StudentNPC F4 - Monique Harris

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StudentNPC F4 - Monique Harris

Caesar Drake
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Name: Monique Latoya Harris
Codename: Arachne

Background: Growing up in a bad neighborhood while very young, Monique saw her fair share of violence and crime. Her father managed to land an amazing opportunity which helped her family move into a better community. She was a cheerleader and heavily into gymnastics and partying until the Three Mile Incident which changed her life. Before she came to the Academy, she was involved with a small group of teens that were arrested for underage drinking and trespassing which resulted in injury. Showing off her abilities, Monique was climbing an old building. Several pieces of debris fell during her climbing, critically injuring a couple sixteen year old boys. She now goes to the Crusaders Academy by her parents' request to make her into the good person they know her to be.

S: 3
A: 7
I: 4
W: 2
Health: 10

Calling: Guardian

Hindrance: Guilt-Ridden


S: --
A: Acrobatics
I: --
W: --

Powers Known:

Enhanced Senses 3 (Touch)

Wall-Crawling 4

Personality: Monique used to be a bit of a party girl. After the incident, she became very reserved and almost two faced. When around her friends, she appears to be vicious and controlling. The truth is far from that when she is by herself. Many people will see how humble and sweet she actually is. There is obviously something weighing heavy on her that she refuses to talk about. She is easily manipulated by Kylee and Zoe mostly out of fear that what happened will be thrown out into the open. She really wants to believe she deserves the respect and high praise her parents give her.


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