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Patricia Peters

Patricia Peters
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Crusaders Application

Real Name: Patricia Peters
Aliases: Patty, Pat, Trish
Codename: The Mechanist
Age: 27
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Calling: Protector
Hinderance(s): Triggered Powerless (Without her gadgets. When her power pack can't keep up with energy demands.), Unlucky

Appearance: ... 54H1&w=200
Patricia Peters is a pretty young woman with blonde hair and fair skin. She stands at the average five foot five inches with a thin, muscular build. Her typical attire is jeans and a plain tank top, though she does dress up nicer when the mood takes her.

Her most notable feature is her cybernetic left arm, connected straight in to the nerve network of her shoulder. Much of her left shoulder is given over to pumps and wires, carefully tucked beneath a plate of armor and leading in to the device. It is a standard arm, with the exception that it is a bit too long to match her other, plated with shiny white aluminum to cover the delicate inner workings. A red racing stripe stretches up the arm. Aside from this the left side of her torso bears a number of scars from her accident, the most visible running up the side of her neck and part of her jaw.

Actor/Actress: Haley Williams

Financial Status:
Crusader stipend
Boston Police Department supplement

Initial Personality:
Patricia initially comes off as one would expect of a young cop; hopeful, a bit naive about the good in the world and with the drive to make the world a better place. She also often comes off as very serious. 

Underlying Personality:
Beneath the apparently naive optimism of her initial looks lies a survivor, someone who looks at a problem and says 'How can I overcome that?' She's very friendly and personable once she warms up, happy to sit around and chat while she tinkers with the next improvement to her gear or watch sappy romantic comedies just as easily as keeping up with soccer and the latest technical innovations. She's a courageous person, willing to put her life on the line to save a stranger and believing in using her understanding of machinery to develop better, more affordable prosthetics.

In terms of flaws, Patty has a short temper when it comes to things like injustice and disrespect, but is otherwise very patient and quick to apologize when she's wrong. The best way to get her blood boiling is to mess up her work station; as an organized person, everything has it's place, and she absolutely hates it when people move her stuff someplace it shouldn't be! She's got a habit of smoking, mostly when she's busy at her work station, but doesn't have any other real vices. She's the sort to get very in to sports as well, soccer in particular (Venezuela being her favorite team).

Mechanical tinkering, be it on her cybernetic arm or a car motor or her latest gadget.
Repainting cars (and her arm)
Gun range
Watching soccer games

S: Natural Weapons (Cybernetic Fist), Boxing, Clubs
A: Construction, Gadgetry, Repair, Marksmanship
I: Bionics, Electronics, Mechanics, Weapon Systems, Computers, Tactics (Urban)
W: Observation, Law Enforcement

Jump pack and laser requires power to function.
Power unit is back-mounted, can be damaged or pulled off.
Cybernetic arm could be pulled from its socket.

Possesses an intrinsic knowledge of machines and their workings, despite having little exposure to them and little technical knowledge. Can build and maintain advanced machines. However, due to her lack of experience her devices come out of the production cycle as prototypes, requiring much refining from the initial product to a reliable, fully functioning device.

Her gadgets provide the following powers:
Super Strength: Patricia's bionic arm can punch harder than the typical human arm ever could, on top of being made of rock solid metals.

Limited Flight: Patricia's jump pack allows the bearer to fly for brief periods of time, about ten seconds per firing.

Lasers: Patricia's bionic arm has a laser cannon built in to it, allowing her to fire kinetic energy-based laser beams through her wrist. These lasers are typically set to a 'blunt' force as to not kill, but if such a thing becomes necessary they can be focused to puncture much like a bullet was. Can channel more energy for more destructive blasts and vice verse.

Self-Powered: The power unit giving her bionic arm energy is actually a separate, built-in device in her shoulder that provides the arm itself with power. Even when her power pack is removed or empty, she is capable of using her arm for close work.

Power Potential:
I would like to see her explore just what she can build with her knowledge and expand her arsenal of gear, maybe even to full power armor level or some more cybernetics, but her technopath abilities will remain the same.

Power Weaknesses:
All of Patricia's gadgets, from her jump pack to the laser mounted in her cybernetic arm, require power. Additionally, EMP devices can fry her electronics as easily as any other, including her arm.

Official History/Training/Education Prior to Joining the Crusaders:
Born Dec. 12th, 1989
Graduated high school 2007
Graduated from Boston Police Academy 2010
August 2013, brutally injured during routine traffic stop, left arm amputated due to unknown infection.
November 2013, relieved of duties, enrolled in in Boston Technical College for electrical engineering. Discovers super power of technopathy.
February 2014, volunteers to test experimental cybernetic surgery, works with Dr. Alan Scott to develop the technology.
April 2014, cybernetic arm installed, field testing truly begins.
June 2014, Patricia develops a kinetic laser and installs it in the stabilized prosthetic. Rescues civilian from mugger that same day.
August 2014, Patricia designs armor and a visor, adopting the title 'the Mechanist' and starting to fight crime as a super hero.
October 2014, The Mechanist is signs a contract with the Boston Police Department to become part of the police once more.
December 2014, Dr. Scott is killed in a lab accident.
July 2015, Patricia finishes development of the experimental jump jets and fusion power pack, as well as an info-visor to keep her updated on the status of her equipment while in use.
February 12th, 2016- Joined the Crusaders.

Unofficial History:
One could say that Boston-born Patricia Peters was destined to become a cop. When her mom walked out on the family at the young age of five her father, a cop himself, was left to raise his little girl as best he could. And he did a good job, as best he could. She was well provided for, well loved and taught well. It was pure fortune that she was already tomboyish enough to want to hang around daddy all the time, which certainly had an impact on the things she enjoys doing today. "Patty, sweetheart, you need to do more girly things." "But why do I have to?" was a regular conversation around the Peters household.

Her life proceeded as well as a single parent household can proceed, her aunt Portia stepping in to teach her girly things that her father never could, and in high school she made the decision to enter in to the Boston police academy after getting her diploma. High school was an interesting time for her; the boys who had never paid much attention to her actually being a girl all of a sudden noticed the redhead who was more interested in guns and fast cars than she was in celebrities and makeup. Things proceeded in typical high school fashion, with plenty of free meals, shallow dates and meetings with Papa Peters' .32 revolver, but nothing of particular note came of them. The biggest event of her high school days was when an electrical fire broke out in the library. Patricia became a school hero by plunging in to the flames to save a girl who had become trapped inside. "You sure you don't wanna be a firefighter instead, Patty? Heh!"

High school was also the first indication she had any kind of super power, helping her uncle John in his mechanic shop and showing off an almost natural ability to figure out what was wrong with the car and how to fix it. Perhaps she'd have been more captivated by it if she hadn't already set her heart on the police academy. True to her word, the day she got her diploma was the day she registered with the local police academy. Her hints of engineering genius were forgotten as she took to her studies, graduating and heading straight in to the force for what was set to be a devastatingly short career. Gilbert Peters couldn't have been more proud of his daughter if she found a way to capture the sun.

She quickly made a name for herself in community outreach and heroism, when the need for heroism arose. Patricia ended up joining the SWAT teams, something that made her dad quite nervous as a patrol cop, and saved her fellow citizens from plenty of violent criminals. It wasn't a SWAT job that robbed her of her job and her arm, however; it was a routine traffic stop the one night she filled in for a beat cop. The man was driving fifty five in a thirty zone. Patricia was already too close when he attacked, firing at her with a strange weapon she didn't recognize. Though she fired back, the criminal escaped as whatever he shot her with quickly overwhelmed her, she fell unconscious.

It was days later when she awoke to discover that she had been shot with some sort of high-tech viral gun that couldn't be identified from the dash cam. It had infected the wound almost immediately, a persistent rot that would have killed her if they hadn't done the extreme and removed her left arm. She didn't take the news well.  The next weeks were spent recovering, physically and emotionally, from the attack. After learning that the chief had no recourse but to release her from duty, she elected to go to college. She remembered her time working with engines and figured, perhaps, that could be a second calling for her.

Patricia discovered her innate understanding of machines in those classes, as if blueprints to countless machines were layered in her brain just waiting to be used. The first thing she ended up with in her experiments with her powers was reconstructing the engine of the retired patrol cruiser her dad had bought at auction. She needed no help, no instructions, nothing; it just came to her... And it ran better than her own car ever had, much to her dad's surprise.

It was around that time Patricia met Dr. Alan Scott, one of the engineering doctors at the college. He was working on a project that she couldn't ignore; cybernetic limbs. He became the first to learn of her power and the two started working together to develop the technology to make the dream a reality. Much of the work had already been done, of course- this project had consumed Dr. Scott's free time for nearly all of his career- but it was like she knew exactly how to improve on the design and fill in the missing links. The biggest hurdle had been developing the connection between flesh and steel, but with Patricia's help they had a working prototype by the end of March.

The next month was surgery; for two weeks she was in Mathers' hospital, piece by piece the stump of her arm and most of her shoulder were replaced with machinery, thin wires linking nervous system to circuitry until finally the prototype was attached to the mounting point. It was a historic day for everyone involved, local news crews fighting with the national crews to interview the brilliant surgeons, the inventor and the woman whose life had been changed forever. The fame was short lived for her, and as soon as she was well enough to leave she began the process of learning to live with the mechanical limb. Initially it was no stronger than your typical human arm, able to do typical human things with the exception of being made out of hard metal and circuitry instead of flesh and blood. Many a glitch was fixed and many a mess in her old bedroom at her father's place resulted, but on the whole she learned quickly and the prototype quickly became a true marvel of technology. Through her own tweaking and on the fly upgrades it went from a clunky extra limb to something as nimble as her original had been, winning Dr. Scott more fame than he could have wished for as she kept him updated.

Her experiments then veered to weapons; namely, she produced a laser cannon to mount in the top of her bionic arm's forearm several months later. Initially it was powered by the internal generator that powered her arm itself, capable of firing energy bursts over long distances. That night Patricia became a super hero; walking home from her local convenience store she came across a mugging in progress and turned her police training and her newly developed laser cannon to use. The mugging was stopped, the young man being mugged then started spreading the story of the new super hero in Boston. She had a new lease on life for real now; she could help people more with this gift she'd discovered than she ever could as a SWAT cop. And so she started to work. Acquiring the parts over a few months, Patricia built a small external power source for the laser and created a suit of armor to match her prosthetic.

The Mechanist, as she called herself, quickly made a name for herself by using her old police radio to aid the local police force, and a few months later the chief called her to ask if 'the Mechanist' wanted a new job with the department. A super hero in town had done wonders for the local morale, and everyone on the force knew it was her anyways. Patricia accepted, becoming Boston's very own super hero and maintaining her father's status of 'proudest dad on the Eastern seaboard'. Her life became quite hectic, between being a deputized force of the law again, continuing her education with the college and working with Dr. Scott to perfect designs on the next wave of cybernetics. Tragedy struck at the end of the year, a late night of work at his lab resulted in an explosion that claimed his life, destroying the blueprints he had come up with for the enhanced cybernetics. Deciding to continue on with his legacy, Patricia started experimenting with cybernetics more and writing out her findings, when she had time.

Over the course of the next year, the Mechanist became a community icon, fighting crime alongside the BPD and as she came across it. She even encountered several super villains passing through and aided the police in apprehending them, in July finishing development a rocket pack to aid her mobility in crime fighting and a set of goggles to monitor her power levels and equipment status. The goggles were also the first of hers to be open; the green lens allowed the public to see her face, revealing her identity to the public. She was like a local Crusader, they said, and rumors started flying about her being offered a spot on one of their teams. Later that year the rumors came true and Patricia accepted the offer, entering their training program and looking forward to helping more and more people as... the Mechanist!

RP Sample:
The garage was quiet today aside from the quiet whirring of Patricia's cybernetic arm. It had taken months of development, but now the jump pack she'd worked so hard on was ready for field testing with just a few more soldered connections. A jump pack would make traveling in the Boston traffic less harrowing than the cruiser. Who knew how many people she could reach so much more quickly with this? One last solder and the creation was done. The shiny white paint hid all the delicate work, and it looked a lot sleeker now that she pulled back from it. Months of refining and it was time for a field day. It'd definitely work this time, she was sure of it.

”Patty, come on, it's lunch time! You can't go fighting crime on an empty stomach,” Said her father, and Pat could only wonder how long he'd been hovering about the door waiting for that opportunity. She'd lost track of time, what time was it now? She offered him a smile and he just shook his head, grinning back. ”You've got a robot arm, kid, but you still gotta eat!”

“I'm comin', I'm comin',” She replied, accepting the hug he offered. He waited for a few seconds without saying anything, when he was supposed to ask 'what're you working on?', to get her frustrated and she asked "Aren't you gonna ask what it is?" with a frown and crossed arms.

"I was waitin' on you, Patty," He shot back, and that was all the invitation she needed.

"It's a jet pack. Getting to the scene of a crime quickly can be hard in afternoon traffic, why try to go through it when you can go over? Plus, the mobility will make me a lot more effective," Patricia could already see herself leaping in to action to save someone's cat caught in a tree, which was really not the intended purpose of that bit of technology. "The Mechanist needs to fly, she can't keep bumming rides off of her old man."

"She can bum rides off of her old man all she wants, he's an accomplice to a super hero. I'm sure Chief's gonna be happy to hear you finished that thing, he was talking about it the other day, I betcha he already thought of something for you ta do. Changing street lights, I think he said," He interjected with a hearty laugh, shepherding her in to the house and out of the July heat. He always made sandwiches on his day to make lunch, and today was no exception.

"God, that's such a waste of your district super hero." Patricia had just taken a bite of her sandwich when the police radio buzzed. Armed robbery at the bank two blocks down the road. "Speaking of her, she's being paged. I needed to test this new tech anyways. Sorry dad," Sometimes timing was horrible, but he just nodded and smiled. He knew all about that.

"Just be safe out there kiddo, I'll keep the sandwich cold for ya till ya get back," Gil was quickly alone as Patricia dashed out to the garage to suit up. She powered on the new jump pack, did a quick systems check and powered up before radioing back, stepping out the garage door and using the jet pack to make a tremendous leap to the top of the neighboring building. First test was a success, thankfully.

"This is the Mechanist, I'm on my way, sit tight," And like a gleaming white bolt she was off. Time to show the bad guys why you didn't rob banks in Boston... Maybe even before backup arrived, if she could handle it.

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