstairs to her room to pack
"Jenna honey...I made breakfast. Why don't you come and ea---What is that!!" Her mother stopped, looking at the Squirtle
"Isn't he precious, Mom?" Jenna held Squirtle up with Pride.
"Why do you have it in the house! I told you Jenna..No more pets!"
"M-mom...Squirtle isn't a pet..he is my friend..and my Partner..." Jenna looked down.
"Part---Oh Jenna no! you will not be a pokemon trainer!!"
Jenna snapped her head up again, "Wh-what! Mom I was chosen out of all the trainers in Ohjio to go!! Please let me go!" Her eyes filled with tears
Jenna's father walked in the room "What's going on?"
"Jenna plans on being a trainer!" Her mother snapped at her husband
Jenna's Dad smiled "I figured that's what the package was about...Go for it, Kid."
Jenna looked up "..Dad..?"
"What!?" Her mother looked furious
"Jenny, Our Daughter, Jenna deserves this. We can trust her..." Her father winked at Jenna
Dad!! Jenna smiled, then hugged him tightly.
"Let's get you packed up kid!" he headed upstairs with Jenna to her room. Her mother looked defeated

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Zerynn took a chikorita, he let her out of the pokeball.

"Chi'ko!" she said while waving her leaf around.

" im at a disadvantage here..." Zerynn said before chuckling a bit. " ill just head home to pack my bags and tell Gran and Pops about this, see you back here in a while Nathan." Zerynn rode back home.

Nathan nodded " i guess ill go pack my bags as well, thanks for everything!" Nathan waved at the Whitebeam Twins as he ran out the door.
when he arrived home it was silent, but this was normal. Nathan packed his stuff and simply left.

soon both Nathan and Zerynn met at the lab and went to the docks.

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Jenna finished packing. her Dad kissed her forehead and headed out her room. Her mother entered
"here" Her mother thrusted a little dress towards her "you never know when you will need cute clothes for an event..." She said. her cheeks puffed up
"Mom!" Jenna hugged her "Thank you" She folded it and put it in her pack
"You be careful"
"I will"
They hugged one last time. Then Jenna headed to the dock, she sat gave her ticket to the Sailor guard, and then entered the ship.