The Crusaders' Wall Of Heroes Gains Two Stars

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The Crusaders' Wall Of Heroes Gains Two Stars

Caesar Drake
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The Crusaders' Wall Of Heroes Gains Two Stars by Zoe Fox/Washington Herald @ January 14th, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC -- In the early morning hours of this city, something happened to the wall outside of the Crusaders Washington base of operations. Two stars were added to it in the middle of the night signifying the loss of two members in the line of duty. There was no fanfare, no announcement, and no ceremony.

The Wall of Heroes was erected a few years ago with hardly any notice except for a brief press release. A call to the Crusaders for a question regarding the appearance of both stars received a short reply from Obadian Reliance, head of public relations for the organization. "It is with a sense of tragedy we have to announce that two of our members have passed in the line of duty. Both were casualties in this fight against evil and matters to resolve situations as best as possible are in the works."

Given the nature of their work, it is fair to state that more stars will be added to the Wall of Heroes over time. However, we should not wish for those who sacrifice their lives to perish in idle fashion lest we all suffer in a great manner.
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