What would make you feel comfortable enough to come out publically?

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AmaltheaBoi wrote: Hi there!
I was wondering WHY there is nothing like the crossdreamer/trans community at least a bit comparable to the LGB community, which woud help people like us find friends, love and socialize and make us feel like we're not alone in this (because we're not, there's plenty of us actually)... In my opinion, the main barrier is the fact that most of us are IN the closet and do not plan to come out any time soon. Which is understandable. But come on, there's been such progress in the LGB community, and at least in most western countries they can finally live out and proud - and this fact itself actually makes a difference in the world.
And because of that, I find it very important to ask you all this question: 
Would it be a famous person coming out? A movie/music/book/any other form of art related to our topic making it to the mainstream?
Please, just think about it. What needs to be done to make people like us live out and proud?

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that.
Hi AmaltheaBoi,

these are very interesting and relevant questions.

While I think that it would be great if the issue of crossdreaming got more exposure because it would help other people to realize what they are and help them on their path to self-discovery, for me it would be quite pointless to come out right now because it would just make things complicated in my family.  My "maleness" doesn't really affect the relationship with my husband because it doesn't bother him that I wear more male clothes etc. but it would probably bother him if he knew the whole picture. 
I told a few of my gay friends and they are ok with it and I feel very accepted by them. That was important for me because I didn't want them to think that I was just another straight women that loves hanging out with gay guys because that's not what I really am.
If I was single, it would be different and I would probably look for new partners in the lgbt community and would maybe even have a public coming out.

I think that a book or movie that would expose the issue would help greatly, but also social media or youtube might be a way to go. There are quite a lot of trans youtubers that talk about gender and sexuality that could help to give it more publicity like Ash Hardell.

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oreb wrote: I mean that things don't fit with each other, not with some external mold. I do feel like an empty husk with no emotional depth of ability to care about anything. 
I can't say you are a repressed transwoman like I was. Maybe it's something else.

In any case:

I know what that's like. I hope you manage to get through it. I nearly didn't.