Was Michael Jackson a crossdreamer?

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Was Michael Jackson a crossdreamer?

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I think we have ample proof of Prince being a crossdreamer. http://www.crossdreamers.com/2016/04/pr ... at-it.html

Some have also argued that Michael Jackson was one.  Sally found the following story after we had taken a new look at the Thriller album:

https://www.pride.com/box-office/was-mi ... kson-trans

The author argues that "Jackson’s femininity was authentic while his masculinity remained illusionary and tenuous." Jackson's display of gang masculinity in "Bad" is not very convincing. Indeed, the author argues that  Jackson "performed masculinity like any good drag king". 

The article also points to reports of Jackson crossdressing.

Patricia Nell Warren argues that his video performance for his song In the Closet “had him looking just like a young tomboy dyke as he romanced a lipstick lesbian…And I always had the feeling that the teen girlfriend Jackson pursued through so many songs was really that elusive female side of himself that he finally decided to reveal through cosmetic surgeries.”

The lyrics give no indication of gender variance or Jackson being a lesbian, but it is an intriguing theory.

I should add that none of this (or his extensive surgery) proves that Jackson was  a crossdreamer and/or transgender. 

Moreover, his "strangeness" has already been used to taint crossdreamers with associations with pedohphilia. Jackson fascination with childhood and children might have little to do with sexuality and more with the pain of not coping in an adult world that is so unfriendly to outsiders. Again, we do not know that either, but MTF crossdreaming may lead to social isolation and sexual awkwardness. You may feel sexually incompatible and long for an "asexual age" when that was not a problem.

What we do know is that he was a performer in an age where expressing gender variance was more tolerated than today (ref. Prince, Freddie Mercury, Annie Lennox, David Bowie and more). If he was a crossdreamer, that would explain his expression of gender ambiguity.

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No, Micheal Jackson was a little black boy whose fame de-railed his normal identity development. I'd go so far as to label this "personal identity dysphoria."
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How do you know?
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it is like being any orientation, no one can know for sure unless they come out publicly.

Sure there can be clues but without their admission all we can do is speculate like people do with the likes of Newton and Tesla.

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I have been curious about Michael Jackson for years. A lot has been written about his sexuality, but I am not sure how much is definitely known versus what is purely legend. It's clear that his obsession with plastic surgery over decades resulted in him looking increasingly feminine. But if he was trans, he was also very much in the closet about it, and the burden of being that repressed might explain some of his more puzzling behavior. I recall when his sister, Latoya, appeared in Playboy back in the late 80s, that a musical parody was done using the old J Geils Band song "Centerfold". The parody used somebody that sounded a lot like Michael. The lyrics were changed to make the song about Michael looking at his sister's pictures in Playboy and lusting to be her. At the end of the song, Michael calls his doctor and in very excited way says "Doctor, make that change".