Andreas Del Rey

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Andreas Del Rey

Andreas Del Rey
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Crusaders Application

Real Name: Andreas Del Rey
Aliases: Helios, the Sun King
Codename: Icarus
Nationality: US Citizen of Greek and Spanish descent
Marital Status: Divorced
Calling: Thrillseeker
Hinderance(s): Triggered Powerless - All super powers originate from the suit, except maybe a keen sense of self-confidence.

Energy Depletion - The ICARUS harness houses a power core that absorbs solar radiation through the flight harness's panel lined glider wings and other points on the protective flight suit worn with the harness.


Lithe, but solid footballer build. Over the hill but aging like George Clooney. Infamously sculpted calves.

Actor/Actress: Danny Pino

Financial Status:
Independently wealthy thanks to corporate sponsorships from both his FIFA and "celebrity super hero" careers having bankrolled the acquisition, foundation, and conglomeration of multiple financial assets and philanthropical organizations overseen and maintained by his long-time agent, former NFL lineman Joe "The Wall" Jericho.

Initial Personality:
Charming, devil-may-care, brash, aloof, reckless, would obviously rather be a stunt man than a super hero

Underlying Personality:
Deeply conflicted regarding his estranged relationship with his daughter Stella, a general sense of detatchment exemplified by the ever present desire to be somewhere else, a heightened perception of the nature of existence itself that's only reinforced his consideration of Earthen matters being abysmally inconsequential.

Football, cars, women, shoes, motorcycles, looking incredible on film, playing chicken with comets, sunbathing 50 miles from a yellow star, traveling faster than the speed of light and breaking the barrier between realities, avoiding responsibility.

Driving, Athlete: Football/Soccer, Astronomy, Aeronautics, Mythology, Aerial Combat, Javalins, Dimensional Geography, Energy Control, Taunting, Martial Arts: Savate

Observation, Politics

Project ICARUS is a solar fusion powered personal propulsion system designed by the military think tank behind Project War for aerial recon, HALO drops, and single target extractions. The suit absorbs solar radiation to power its flight systems capable of borderline sonic speeds, to which Andreas is able to apply his previous experiences in interstellar flight. The suit also comes with a mirror-visored helm which acts as a heads up display for targeting and diagnostics, as well as sub atmospheric environmental sealing and life support.

The power core is equipped to convert absorbed solar radiation to kinetic energy which can be projected as ranged blasts, however this use takes a great toll on the suit's energy reserves.

The suit functions under water, but not very well. The fusion powered turbine system can propel Andreas along, but he can only safely maneuver at a quarter of his normal speed while submerged as the stabilizer wings must remain undeployed.

Power Potential:
Andreas will continue pushing the ICARUS suit to its limits and beyond, all toward the goal of achieving interstellar flight once again. Project ICARUS's R&D crew are already developing increased potential with the kinetic conversion capability, included projected forcefields for trapping and greater passenger capacity (think GL using the ring to carry Batman or Flash through space).

Power Weaknesses:
No suit = no powers. The suit utilizes a power core that absorbs solar radiation in order to fuel the suit. The core could be damaged, and if the suit is not allowed to absorb solar energy for too long the core will be depleted and the suit will cease functioning until it charges for a period of 72 hours.

Official History/Training/Education Prior to Joining the Crusaders:
Born July 27, 1975
Grew up priviledged in northern California grandson of Greek immigrants and import experts; mother and father met working as television actors in Las Angeles;
Gifted athlete from a young age, exceling in soccer and track and field;
Attended UNC on athletic scholarship, wanting to experiencs the East Coast; majored in Astronomy as his back up career was described to his academic advisors as "I dunno, maybe a spaceman or something";
Meets Josef Jericho and signs on as former NFL player's youngest talent to date;
Josef begins negotiations with UEFA affiliated clubs in late 1997; UK publicity tour culminates in paparazzi goldmine amidst rumours of a fling with Baby Spice;
Played football for Real Madrid 1998-2000; 1999 Golden Shoe winner; Ballon d'Or nominee;
Went missing summer of 2000, last reported as "goin' to (expletive removed) Stonehenge, bro!";
Reappeared in 2002; served as second forward for MUFC until 2004;
Declared identity as Helios in 2005, began selling ad space on costume;
Publicly announced secret marriage in 2006;
Left Earth 2007; activity undocumented until public return in 2010;
Splits time between Earth and outer-orbital patrols; Begins working with the Crusaders in unofficial capacity;
Disappears again 2014-2017;
Current status unknown to public; rumoured to be attempting a comeback

Unofficial History:
Minding his own business in a drunken stupor at Stonehenge one midsummer evening when, staring at the stars as he had as a child, a pale green light shined down from the heavens and Andreas found himself transported to another world. There, a small band of disparate allies rebelled against the oppressive rule of the tyrannical Iron Shu. Andreas proved himself in contests of sport and was accepted by the united warbands. He lived among them for a time, and learned to fight like one of them. After several Earth months, informed by the rebel group's elder seers of his own cosmic destiny, Andreas found himself bestowed with the gift of a golden harness. The harness, a relic declared by the star shaman to be the very rigging with which the cosmic diety known as the Sun King pulled the massive red sun across the sky, empowered Andreas with the ability to imbue his strikes with cosmic flame and leap great distances. Over time, he found he could project flames from his hands and feet, and even fly!

Finally defeating Iron Shu's Golden Empire, Andreas treated himself to a forbidden midnight rendevouz with one of the allied chieftains' daughters before being beamed back home. Gifted with the golden harness as a sign of eternal gratitude, Andreas began to don a red and orange costume under the harness and adorned himself with a golden visored helm not unlike those worn by the Zergserfs of the Golden Empire's infantry. Calling himself Helios after the mythical embodiment of the sun, Andreas began his career as a "celebrity costumed adventurer". Fueled by the growing social media phenomenon, Andreas enjoyed even greater success and debauchery than before until Yena, the wild eyed warrior woman with whom he'd shared a whirlwind romance on another world, showed up at his doorstep in the Hollywood Hills and showed him a four year old girl with eyes just like his own mother.

Andreas tried to adjust to a family life, but the makeshift marriage wasn't a happy one. As time went on, Andreas spent more and more time in the ether. He returned on occassion, staying a few weeks at a time before departing again. During the final days before the destruction of his Hollywood home, Andreas considered flying off forever until one night Stella started floating in her sleep and his wife revealed herself for what she truly was. Andreas was barely able to escape with Stella intact, telling the girl her mother was dangerous and arranging to leave her in the care of the Crusaders Academy before departing Earth in search of answers.

Whether Andreas found his answers or not, he doesn't remember. He does remember being strapped to a machine as it used he and the Sun King's harness as a living battery. And he remembers crashing to Earth, powerless. A few months later, Andreas was approached by representatives of the latest development from Project War, Project ICARUS. ICARUS absorbed solar radiation to enable it's wearer with the power of flight and minor kinetic blast capability. Having already made arrangements based on a previous agreement involving Spartan, Project ICARUS would receive specialized training in order to truly test the flight suit's capabilities. In late July, 2017, Andreas Del Rey, codenamed Icarus, entered the Crusaders Training Center.

RP Sample:
"Okay, Dre. This is probably the point where you should ask yourself if what you're doing is worth it."

Andreas Del Rey stared down his locker in the Gamma barracks. Specifically, he tried to meet the gaze of the teenage girl whose Academy yearbook photo he'd posted inside. She smiled, mostly, but not the way she beamed just a couple years ago.

"Don't even know what I should say. What I would say. Yeah, I know I'm a prick. What do you want me to tell you? The truth? That I don't know who - what, maybe - your mother really is? Do I tell you that knowing what I know about her makes me afraid of you? Do I tell you I love you regardless? ... Do I love you regardless?"

Andreas slammed the locker shut, unable to take the thinly veiled look of disappointment in the girl's eyes. His mother used to look at him the exact same way. He turned toward the mirror-visored helm on his bunk. He looked it over for a moment, attempting to admire the polish but finding himself unwilling to meet his own gaze as well. He tucked the helm under his right arm as a sarcastic voice called over the PA.

"Attention Crusaders Cadets! Codename Icarus, report to the training center. I repeat, ICARUS to the training center. Again, that's ICARUS. You know, like the guy who flew to too great of heights and came crashing down to the earth? Is everyone getting the symbolism here? ... Okay, seriously Del Rey. I designed this one as a trap for Airborne. Let's see if you can get further than your dumb, spoiled brat of a kid."

Andreas shook his head and laughed. As Helios, he could fly through an asteroid field in pursuit of a Galzahndragk Needlenose starfighter without breaking a sweat. Then again, as Helios he could do a lot of things. Still, as Icarus, he figured he was up for the challenge. Maybe he'd come to the CTC for the right reasons after all. Andreas departed for the training center, feeling increasingly confident and wishing Ronin had broken Cameron Rook's neck instead.

How Did You Hear About Us?: RPG-D; Longtime community member
Do You Portray Anyone Else On The Site?: Christopher Blake, Stella Del Rey