Alien Kidnapped!

This is strictly for the Alien assault and kidnapping of members of the Academy
Elisa Bernhard
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Oct 15 2017, 04:28 PM #76

As soon as Liz had stepped in the vent, she heard a loud bang coming from the room she hadn't even fully left yet. [color=a9aedc]"Change of plans..."[/color] she muttered to herself as she pushed herself back out of tight tunnel and stood right next to the other students. They were all looking at the dent only getting bigger in the door, each of them preparing themselves for this upcoming attack. She herself took her cut-fingers gloves off and pocketed them, her palms already creating cold energy but she kept them down for now. Seeing as the others were already in attack mode, she'd hold off and see the results before attacking herself, if need be.

Depending on how many of those red creatures there were out there, she started elaborating a plan in her head. If there were too many, maybe some of them could go through that vent and surprise them from behind. Although that would require a knowledge of the ship's blueprints. At that thought, Elisa glanced over at the witch-mage-whatever girl, wondering if she had it all in her head now. It could come in useful. But until their attacks proved either successful or not, she was going to stay here with them. Hearing one of the student yell 'yoyo' - or at least that's what she was she'd heard - Liz shot her a weird look, wondering what the hell that meant.

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Radial started moving around the controls frantically. Kona went and stood by her to calm her down. There were some words spoken but they were too soft to hear and Radial quieted down. The pounding grew louder as more cracks could be seen. Finally the blade of an axe punched the door.

As Corona hovered in place and started powering up, Miss Arcane cut loose with a telekinetic spell as soon as the axe blade was withdrawn. There was a muffled sound from the corridor and abruptly another axe bit into the door. There was a shout of "YOLO!" from Gamer and the Mage fired what looked to be a missile of sorts striking the alien in the head. It stepped back from view. Corona fired off a blast that stuck the door knocking it backward slightly. Frost seemed unsure what to do as two alien hands grabbed the edge of the door and started pulling it off of its hinges.

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Hovering golden and glorious above her fellow students, Stella reached down deep within and found what she knew had to be the key to activating that plasma blast.

"Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd GO!"

Stella's face scrunched up as she attempted to forcefully expunge the plasma from her eyes and failed miserably. She tried squinting her eyes but to no effect. Puffing her cheeks out didn't help, either. Stella huffed as the axe chopped into the door again. Morgana's weird babbling finally ended as the axe and its alien wielder were repelled. Stella grit her teeth in frustration.


An ugly red head peered into the room, and suddenly Stella found herself back on that cold slab, under those blinding lights. Only half aware of brutal alien instruments cutting her open, making their adjustments, closing her back up. For a moment she swore it wasn't really happening to her, that she was one of the aliens performing the surgical assault. She felt her own consciousness begin to fade, the way she did sometimes when she had a panic attack. Stella tried to focus on the panic she felt when she first fired at Morgana. She felt a surge of energy swelling inside her.

"Peekaboo, you ugly son of a-"

The alien was struck by an energy missile of some sort, but Stella's confused elation quickly turned to mounting anger as she heard Gwen exclaiming "YOLO".

"Ugh! Seriously?"

Stella felt her ire rising, reaching a bubbling climax as she caught Elisa out of the corner of her eye. She could handle the witch, she could even deal with Gwen, but she refused to be shown up by anybody else. Finally the plasma blast burst forth! ...resulting in knocking the warped door back a bit.

"You know what? I don't even care."

Stella stopped focusing on the one power she did know how to control and drifted slowly to the ground as her gold aura faded slightly. Two alien hands threatened to rip the door off it's hinges, causing Stella to take a cautious step back. Unsure of what to do, she deftly decided to cast her insecurities on someone else. Her head snapped to Elisa.

"Sooo, if you were actually planning on, like, doing something...?"
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