Anime Matsuri!!!

Anime Matsuri!!!

Sofia Nikecrates
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11 Apr 2017, 21:28 #1

Here is a video done by the amazing KevintheDirector. He's made videos of various conventions he's been to, taking great shots of cosplayers in their anime, comic book, video game, or movie environment (or just in the convention hall) XD This was a special convention because it featured a lot of professions cosplay talent like TWIN cosplay (near the end; they are the Skull Kid and Magic Armor Link), and various voice actors getting into the spirit. Then there's people like the goofball at 1:40 (me) who are still in the amateur phase yet hoping one day I can get my own cosplay page with professional photos and such (a girl can dream, I know...)

Anyways, this was what I was doing 2/3 of the weekend, hence my absence. Enjoy!

Oh, and be sure to check out KevintheDirector's other vids from other cons too, including his homage of the Power Rangers! :D