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Well, doesn't look like this area has had a post since 2010, so I thought I might help... populate it a tad. Here be my comic series. I'm sort of bad at talking about these sorts of things, but to summarise, this is a comic about a bar. And stuff going on in said bar. Yeah, I'm bad at this, so I'll let you guys judge for yourself, if you're willing to trudge through the archives...

-Poll Results & Current Poll-
-Extra Stuff-
-Cameo Information-
Cameo Details
Simple, pm me sprites and answers to the following questions, and you're all set. Here are the questions;
1.First of all, can I have basic details of your character please?
(Basically, things like character name, age, gender, etc. any general details you feel'll be important)
2.Secondly, any abilities I should know about?
(Yes, I can see what attacks you have on your sheet, but is there anything extra which might be relevant? For example, if your character has lots of sprites of sword attacks, it ain't exactly gonna tell me they've got superspeed has it? So yeah, any abilities you think'll be relevant, here.)
3.Third of all, what's your characters personality?
(So yeah, how does your character act? Are they a particularly angry person? What are their likes and dislikes, is there anything they're afraid of, what? I'm not asking for all these details, they're just examples of things you can include. You can go into however much detail as you want, whether it be an essay or a single sentence. The more you give me though, the more easy it will be to portray your character.)
4.Fourth, any background information I should know?
(I'd like to make note of the 'I should know' thing. Yet again, I'm not after anything huge, anything from a sentence to an essay. I'm simply asking for what you think is relevant. 'They accidentally killed their parents lately and are trying to cover it up' is relevant. 'They possibly had a cat called tiddles at some point in their life' probably isn't. Even so, by all means, include those details if you want. Basically, just right however much you feel you personally want to. Yet again, the more I'm given, the easier it will be to portray the character.
5.Lastly, I'm after bar information, if you have any?
(What I mean by this, is any information about your character which may help my presentation of them within the bar. Are they a regular there? Do they have a favorite drink which they'd like to order? Is there any reason they come to this pub over any of the others? Do they drink to drown their sorrows? Are they always the first person at the pub or the last to leave? They could even be applying for a job! Anything and everything which can relate to a bar and your character, shove it down. The more interesting stuff you come up with, the more likely it'll get a mention.)
001 - Reminiscing on the paNDA
002 - How To: Destroy Society
003 - Sheepish Suspicions
004 - It wasn't me, it was my biological make-up
005 - How To: Drunken Box
006 - Simple Showdown
007 - Closing Call
008 - How To: Apologise
009 - Sibling SMASH
010 - I can run my bar with no handlebars
011 - How To: Have Nightmares
012 - April Fools 2009
013 - Boot to the-! Wait...
014 - How To: Get Served
015 - If you can't break the rules, obliterate them
016 - Easter 2009
017 - How To: Play Baseball
018 - People Problems
019 - His midi-clorians are off the scale too
020 - How To: Analyse The Situation
021 - Like looking in a magic mirror
022 - Not included: The meaning of life
023 - How To: Make A Less Epic Montage Than {MUTE} #100
024 - The Demon Of Drink
025 - Linguistic Tendencies
026 - How To: Name Your Child
027 - Butterflies and Hurricanes, Bunny Rabbits and Drama
028 - And Today's Contestants Are;
029 - How To: Advertise
030 - The Relevance Of This Title Is Enormous
031 - The Leafy Bar; Scarring 1 In Every 5 Customers - For Life!
032 - How To: Declare War
033 - Staying At A Dangerous Distance
034 - My Quiet Place
035 - How To: Think Of A Title
036 - Don't Drink The Red Water
037 - 1 year on, and I'll actually be allowed to drink at my own bar
038 - How To: Fail At Making A Smash Effect
039 - By The Power Of Greyskull
041 - How To: Be Completely Oblivious
042 - Passion Of Tears' Individual Open-wound Nullifier
043 - Rabbits With Hand Grenades
044 - How To: Recycle (The Possibilities Are Endless)
045 - Protocol
046 - Now with 2x glowvision!
047 - How To: Impress The Ladies
048 - Calendar Dating
049 - Shejanjilia
050 - How To: Celebrate Your 50th
051 - Knock Knock
052 - Plot Chasms
053 - How To: Buy A Drink
054 - Quoth The Tweety
055 - Spontaneous Consumption
056 - How To: Prioritise
057 - And coming soon, Panda Pretzels
058 - Pandanesia
059 - How To: Get Your Blood Tested
060 - This Endless Twisting And Turning
061 - The Literal Demon Of The Bottle
062 - How To: Meet And Greet
063 - You Fail Biology Forever
064 - This Page For Eetz
065 - How To: Eetz Bird
066 - How To: And That's How Babies Are Made
067 - 'Pay back'
068 - How To: Use Obligatory Joke
069 - Dear Billie
070 - Halloween 2009
071 - How To: Have A Perfect Morning
072 - Goity Et Chaussures
073 - Maladaptively Mechanically Minded Man
074 - How To: Have A Drink
075 - An Accurate Analysis
076 - Naming Conventions, SUFFER!
077 - How To: Find Out Four Legs Is Faster
078 - Feelin' The Fuzz
079 - Take Names & Drink Cintreuse
080 - How To: Usher In Background Info
081 - Woof
082 - De ja vu?
083 - How To: Insert A Reference
084 - Omnomnom
085 - The Stomach For It
086 - How To: Prepare For Childbirth
087 - Vas vs. The World
088 - Outcasting the Advert
089 - How To: Celebrate Christmas 2009
090 - Mental Images courtesy of Dregan
091 - There Are No Walls In The Black Void
092 - How To: Bring in 2010
093 - Ready To Rumble
094 - Adorably Facesmashable
095 - How To: Insert A Few References
096 - Heel Face Who What Where?
097 - It'stotallyrainingoutsideshutup
098 - How To: Get Yourself A Job
099 - You mean there's life... outside?
100 - -21Alive
101 - How To: Get Back To Work
102 - The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth
103 - Aerokeloutics
104 - How To: Show Your Concern
105 - I Am Spoonicus
106 - Would you like green eggs and ham?
107 - How To: Celebrate Valentines... And A 1 Year Anniversary!
108 - What's In A Word?
109 - She Can Quit Any Time She Wants
110 - How To: Get Out The Way
111 - Bar'd; Now in Blue, Orange, Purple and The Apocalypse
112 - Lunchbreak Saviour
113 - How To: Get Drunk
114 - No, I Am Spoonicus
115 - Something Witty
116 - How To: Miss Photoshop
117 - Initiation Fail
118 - Select Your Story
119 - How To: Clean Up
120 - Stop!
121 - Mutsumi Has Fury
122 - How To: Specify Gender
123 - April Fools 2010
124 - Easter 2010
125 - How To: Build An Improvised Gym
126 - I Got Nothing
127 - Rules Of Combat
128 - How To: Improvise
129 - Split Second Timing
130 - ilHairious Situations
131 - How To: Use Guinea Pigs
132 - Are You A Bad Enough Dude?
133 - Demon Of The (Withheld) Bottle
134 - How To: Contract Rabies
135 - Haunting Rounds
136 - Chrisper
137 - How To: Die
138 - Escalating Interests
139 - A Cold Morning
140 - How To: Thank Someone
141 - What She Don't Know
142 - A Possessive Spirit
143 - How To: Get A Little Extra
144 - Numeracy With Vas
145 - Worldly Ambitions
146 - How To: Drive A Vas
147 - Briano's Inferno
148 - Oh, The Games We Play
149 - How To: Identify Your Suspect
150 - What You Gonna Do With All That Junk?
151 - Now Bar'd Legal
152 - How To: Select Your Drink
153 - The Reader Is Always Arguably Right
154 - Get Your Freak On
155 - How To: Spot The Difference
156 - The Important Details
157 - Best For Everyone
158 - How To: Get A Job
159 - Tactical Warfare
160 - A War Of Epic Proportions
161 - How To: Take Over A City
162 - Don't Stop Me Now
163 - Some Weight On Those Shoulders
164 - How To: Be Evil
165 - Personal Profiling
166 - A Matter Of Money
167 - How To: Not Let You Do That Star Leo
168 - Showdown
169 - Defining Difference
170 - How To: Clear Your Nasal Cavities
171 - Pimp My Tank
172 - Star-Crossed Lovers
173 - How To: Win A Freak-Off
174 - Demands Of The Job
175 - The Meaning Of Muscularity
176 - How To: Explode
177 - Boa, Boa Everywhere
178 - A Somewhat Poor Promotion
179 - How To: Handle It
180 - Kitchen Sink Not Included
181 - Relationship Issues
182 - How To: Help
183 - The Time Warp
184 - Standard Reproduction Safety Procedure
185 - How To: Call A Meeting
186 - Chanelling Ghosts
187 - The New Spice Of Advertising
188 - How To: Choose Your Own Adventure
189 - Halloween 2010
190 - Comic Violence
191 - How To: Arrive Late
192 - Sudden Surprises
193 - Here Have A Title
194 - How To: Tempt Fate
195 - Plantacious Positioning
196 - Adverts Killed The TV Star
197 - How To: Give A Gift To The Fans (Christmas 2010)
198 - He Comes Bearing Plots
199 - Ready?
200 - How To: Equate Aliveness Under Division Of Five (New Years Day 2011)
201 - Temptatious Trappings
202 - And Now For Something Completely Different
203 - How To: Catch Your Predator
204 - Bouncer Woken Procedure
205 - Soulcalibur V
206 - How To: Outdrama Black
207 - Observable Difficulties
208 - Smells Of Success
209 - How To: Introduce Work Colleagues
210 - People In High Places
211 - Trick Pony
212 - How To: Make New Friends
213 - Simply Observing
214 - A 2-Year Anniversary On Valentines 2011
215 - How To: Find Vas
216 - Who'd've Figured?
217 - Oh Ye Blessed Few
218 - How To: Quit Smoking
219 - Mummy Issues
220 - Beech Babe
221 - How To: Bury A Page In Speechbubbles
222 - A Shot At Observation
223 - Easter 2011
224 - How To: Flood A Page In Characters
225 - SpaceSpaceGottaGoToSpace
226 - The Joy Of A Job
227 - How To: Make A Stock Check
228 - Giving The Gift Of Love
229 - A Gift For The Gone
230 - How To: Know Something
231 - Suspicious Standabout
232 - ~In The Dark Of The Night~
233 - How To: Do Whatever These Guys Are Doing
234 - One Fine Day In The Middle Of The Night
235 - There Are No Cakes In The Black Void
236 - How To: Get Relationship Advice
237 - Dating Demands
238 - Happy Time At The Bar
239 - How To: Be A Superhero
240 - Roby 2.0
241 - What What
242 - How To: Wear New Shoes
243 - Assessment
244 - Currency Compatability

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Explain to me this eyecandy paradox please.

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I would if I could remember what you were talking about. I have 243 pages up, it's hard to remember what I've referred to and when. '^'

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oh my, didnt know the banner was random.

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Ah yes. Well, I assume the banner you're talking about is the Caek one. Some of the banners (such as that one) have page quotes on. That quote is from '187 - The New Spice Of Advertising'.

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lol. my computer blocks all the links. apparently they are posted on very naughty site.

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Well, the host I use is Smackjeeves, which is a comic hosting site. Whilst most of it is fine, there are few... less than desirable comics on there. Most notably the Yaoi community which seems to've latched onto the site and populates a large portion of it. There are some things which can't be unseen.
If you still fancy taking a look at the comics, I have them all hosted on my Majhost here;
It's not exactly got all the html backing, but it'll allow you to have a look through if the thought takes your fancy.

Also, update;

-Poll Results & Current Poll-
-Extra Stuff-
-Cameo Information-
244 - Currency Compatability
You know how in the past I have vastly overestimated the size of my panels? I think I vastly understimated this time, because I probably could've fitted a large number of extra currencies in those speech bubbles and still got away with it... oh well.
It may be questionable as to why the bar would accept this many different currencies. Well, when you consider the customer base, you have to think they really need to. Customers include characters from various countries as well as various planets - you're gonna have to be quite flexible with your cash if you want any customers at all.
Luckily the Leafy Bar knows this. So now all your cash may belong to them.

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No comments for the Dregan? This is a sad, sad day. 38

-Poll Results & Current Poll-
-Extra Stuff-
-Cameo Information-
245 - How To: Be A Manly Man
Okay, not much to say on this page, so that'll allow me to skip ahead to the important stuffs. The important stuffs, of course, for anyone keeping up, is the Smackjeeves Awards.
For those of you unaware (no idea who that would be, but still) the SJ Awards are basically this sites equivalent of the Grammy's, only, better, considering they're not actually Grammy's.
Bar'd is one of the six comics nominated for 'Best Sprite Comic', so far a start, I'd like to say a HUGE thanks to the people who nominated me into the current voting stage. Of course, still a way to go for any hopes of a Golden Butler.
Now, I'm not really gonna say 'Please vote for Bar'd' here, 'cause I realise a lot of you probably read the other five comics, and probably prefer them. Instead, I'd just like to encourage you to vote generally, and if you choose to vote Bar'd over the other five, then that would be a great honour. If not? Well, that just makes it a more interesting competition, right?
So yes people, please go and vote in the Smackjeeves Awards for your favourite comic. Thanks again to the people who have nominated me, and those who have gone on to vote for me, and good luck to all those I'm competing against. May the best comic win; ... st-sprite/

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Still no comments? I shall begin to collect my tears for the plants. 38

-Poll Results & Current Poll-
-Extra Stuff-
-Cameo Information-
246 - Face The Music

Edit: *Ahem* Yes, this page was rather... er... last minute. Although it's potentially one of the fastest pages I've ever made, potentially due to how rushed I felt. Unfortunately, due to my lateness, I had to go with a different end-panel to what I initially intended.
Originally the last panel was meant to contain Vas in Hummingbirds, which, if you've read Hummingbirds, you'll probably've noticed basically follows on from this lead-in.
Oh, and for those of you who haven't yet ready Hummingbirds? You totally should. Link be here;

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I think it's got to the point where I can probably begin the assumption this particular series is not bonding with this particular forum. 38

-Poll Results & Current Poll-
-Extra Stuff-
-Cameo Information-
247 - Heart Of The Shard
I feel really bad for Boa in this page. It wouldn't be so bad if it's not the fact it's been the first time I think I've ever actually given Boa expressions and they've come out looking relatively right.
Look at the crushing depression on Boa's face. Look at it. It will haunt you forever Shard. It will haunt you forever.