Exhaustion & Critical Injury Rules

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Exhaustion & Critical Injury Rules

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When someone is at 5 or less Health, Exhaustion sets in making it more difficult to use non-device related and active Powers. A test will be done by the Narrator vs the Character's Willpower, failure means that the Character's Willpower score is the maximum possible for any non-device Powers used to attack or in an opposed check. This would not affect their natural Defense like a Strength score but would affect a Force Field or any active Defense requiring concentration.

Example: The Jersey Devil fails his Willpower test and succumbs to Exhaustion. His Fire Control is now operating at his Willpower of 7 instead of his normal Power Level of 11. His natural Strength is still 5. Both of his passive Powers (Invulnerabilty to Fire and Regeneration) are still operating at their proper level because they do not require any concentration and are always in effect.

Critical Injury

Additionally, suffering too much damage in one hit can bring about critical injury. The amount sustained is determined based upon your Character's max Health level. The Player will be advised via PM if they have sustained a critical injury in the process of combat and its location. The full severity and what the actual injury should be discussed with the Narrator.
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