Leader Application

We are always accepting new Applications for Team Leaders. When one opens up, we examine the current selection based upon a number of factors including commitment to the Site. Periodically, this area is swept clean and deposited behind the scenes.

Leader Application

Christopher Blake
Joined: Oct 1 2013, 02:33 AM

Oct 8 2017, 07:29 AM #1


Team Leader Application

Name: Christopher Blake
Codename: Rune
Current Location (what Team if on one): Bravo Europe
Experience Level: Green
Power Level: 3

Type of Hero
Primary: Arcanist
Secondary(s): Martial Artist

Calling: Peace of Mind
Hinderances: Fatally Vulnerable (Mistletoe), Triggered Powerless


Why do you want to become a Team Leader? I want to contribute to the narrative from a position somewhere between player and narrator. I want to take responsibility for and influence the direction of a given Bravo team. I want to serve as an example of both player and community member to new and veteran players alike. I want to create a greater OOC team environment and help team members develope their characters. I want to encourage greater use of the base roleplay areas outside of the main storyline thread.

Describe what kind of Team Leader you would be. What kind of leadership style would you exemplify. Inspirational, but Authoritarian. Christopher Blake is a man who's fallen to pieces and put himself back together more times than he can count, and he would encourage his team members to maintain the discipline to continually improve and redefine themselves, but if he gets made a leader he's going to be damn sure it happened for a good reason. That said, Chris is smart enough to know when he doesn't know anything, and so would look to his deputy leader and all other team members for their greater wisdom and knowledge in a particular field. He would even allow a more suitable team member to formulate strategy based on his final approval.

Minimum team size is 6 (5 plus your character), maximum is 8. With 7 or 8 team members, a deputy team leader is required to be selected in case the team needs to split in two for a crisis situation. Who would you choose as your backup within the team if your character were not there? i think the best lieutenants complement their captains, both IC and OOC. IC I would want someone who isn't afraid to voice an opinion but would understand when to take an order. Rune probably wouldn't want a drinking buddy as much as he'd like someone capable of running shop if Rune slips into a Greensleep and is unable to command. Rune would probably want someone strategically minded with more natural poise and tact. OOC i'd like someone who knows when to take the reigns in case of emergency, and shares my goals for the team while seeking to approach those goals from an alternative perspective than my own. A solid ability to communicate effectively is also an absolute must.

Do you feel you have posted a quality RP up to this point? Can you give an example of what you think your best work is on this site? Yeah I do. And I think my best stretch was in Oz, particularly Rune's Outback adventures after they fought MetroGrav and Rune "remembered" being a Viking.

Part of the responsibility of the Team Leader is to assist your Narrator in a variety of capacities. These include keeping your Team Roster updated, helping out with story ideas in the Locker Room, nudging the story forward if it slows down too much, and NPCing characters who are on a Leave of Absense or otherwise indisposed for the sake of the story. Are you willing to assist in this regard? Yeah that's no problem. Most of those responsibilities i've already listed as reasons for filling out this application to begin with. I try to maintain a good understanding of the characters i'm working with in order to help the narrative flow more naturally, so setting an NPC or AFK PC to autopilot shouldn't be too difficult.

Codename: Rune
(Arcane Mystic/Martial Artist)
Bravo Europe
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